Jalen Kitna Bio: Jon Kitna Son

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Jalen Kitna

Jalen Kitna is an athlete who takes part in playing American Football, a celebrity child, and Jon Kitna’s son.

He is a controversial personality who has seen his image affect the legacy built by his family.

He is a young individual with so much ambition that he is restricted for now due to his legal issues.

Jalen Kitna Biography

Jalen Kitna

He was born in Washington, United States on March 22, 2003. Jalen Kitna is 20 years older now.

He had another birthday, which made him 20 years older in 2023, which was marked with family members.

His mother’s name is Jennifer Kitna. She is a media person, a homemaker, and a businesswoman.

Her father’s name is Jon Kitna. He is a football coach who once had a playing career before his retirement.

Jalen’s father also operates as a sports analyst for a popular sports station in the United.

Jalen Kitna spent his childhood being famous and enjoying so much luxury before coming of age.

He lived in Tacoma, Washington, where both his parents built their home with other family members.

He shares mixed ethnicity and heritage with his parents, who are part European and Mexican.

Jalen Kitna attended his High School at Waxahachie, where he played football.

Jon Kitna Son

Jon Kitna Son

Jalen Kitna is following the steps his father took as a football player who was able to make a career in the NFL.

He is pursuing a career like Jon Kitna, who has already retired and is now working as a coach.

Jalen began the early days of his career with Burleson, his High School where he built himself.

He became a starter for three years, playing for his school, where he also gained his education.

His career grew into the senior level, where he carried on playing for Florida Atlantic University.

His years as a freshman could have been more pleasant, with him getting redshirted, leaving him with no playing chances.

He was able to reclaim a place playing the following year, in which he was the number one quarterback.

He led his side to a 9-4 run record, an improvement from their previous season, which he did not play.

His first season saw him making a record of 2,783 yards and 24 touchdowns while only getting his break.

Jalen Kitna’s career continued with several impressive stats, leading his side to a 10-3 record.

His future was always solid with the feat he achieved in University, which already alerted the NFL.

Things were looking clear with his father, Jon Kitna, pushing him along with all the support needed.

Jalen Kitna Child Porn Charges

Jalen Kitna Child Porn Charges

The young football player had his career put to a stop after his arrest in November 2022.

Jalen was charged with child pornography, amongst others, which led to an arrest being made.

The case saw him being thrown out of his school and banned from going anywhere near the campus.

His career stopped as he couldn’t make anything, and all attempts to clear his name carried on.

It was claimed that anonymous tips were given to the authorities about Jalen sharing a photo, which was deemed as child pornography.

He was immediately slammed with a heavy charge of three counts, claiming he had child-inappropriate photos.

He cooperated with the authority when the investigation happened in 2022 when he was already 19 years old.

The situation saw the young player made a mockery by the public, which he was hoping to pardon himself.

The case was prolonged to June 2023, when he agreed with the Florida authorities and persecutors.

Jalen pleaded no contest concerning one misdemeanor charge, disorder which, put in plain words, ‘not admitting guilty.’

The player stated he had much to share and claimed, confirming he was innocent of all charges.

He claimed taking the plea deal was the only way of returning to where his life was before the whole situation.

Jalen is still on the ropes as the tag of being a sex offender remains. The authorities refused to drop the case but reached a plea agreement instead.

Jalen Career

Jalen Career

Jalen Kitna is a sophomore quarterback at the University of Florida, hoping to make it professional.

Kitna was a three-star recruit from high school in Burleson, Texas, where he was unstoppable.

He chose Florida over offers from schools like Boston, Georgia, Liberty, Tennessee, Yale, and Cornell.

After returning from his legal issues, Kitna is competing to be the Gators’ starting quarterback in 2023.

He is a gifted ball passer with a strong arm and good accuracy when delivering or catching.

Jalen aims to make sure he is on the right path to enable him to make it into the NFL.

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His work rate has shown much promise despite getting less playing time at the University.

His ratings are pretty good for someone who needs more playing time with his team.

His consistency has proved good and has helped him put up some wonderful performances.

Jalen is getting enough encouragement and support from his father, Jon Kitna.

Jalen Kitna’s Net Worth

Jalen Kitna's Net Worth

His net worth is $ 500k from an outside deal, as he isn’t making anything from playing now.

Jalen still has a long way to go before he can make money from his playing career.

For now, he plays to keep his education going and gets paid in other means for his performance.

Meanwhile, Jon Kitna is wealthy, with a massive net worth of around $ 30 Million from his career.

He made some money from playing football before moving on to another venture.

Jalen Kitna and Jon Kitna share so much that they understand more about themselves in sports.

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