Janet Elway Bio: John Elway’s Ex-Wife

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Janet Elway

Janet Elway is a former athlete, swimmer, businesswoman, advocate, and John Elway’s ex-wife.

She enjoys life away from the public since leaving her partner, who is a famous sportsman.

She also had a life in the spotlight early on before ending her active years.

Janet Elway Biography

Janet Elway

She was born February 17, 1961, in Washington, United States. Janet Elway is 62 years older in 2023.

She always has her birthday celebration in February each year to remind everyone to celebrate her success in life.

She had a life growing up in Seattle, Washington, United States, and her parent had a huge hand in making it happen.

Her father’s name is Harry Jordan. He runs the business during his active days and helps care for everything in his family.

Her mother’s name is Marie Jordan. She functioned mainly as a homemaker who managed a profession outside the home.

Janet Elway’s growing up was a wonderful period in which she had her family and other people making an impact on her life.

Her education was well planned out in the best possible way to ensure she had to go through all levels with no distractions.

Janet attended Tacoma Woodrow High School, where she gathered enough knowledge and was involved in sports.

She did finish her higher education at Stanford University, where she was a part of the school swimming team before graduation.

Janet Elway is a sociology degree holder, which she claimed in 1983 after leaving school, where she was also a known name.

John Elway Ex-Wife

John Elway Ex-Wife

Janet Elway is John Elway’s ex-wife, and they both were able to make a life before going their separate ways.

The reason for the couple’s divorce is still a shock to so many as they did not come out to clarify things.

Meanwhile, their time together had its moment, which so many admired and wanted to share what they had together.

Janet Elway and John Elway had it good to know each other first before making other moves.

There isn’t enough to gather on when they met and how things kick off with them deciding to date themselves.

They did have their moment while doing so much more dating until they made it official that they were together.

From the timeline, the duo were already together in their University days, where they learned about themselves.

Throughout their time at the University, they were building their relationship ahead of the future when they graduated.

Janet Elway and John Elway married themselves in 1984, one year after graduating from the University.

Their wedding was simple as they kept it small and intimate between family members and a few people.

The decision to make their wedding a small event was something they made together, knowing what their status was then.

They remained strong together as they journeyed through the life of marriage, making a family for themselves.

Things began to look bad for Janet and John, who tried to make things work in their marriage but failed on many occasions.

It was so bad that the duo decided in 2002 that they wanted a divorce, which the court processed.

Their divorce was official in 2003, which saw them going separately, but they had four children between them.

Their offspring are already mature enough to be on their own, and their names are Jordan, Jessica, Jack, and Juliana Elway.

Their divorce hit their family, who later resolved everything, and the duo moved on with new partners.

After the divorce, Janet Elway was married to Kevin Kretzmar, which happened in 2011.

John moved on with a new partner, and till this moment, he is enjoying his own life.

Janet Elway and John Elway still have a relationship, but it is only based on their children and nothing else.

Janet Career

Janet Career

Janet Elway enjoyed a successful career as a swimmer at her University before moving on to other ventures.

Her career as a swimmer was mostly done during her time as a student who made herself popular.

During her University days, she claimed titles and led her swimming team to many competitions.

Janet has six states swimming titles to her name and institution, which came in different categories.

She delivered when needed to make it happen for her University and had the opportunity to go global.

During the World University Games, Janet brought home a gold medal, which was welcomed very well by her team.

Her success saw her breaking records and setting some of hers, which remain with the school till now.

She carried on swimming for a while until she graduated from the University and decided it was time to end it all in her career.

Her ex-husband had his career which was in the NFL playing as a quarterback before he retired.

John Elway is globally tagged as one of the most extraordinary quarterbacks ever in the NFL.

Elway’s early years in Denver were marked by frustration, as he led the Broncos to three Super Bowl appearances in 1986, 1987, and 1989 but lost all three games.

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However, he finally broke through in 1998, leading the Broncos to a victory over the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII.

He repeated as Super Bowl MVP the following year as the Broncos defeated the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

John Elway ventured into business after his career ended on the pitch as an active player.

Janet Elway’s Net Worth

Janet Elway's Net Worth

Her net worth is $ 1 Million from her career earnings since making her way out of school.

Janet Elway did not have a massive paying career as her former partner, who made much for himself.

She never took her passion for swimming beyond her University, which didn’t make her much money.

Janet could have pushed further with her swimming career, but she did not, and no reason was given why she stopped.

She had jobs that fetched in all the income that could sustain her before getting married.

Her former partner, John, made a lot in his active career, making his net worth $ 20 Million.

He had a long years playing in the NFL before his retirement, which he continued in business.

Janet and John Elway helped their children build their careers, and they all have a good life despite the divorce.

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