Who Is Tiger Woods Sister? Royce Renee Woods

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Royce Renee

Royce Renee Woods is not only the aunt of professional golfer Cheyenne Woods but also the older half-sister of Eldrick Woods, better known as Tiger Woods.

Her half-brother and niece also have impressive golfing resumes. Royce’s grandfather, Tiger Woods, is a golf legend, and his father, Earl Woods, is just as skilled.

Earl had been in the military for a long time and had been to South Vietnam twice.

Royce Renee Woods Biography

Royce Renee

She was born in 1961 in the United States. Royce Renee Woods is 62 years older Woman for 2023.

Her father’s name is Earl Woods. He built a life for himself early in the United States.

Her other name is Barbara Gary. She was a civil servant who also ran a business at a point.

Royce has two brothers and a sister; Earl Dennison Jr. and Kevin Dale are her siblings.

On May 18th, 1954, in Abilene, Kansas, Earl and Barbara said, “I do.”

Royce Career

Royce Renee Career

Royce is a coach in the WNBA, as was previously reported. She played basketball in college before deciding to become a coach.

Royce Renee Woods has chosen to avoid the media rather than provide information about her basketball career. Therefore, there is little known about her.

According to several websites, Woods has been a coach in the WNBA for over twenty years.

So, Woods is succeeding professionally. On the other hand, Tiger Woods is a famous golfer who became a pro in 1996 and is her half-brother.

Since becoming a pro in 1996, Tiger has competed in and won several major tournaments.

Companies like Nike, Inc. and Titleist immediately offered him the most expensive endorsement contracts in golf history.

Tiger Woods Sister

Tiger Woods Sister

Royce Renee Woods is Tiger Woods’s sister, and they lived with their parents from an early age.

Their relationship seems sketchy due to some private issues and others known to the media.

She and Tiger Woods are half related by blood, sharing the same father but different mothers.

Royce may have found a spouse and settled down. Due to this lack of data, Royce’s spouse or partner remains a mystery.

As was said before, she avoids the spotlight at all costs. We guess she is now settling into a quiet routine in San Jose.

Woods is also absent from social media, making learning about her present whereabouts and activities harder.

Today, the world knows the youngest son of Earl and Royce by his moniker as a professional golfer.

Earl, who introduced Tiger to golf when he was young, deserves all the credit for his success.

Earl didn’t pick up golf until he was 42 years old. He was only a mediocre player but was scared of the game enough to teach it to Tiger when the toddler was only two.

For the first five years of Tiger’s life, Earl was responsible for his education.

However, he subsequently looked into getting his kid a formal education.

He was close with her and lived at her Royce, California, home for two years while he attended Stanford University.

After he made it big, he bought her a mansion in San Jose as a gesture of gratitude for everything she’d done for him.

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Royce is related to another famous golfer in addition to Tiger Woods.

Her elder brother Earl Jr. has a famous daughter named Cheyenne Woods, a prominent figure in women’s golf.

Royce Renee Net Worth

Royce Renee Net worth

Although Royce’s exact wealth is still unclear, it is safe to assume she earns a comfortable living as a WNBA coach.

A WNBA coach’s compensation is substantial, and Becky Hammon is the same person whose income is in the six figures.

Royce Renee Woods may lead a comfortable life elsewhere since her half-brother Tiger bought her a beautiful house in San Jose, California.

Tiger, one of the wealthiest golfers, is worth over $1.5 Billion in sports and other investments.

During his prime, he earned an estimated $100 million annually off the field as the most successful athlete endorsement in history.

In 2018, he earned $4.6 million at the Tour Championship, one of his most significant paydays ever in golf.

As of this writing, Forbes has calculated Woods’ net worth to $1.1 billion.

So, Woods is one of just two sportsmen (the other being LeBron James) to reach the position while still actively playing their sport.

Royce Renee Woods and Tiger Woods share a lot in common regarding how much success they have achieved in their respective careers.

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