Myla Rose Federer Bio: Roger Federer Daughter

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Myla Rose Federer

Myla Rose Federer is a student, celebrity child, and daughter of Roger Federer, a sportsman who plays tennis.

Roger comes from a respectable background that opens doors for its members.

She is one of Roger Federer and Miroslava Vavrinec’s four children.

As a result of her parent’s achievements, Federer is likely a happy middle school student.

Myla Rose Federer Biography

Myla Rose Federer

She was born July 23, 2009, in Switzerland. As of the year 2023, Myla Rose Federer is 14 years old.

2009 Roger and Mirka Federer welcomed their daughter Myla Rose into the world.

Myla and Charlene Riva Federer are twins, and she also has younger siblings named Leo and Lenny.

Her mom and dad both play tennis competitively. After her mother injured her ankle playing tennis, she decided to stop the sport in 2002.

NameMyla Rose Federer
Age14 Years Old
Date of Birth2009
FatherRoger Federer
MotherMirka Federer

She is one of four sets of twins; her other twin sister is Charlene Riva Federer.

Being the daughter of Roger Federer, a former Swiss professional tennis player, brings her fame.

Myla Rose Federer is still a child who enjoys schooling for now under her parent’s care.

Myla Career

Myla Career

Myla Rose is so young (just 14) that there is little public knowledge about her chosen profession.

The date of Roger Federer’s birth is August 8, 1981.

Roger Federer, hailing from Switzerland, is a retired professional tennis player.

He was rated No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 310 weeks, including a record of 237 in a row and five times a year.

He retired from the ATP Tour, winning 103 singles matches, the second-highest total in ATP history.

There have been a total of 20 men’s significant singles tournament winners, including the most ever (8 at Wimbledon), the second-most ever (5 at the US Open in the Open Era), and the most ever (6 after the year).

The Swiss consider him “the greatest and most successful” athlete in history.

From 2003 through 2009, Federer reached the final of 21 of the 28 Grand Slam singles tournaments.

In addition to three Grand Slam tournaments and five straight championships at the US Open and Wimbledon, he also won the ATP Finals in 2004, 2006, and 2007.

Her mother, Mirka Federer, played tennis professionally in Switzerland.

Martina Navratilova, a former tennis player and current coach from the Czech Republic, saw her in the stands during a match and handed her a racquet to get her started.

At her peak, she was ranked as highly as #76 globally. She performed admirably at the 2001 US Open, advancing to the first Grand Slam event’s quarterfinals for the first time.

As of this writing, Roger Federer is rated third in the world, and she played doubles match with him in 2002.

Mirka Federer was forced to end her professional tennis career in 2002.

Her career ended with a severe food injury.

Roger Federer Daughter

Roger Federer Daughter

Myla’s parents, Roger Federer and Miroslava Federer tied the knot at Wenkenhof Villa in the Swiss Alps on April 11, 2009.

Roger and Mirka started dating soon after meeting at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Myla and Charlene Riva Federer were born in July, expanding the Federers’ family from two to four members.

Roger announced the pregnancy of their third child at the beginning of 2014.

Leo and Lenny Federer, the couple’s identical twin sons, were pleasantly surprised.

Their initial encounter occurred at a tournament in Biel, Switzerland, in 1997, where Roger and Mirka crossed paths briefly. Reuniting during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, their paths crossed once more.

Both of them were Swiss tennis players at the time.

They tied the knot in Federer’s hometown of Basel at the Wenenholf Villa on April 11, 2009.

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They’ve been together for over two decades now and have never fought.

Both the husband and wife are complimentary of each other in public.

Miroslava continues to take the kids to see their dad play regularly.

They are mutually supportive of one another.

Myla Rose Federer’s Net Worth

Myla Rose Federer Net Worth

Myla Rose Federer was born into a household of tremendous fortune.

As of August 2023, her father is worth roughly $450.0 million. His salary is $70 million per year.

In 2020, Roger Federer was featured by Forbes magazine in their compilation of the world’s top-earning athletes, marking his inaugural inclusion on the list.

He is paid that much thanks to endorsement deals, marketing deals, and commercials featuring him as a tennis player.

Several major brands, such as Rolex, Nationale Suisse, Gillette, Mercedes-Benz, and others, have signed on as sponsors for him.

Since she and her siblings are homeschooled, it should be no problem for them to join their dad on the road.

Myla Rose Federer and her family have been on several international vacations.

They enjoy so much family time together when the time is made available by Myla’s parents.

Myla Rose Federer is not actively working or with a professional; she is just a 14-year-old child with more growing up.

Myla Rose Federer and Roger Federer have often publicly appeared in most tennis events.

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