Who Is Xavier Zechariah Wade?

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Xavier Zechariah Wade

Xavier Zechariah Wade is an American celebrity offspring, a student, and Dwayne Wade’s son.

He is a famous child who has seen himself put into the media like his other siblings.

He is still a child who stays with his parents, who are doing everything to ensure he is growing up well.

Xavier Zechariah Wade Biography

Xavier Zechariah Wade

He was born on November 10, 2013, in the United States. Xavier Zechariah Wade is nine years old now.

He will be 10 years old when he celebrates his birthday with his family on November 10 2023.

He is a child who has spent all his life with his parents in the United States.

He comes from a family of fame, and his parents are big names in America and the World.

His father’s name is Dwayne Wade. He is a legend in Basketball and has achieved so much in his playing career.

His mother’s name is Aja Metoyer. She is a longtime friend of the NBA player who eventually gave birth to Xavier.

His stepmother’s name is Gabriella Union. She is a television star, movie legend, model, and businesswoman.

Xavier Zechariah Wade has three siblings who are all grown up together with their parents now.

Xavier Siblings

Xavier Siblings

Xavier Zechariah Wade has three siblings under his parents.

Most of his siblings are not from the same mother but share one father, Dwayne Wade.

His siblings are Zaire, Zaya, and Kaavia. They are all living together with their father and actress Gabriella Union.

Zaire Wade is a sportsman already pushing his basketball career playing for Salt Lake City.

He is doing everything to make his way into the NBA, which has always been the plan.

He was born on February 4, 2002. He is the eldest of their family and also from a different mother.

Zaire is 21 years he already added another year in 2023 which was a fantastic moment for the basketball youngster.

Meanwhile, Zaya is the next in line for the Wade children, a female transgender person since a young age.

He was born on May 29, 2007. He is the second born Zion Malachi Airamis Wade.

When he became an 11-year-old, he decided to become a transgender person who identifies as a woman today.

His parents were welcoming to make everything go smoothly and supported everything.

His father and actress wife decided to change location due to Zaya not getting a community supporting her kind.

Kaavia is the third born of Wade’s family and also the sister to Xavier, who is much younger.

She was born on November 7, 2018. She was also given birth through a surrogate mother.

She is the only child Dwayne Wade, and Gabriella Union did have together despite the actress not being the carrier of her daughter.

Xavier is happy to have his siblings all loved by their parents, who make everything available.

Dwayne Wade Son

Xavier Father

Xavier Zechariah Wade is the son of NBA player Dwayne Wade.

He and his father are a pair who spend so much family time together during their holidays.

His father had so much success during his active days have played for several NBA teams.

The Heat selected Wade fifth overall in the 2003 NBA draft after his college career.

In 2010, Wade won the NBA All-Star and another personal glory after enjoying a fantastic season.

In 2020, the Heat made his number 3 jersey obsolete. In 2021, he purchased a minority stake in the Utah Jazz.

Wade is considered one of the NBA’s greatest shooting guards.

Xavier Zechariah Wade’s Net Worth

Xavier Zechariah Wade Net Worth

His net worth is unknown. But his father is worth over $200 million from Basketball.

Xavier Zechariah Wade is still a little child who has yet to finish his education or make a career.

He depends on his parents, who provide everything needed to ensure he continues his growth well.

He also considers making something for himself once he becomes a teenager who can work.

The media already have their eyes on him as they hope he will follow his father’s path to the NBA.

He needs to do a lot before making such a path work for him, which is always challenging.

His elder brother Zaire is yet to make the big Leagues despite being 21 years old in 2023.

Xavier is such the support of his father will help if he decides to become a Basketball player.

Meanwhile, he has no money of his own for now but only accepts what comes from his father.

His father made a lot of playing before calling it time for his active playing days which gave him a lot of money.

He also has another career in which he has ventured into music, where he already has a track with big names.

Xavier Zechariah Wade has a lot to do if he is to make something of himself which will be challenging to work on coming from a famous family.

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