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FT: Tunisia 0-4 Nigeria, Flying Eagles Win BRONZE! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Nigeria U20 side finished as Bronze medal winner beating Tunisia 0-4, MySportDab reports.

The Flying Eagles were ruthless as they smashed past their opponent who couldn’t make anything happen all though.

First Half Report 

The first half of the game was good coming from the both of them who gave a good account of themselves.

It was a good start for Tunisia U20 who were in control of things going forward in the early minutes which saw them searching for the lead.

Nigeria had their own fair share of opportunities which saw them doing more than enough before scoring the lead in the game to make it 0-1.

Nothing else happened in the first half as they both headed inside for the break with Nigeria taking a 0-1 advantage into the break.

Second Half Report 

The second half was a one sided traffic as the Flying Eagles had total control and they were able to score a lot of goals going forward.

Tunisia weren’t in control of things as their opponent increased the lead to 0-2 in the match from another beautiful as they processed.

Nigeria didn’t waste much of a time adding another goal which increased things to 0-3 along the way as the match was becoming unbearable.

Another goal once again made sure the game was put to rest with the scoreline 0-4 between them as it entered the final few minutes to be played.

The match came to an end with Nigeria claiming a 0-4 victory against Tunisia who were no match for all they had to offer in the encounter all through.

Watch Highlights Below:


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