FT: Everton 0-3 Manchester City, Erling Haaland Strike AGAIN! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

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Manchester City extend their lead on top the Premier League table beating Everton 0-3, MySportDab reports.

Erling Haaland inspired his side once again as they claimed another victory which kept them in the number one position of the table.

First Half Report 

The first half was phenomena from the away side who got the job done without needing to stress in breaking down their opponent to score.

Everton started the game so well that they kept things calm and passing the ball around with total control of everything happening.

Manchester City waited until they scored the opening goal in the 37th minutes of the game with a wonderful strike from Ilkay Gundogan which made it 0-1 as they progressed.

Erling Haaland doubled the lead immediately in the 39th minutes of the match which meant the scoreline increased to 0-2 between them in a good fashion with more left to play.

Manchester City headed inside for the break with a 0-2 lead against Everton after a wonderful 45 minutes of the match which was entertaining for the away team.

Second Half Report 

The second half was brilliant coming from both teams who had more energy coming from them as they fought to ensure everything worked their way.

Ilkay Gundogan made it his brace in the 51st minutes and scoreline 0-3 with yet another beautiful goal which saw things moving on forward for Manchester City.

Everton were no match for their opponent who kept on pushing them all over the pitch with no aim or chances of allowing them comeback.

The final 10 minutes of the match was nothing to talk about as the away side already had the job done and did everything to keep their lead.

Manchester City delivered once again to remain on top of the Premier League table from a 0-3 victory against Everton after the end of the final whistle at the Goodison Park.

Watch Highlight Below:

2nd GOAL

3rd GOAL

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