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Ivan Kuliak

Ivan Kuliak is a professional men’s gymnast representing Russia at the Senior elite.

He is a top professional who has done well, ensuring his craft positively impacts his country.

He has achieved a lot from his Junior level to the senior category, where he currently participates.

Ivan Kuliak Biography

Ivan Kuliak

He was born on February 28, 2002, in Russia. Ivan Kuliak is 21 years old as of today, 2023.

His full name is Ivan Vitalievich Kuliak. His parents gave him the name after his birth which was in 2002.

His father’s name is Mr. Kuliak. He is a citizen of Russia and also a decent, reputable man.

Name Ivan Vitalievich Kuliak
Age 21 Years Old
Date Of Birth February 28, 2002
Career Gymnastics
Net Worth $1 Million

His mother’s name is Mrs. Kuliak. She is a businesswoman in Russia, where she and her family have a home.

Ivan Kuliak had his childhood and grew up in Obninsk, Russia, alongside all his family members.

He isn’t a media person with much unknown information about his background and family.

He did his education in Russia, where all his life has been spent even now.

There is no telling if he has any siblings who they all stay together with as of now or if any are involved in sports.

Kuliak Career

Kuliak Career

Ivan Kuliak is a professional athlete who participates in gymnastics representing Russia.

He took up aerobatics at age 4 in Russia when his mom enlisted him in classes.

Kuliak won the 2019 Junior all-around and floor titles and the silver medal on the horizontal bar in Russia.

As a member of the Russian team, he won a silver medal and a bronze medal on the floor and still rings.

He was celebrated and rewarded with the title of Master of Sports in Russia in 2019.

His Z sign sticker on his shirt during the medal presentation caused a lot of controversies.

A tactical marking utilized by some Russian invasion forces in Ukraine is the letter “Z,” which is not a part of the Cyrillic alphabet.

The symbol Z represents support for the war. While standing on the podium alongside the event’s winner, Ukrainian athlete Kovtun, Kuliak displayed the symbol.

The FIG decided to exclude Russian athletes from the competitions before the events, but the ban took effect on March 7.

Kuliak stated that he would “do the same” and had no regrets during a subsequent interview on Tuesday, March 8.

He wore an Olympic medal to the 2022 Moscow rally on March 18, even though he had not participated in the Olympics.

The FIG imposed a one-year ban on Kuliak on May 17, 2023—six months after the Russian athletes’ ban was lifted—and ordered him to forfeit his bronze medal and prize money.

Kuliak’s appeal against his suspension was partially upheld, it was said on September 14.

It implies his suspension will go on until May 16, 2023. He could be back competing, but nothing is confirmed.

Kuliak Girlfriend

Kuliak Girlfriend

Ivan Kuliak’s relationship life is hidden, and a lot is yet to be confirmed between them.

He isn’t an open type who comes to social media to put up everything that has to do with his personal life.

Ivan Kuliak does not have a girlfriend that is known about. He is mostly alone and hasn’t been seen with any lady.

Some sources confirmed he is still studying and has no time to be in a relationship.

Aside from his school, he is also a professional who must ensure he is focused and concentrated.

Although Ivan Kuliak could already have a partner, everything is private and confirmed as of this point.

He is a single young man doing well for himself, with plans to be in a relationship when the time is right.

Ivan Kuliak Net Worth

Ivan Kuliak Net Worth

His net worth is $1 million. He makes his earnings from Gymnastic, which is his only job for him.

He is one of the top names in Russia, and he has represented them so well in everything.

He is a success story for his country, having to do a lot to ensure they know he is a true citizen.

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His success in the sport has pushed him to many places, and he hopes to go to a higher destination.

For now, he is facing a ban from competing in any International event due to his controversies.

His country Russia also has a ban placed on them by the sports committee due to the Ukraine invasion.

Ivan Kuliak is successful and has made a lot from his profession since he started as a child.

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