Lisa Thibaut Bio: Christian Laettner Ex-Wife

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Lisa Thibaut

Lisa Thibaut is a businesswoman, media personality, advocate, and Christian Laettner’s ex-wife.

She isn’t so popular with the media because she keeps herself mostly away from the spotlight.

She operates mostly privately while with her partner, which unfortunately ended at a point in time.

Lisa Thibaut Biography

Lisa Thibaut

She was born February 2, in Minnesota, United States. Lisa Thibaut’s year of birth is still unknown for this day in 2023.

Her age could be in her late 40s or more, as no valid information concerning her birth year was available.

Lisa Thibaut had a childhood journey living in Minnesota, United States, where her family has their whole life.

There are so many details concerning her last name that many could say she is from Belgium or a European country.

Her livelihood was all in the United States, where she was among the white race and followed the Christian religion.

Lisa Thibaut is a mother with three children who are doing well despite not having a stable home.

She isn’t living with her husband, who both went on their separate ways for a very long time in their marriage.

Christian Laettner Ex-Wife

Christian Laettner Ex-Wife

Lisa Thibaut is the Ex-Wife of Christian Laettner. They only function as parents to their three offspring.

Things weren’t always separated when it came to the couple, as they both had a marriage that stood for years.

Their love triangle started well when they were young and enjoying the euphoria of being together.

It was good during the early stages that it did not take long before they were official and working towards a future.

Lisa Thibaut was a huge catch for Christian, who was head over heels, making sure he made everything work out.

Their relationship started in the late 90s, with them meeting and pushing to make something of themselves.

It was beautiful as they were young, and at a point, they made things official with public appearances seen from them on most occasions.

Lisa and Christian Laettner soon got engaged, which saw them planning a marriage that would go on to end.

It was wonderful when the plan for their wedding was made at a point after their engagement, which was something they wanted.

The duo exchanged vows in 1996 in front of their wonderful family and many others who were available to wish them all the best.

Their marriage continued well, with them soon taking another step in making their children.

They gave birth to all three children, who are all grown and doing well today in their respective lives.

Lisa enjoyed being married to Christian Laettner until something around the early 2000s when they separated.

They had three children before their marriage came crashing down while they shared custody, taking care of their offspring.

Their offspring include Sophia, Sommer, and Tor, who enjoy most of their time with both parents despite the separation.

Lisa and Christian Laettner don’t share anything much unless it involves any of their children, who are their priority.

Lisa Career

Lisa Career

Lisa Thibaut’s career is a bit over the place as she had to make moves to stay active.

She once worked as a businesswoman, which is a norm for most women in America striving to make ends meet.

Despite her being in the spotlight, Lisa does not speak much concerning what she was always engaged in doing.

She ventured into charity with her partner, who helped many with their wealth and status.

Lisa Thibaut was always busy despite having her children to care for and many other things.

Her partner, Christian Laettner, was the person who had all the fame and name that came from Basketball.

He started making way by playing college basketball for University with Duke where he had to make himself a popular name.

Laettner was drafted third by the Timberwolves in t992, which marked his big break into professional Basketball.

He averaged 18.2 points and 8.7 rebounds per game in his rookie season, but he could never replicate those numbers again in the future.

Laettner was traded to the Hawks in 1996, where he made his only All-Star appearance in 1997, which was a big break in his career.

He played for the Pistons, Wizards, and Mavericks before he called things to an end from the NBA in 2005.

Laettner’s NBA career was a blow likened to his college career, but he was still a solid player who had a decent run before ending things.

He averaged 12.8 points and 6.1 rebounds per game in 13 seasons throughout his professional career.

Laettner had moments on the court that earned him praise, and his fighting spirit was always a huge factor.

Christian Laettner has rediscovered a new passion elsewhere since leaving Basketball as an active player in 2005.

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He has worked with ESPN until now, where he analyzes games and does other jobs with the sports brand.

He is also with CBS Sports, where he works and makes a career for himself after exiting from playing.

Christian Laettner could be looking to return to the NBA or Basketball as a coach or trainer.

Lisa Thibaut Net Worth

Lisa Thibaut Net Worth

Her net worth is around $1 Million from her career and divorce settlement, which comes from her former partner.

There isn’t much about Lisa Thibaut’s net worth as she keeps a lot hidden and private from the media’s eyes.

She does not make relevantly much compared to Christian Laettner, who once had a career in the NBA.

His net worth for 2023 is $10 Million, a combination of his playing days and as a sports analyst.

Lisa and Christian did have ventures together, part of it for charity, just like many celebrity couples do.

Their split meant things became separate for them, but their major focus was always their children.

Lisa Thibaut and Christian Laettner are close as parents, with nothing beyond having any close relationship.

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