Trey Jason Kidd Bio: Jason Kidd’s Son

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Trey Jason Kidd

Trey Jason Kidd, better known by his nickname TJ Kidd, was a frequent TV face in the early 2000s.

Even though he never played professionally, he is well-known among NBA fans of his day.

The public’s interest in “star kids” has waned in recent years, and there isn’t as much enthusiasm as there once was.

On the other hand, TJ Kidd grew up with abundant affection and support from his father’s followers.

Despite their wealth and status, celebrity children are under constant pressure to prove they can make it on their own.

The following piece will only scratch the surface of his current activities spanning several disciplines.

First, though, let’s look at a few fast facts regarding Kidd.

Trey Jason Kidd Biography

Trey Jason Kidd

Trey was born October 12, 1998, in USA. Trey Jason Kidd hit 25 years old in October 2023.

His parents, Jason Kidd and Joumana Marie Samaha, considered him their firstborn.

Later, his parents had twin sisters named Jazelle and Miah, in addition to TJ.

Although Kidd spent his formative years in Arizona, he never called any one place home.

His father’s job required frequent relocation, so he and his mother followed him around the country.

TJ does not have many recollections of his time in Arizona, but he does remember developing an early passion for the sport.

Trey Jason Kidd and his mom frequently went to NBA games to see his dad play.

He began his formal education in 2001, when his father relocated the family to New Jersey, at an elementary school in Oradell, Bergen County.

While in New Jersey, he developed a deep appreciation for basketball.

When he was younger, he frequently accompanied his father to press conferences and games.

Like many kids of the era, he loved talking about basketball with his classmates and avidly followed NBA news reports.

Even though he wasn’t very good at basketball, he still remembers the senior boys picking him for the school team because they knew he was the son of an NBA great.

Later, though, he took up basketball and excelled while playing for Bergen Catholic High School.

He was primarily a forward but also occasionally filled the point guard role.

Trey Career

Trey Career

According to his most recent interviews, he is a college student in Los Angeles.

Trey Jason Kidd, however, is unusual for someone his age in that he is actively engaged in several activities beyond academic pursuits.

He has been working as a high school coach since he first enrolled in college.

He has experience coaching high school athletes, having served as an assistant coach for the Beverly Hills High School varsity squad.

After that, the same school hired him to lead their varsity basketball program.

But after around two years as a coach, he decided to move on.

He also dabbles with other pursuits, such as blogging, podcasting, etc.

His ideas are on, so check it out. On a YouTube channel called 360 Degree Podcast, he discusses NBA games and other news.

Jason Kidd’s Son

Jason Kidd Son

Trey Jason Kidd relationship with his father received much praise from the media in the early 2000s because of the apparent issue between them.

However, the media attention he formerly enjoyed began to dry up as he grew older and saw his father less frequently. During interviews, TJ kept in touch with his dad and was always introduced as Jason’s son.

In 2021, however, Trey Jason Kidd revealed shocking information about his father in an online article. In that entry, he detailed his many grievances with his father.

Despite TJ’s repeated belief that his father is a wrong person, TJ recently stated that his father is a “hell of a point guard.”

In addition, he claimed that Jason was a narcissist with a severe narcissistic personality disorder who relished compliments about himself despite his poor social skills.

When he divorced his mother in 2008, he disclosed that he and Jason were no longer together.

The public was waiting for Jason Kidd to respond to the content TJ shared on his social media accounts, but he never did. TJ decided to take the post down after all.

However, she eventually met and married TJ’s dad, Jason Kidd, in 1997.

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She took time off after having kids but is back in the workforce again, hosting Extra on television.

In 2010, Joumana appeared on Let’s Talk About Pep, a reality show broadcast on VH1. It’s safe to assume that she’s not currently dating anyone.

Trey Jason Kidd’s Net Worth

Trey Jason Kidd Net Worth

No data is available regarding Kidd’s wealth or income because he needs a reliable source of current income.

While he is still forging his professional path, it is clear that he now earns enough money to live comfortably.

But both of his parents are pretty wealthy. Jason Kidd Sr. is worth over $70 million thanks to his successful NBA career.

Trey Jason Kidd is working in all areas to make a career and huge earnings, just like his dad, Jason Kidd.

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