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Damian Lillard Wife: Kay’la Hanson Bio

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Kay'la Hanson

Kay’la Hanson is a media celebrity, businesswoman, model, entrepreneur, and Damian Lillard’s wife.

She is a notable woman who has always been loud, with the spotlight showered on her through Damian.

Her involvement with the NBA player has always been seen since the day their relationship became official.

Kay’la Hanson Biography

Kay'la Hanson

She was born November 8, 1991, in Las Vegas, USA. Kay’la Hanson’s age in 2023 is at 32 years old in November.

Her father’s name is Desmond Cooper. He is a businessman who hails from a mixed heritage of American and African.

Her mother’s name is Stephany Wright. Her work as a homemaker was an important part of Kayla Hanson’s growing up.

Her childhood took place in a big city called Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, which her parents were fortunate enough to have.

Kay’la Hanson was a happy lady growing up in a place that gave her the right exposure and so many good things to look forward to.

Her parents were of different heritage, but they made sure their daughter understood the values and culture.

She was always a huge fan of her mother’s side, which she easily blended in due to the more time spent together as a child.

She obtained legal nationality in the United States and Puerto Rico, which is on her mother’s side.

Kay’la Hanson has a small family which consists of two other siblings named Tyler and Kalina Hanson.

Tyler Hanson is living his married life with his wife, Katie Reegan, with whom they have been together for two years since engagement.

Meanwhile, Kalina Hanson is still single, and nothing much is known concerning her recent activities.

Kay’la Hanson had the luxury of enjoying a solid education that was well-programmed by her parents.

She had her high school education at Legacy Institution, which is in Las Vegas, where she enjoyed getting educated.

She was a student at Weber State University, where she claimed her degree in pre-med before graduation to the outside World.

Damian Lillard Wife

Damian Lillard Wife

Kay’la Hanson remains the divorced wife of NBA named Damian Lillard, with whom they have shared their lives.

The love between Kay’la Hanson and Damian Lillard started at Weber State University, where they found something in each other.

It was a good chemistry that they had to explore to the fullest, and young adults learning to navigate life on their own.

What the duo shared in their early relationship was pure dynamic as they understood each other so well.

They kept going for a while as friends who wanted to be close but did not venture into the relationship aspect.

They were both on a different journey in school as Kay’la was a medical student while Damian was an athlete who played Basketball.

Their relationship became a serious thing after they decided they were going to stay with themselves.

They date for some period before making it out of the University, and they have so much time to decide on another step.

Kayla Hanson and Damian Lillard were already married by September 2021, when everything was already in place.

Their marriage is just two years old in 2023, but in that short period, they have been able to make a family of their own.

It was also confirmed via their childbirth that they did not wait to get married before having babies.

Their firstborn, Damian Jr., was born on March 29, 2018, making him a five-year-old today.

Their second birth was a twin baby of both genders named Kali Emma and Kalii Laheem Lillard.

Kayla Hanson and Damian Lillard share a good place with their children in Oregon, United States, but their status for now is divorced.

Kay’la Career

Kay'la Career

She enjoys more of business and entrepreneurship despite coming out of school as a medical student.

Kay’la Hanson enjoys her time making business as she works on her establishment in Oregon.

Her entrepreneurship skills are helping her manage a nail salon that also caters to all beauty needs.

Her beauty organization is named Dipped, located in Oregon, a little bit from their home in the same location.

Kayla Hanson’s medical certification is something she does not intend to use for now, as she prefers to keep doing business.

Her success as a businesswoman is putting her on the scene as Damian Lillard, who enjoys a career in the NBA.

Damian was already making pathways at Oakland High School from his younger days, where he built himself to an upper level.

His growth was smooth and quick, making it into the NBA in the 2012 draft, where the Trail Blazers picked him.

His career since turning professional has been perfect, making his impact in the NBA, where he still plays together.

Damian operates fully as a point guard, and during his time in the NBA Draft, he made it as number six in the round one pick.

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His career has run down from teams until he ends up playing with the Bucks for now in the NBA.

Damian Lillard has a deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, where he holds a strong place with the team who are doing well in the NBA.

Kay’la Hanson is a regular in the stance watching huge NBA games involving her husband on the court playing.

Kay’la Hanson Net Worth

Kay'la Hanson Net Worth

Kay’la is a self-made woman with a net worth of $ 1 Million. Kay’la Hanson runs her business enterprise, which generates a lot of income.

She is a certified Nurse, but that part of her life isn’t active for now as she is enjoying a lot more from business.

She makes all her income from running a beauty salon, and part of her income comes from her partner.

Damian Lillard is making a whole lot more in the NBA, which placed his net worth at $ 70 Million.

He is a big name compared to other legendary figures who are still actively playing in the NBA.

Damian is a top earner in the NBA and mostly in his team, where he is their lead point guard. Full details on Damian salary remain private.

Kay’la Hanson and Damian Lillard have a lot invested in their lives, knowing their children will benefit from their life work.

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