Martha Jane Kane Bio: Jerry West Ex-Wife

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Martha Jane Kane

Martha Jane Kane is a businesswoman, dancer, actress, singer, and Jerry West’s ex-wife.

She was made famous due to her marriage to her former husband, a former Basketball player.

She is an independent woman who has been doing so much alone since leaving her former husband.

Martha Jane Kane Biography

Martha Jane Kane

She was born in 1959 in England. Martha Jane Kane is 64 years now in 2023 and still healthy.

Martha Jane Kane is a private woman who never revealed anything concerning her childhood.

She grew up in Greywell, England, with her wonderful parents, who helped put her through the right path.

Her father name is Mr Kane. His occupation remains unknown.

Her mother’s name is Mrs Kane. She is a homemaker concerned about her children and family.

There needs to be more information concerning her educational background.

Martha Jane is an educated woman now in her 60s doing perfectly well.

Jerry West Ex-Wife

Jerry West Ex Wife

Martha Jane Kane is Jerry West’s ex-wife. He is a former Basketball player.

They both had the perfect relationship in their youthful days while still attending school.

They started very early in what saw them being tagged ‘high school sweethearts’ amongst their peers.

Martha Jane Kane and Jerry West were happy and always wanted to spend everywhere moment with each other.

Their love grew as they became older and made thing official by appearing in public events together.

Things between them hit the next stage; they planned to move in together.

They were helping each other together in the early days of their careers, which was at the peak.

Martha and Jerry West were made husband and wife in April 1960 in Morgantown.

They enjoyed a lot in their relationship, which carried on with them, making a family of their own.

They welcomed as many children as needed to be in their life before things stopped working.

The couple had some differences but tried to keep going as much as possible.

They gave birth to three children who are all grown-up men as of 2023; David, Michael, and Mark.

She and Jerry West divorced in 1976, which saw them moving on with their separate life.

Martha Career

Martha Career

Martha Jane Kane had a business career and also as an entertainer. She did not reveal much about her career.

She had her moment when she was much younger and strong enough to make things happen.

So much has worked in her career before becoming an aged woman who does less.

She was mostly involved in the entertainment industry, and played several roles.

Meanwhile, Jerry West had so much success in his career, mostly spent with Martha.

West had a very successful NBA career when he was an active player in his days playing.

He was chosen into the NBA Top Pick Group multiple times and was picked as the Elite Player MVP in 1972, that same year that he came out on top for the main championship of his profession.

In 1996, West was named one of the 50 Greatest NBA Players, and in 2021, he was selected to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team.

He helped Los Angeles reach the postseason each year and once earned a spot in the Western Conference finals.

Before the 1982–83 NBA season, West was promoted to general manager of the Lakers after spending three years working as a player scout. Under his rule, Los Angeles brought home six title rings.

West was named NBA Executive of the Year twice for his contributions as a manager of the Grizzlies and the Lakers in 1995.

Jonnie West, West’s son, also played Basketball for West Virginia in college.

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His commitment was all through with the Lakers, where he played for them.

He was also a long-term coach who recorded much success before leaving the position.

He is a legendary name around everything that involves the Lakers, where he won so much.

Martha Jane Kane’s Net Worth

Martha Jane Kane Net Worth

Martha’s net worth is $1 million. She received some money from her marriage with Jerry West and her career.

She did so much to ensure she provided for herself after her marriage ended.

Martha is a private person who wasn’t much open to public appearances when she was still married.

She became a household name due to her relationship with Jerry, which also helped in other ways.

Her job earnings during her working days are unknown. Her former partner’s net worth is $50 million.

Jerry West enjoyed a Basketball career and returned to become a coach.

He only dedicated his profession to one team alone from his playing days and coaching.

West is a massive member and part of who made the LA Lakers the greatest team in Basketball history.

He still makes so much revenue from his active role in Basketball as of 2023.

Martha Jane Kane was part of Jerry West Journey to success before they both parted ways after a divorce.

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