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Top 10 Best Cricket Players In The World

Top 10 Best Cricket Players In The World

India seems to be the powerhouse dominating the list of best cricket players in the World.

The game has grown tremendously from being watched by fewer people into something global.

So many people are interested in cricket, one of the most common sports in some parts of the World.

Top 10 Best Cricket Players In The World

Top 10 Best Cricket Players In The World

The top 10 best cricket players in the World are long and can exceed the said ten.

Some so many top cricketers have come on to make something huge amongst their fans.

Others have called to quit, while the active ones are still generating so much buzz in their careers.

10: Quinton De Kock

Quinton De Kock

Making the list of best cricket players in the World, Quinton De Kock is one of those who made it from Africa.

The South African has his name across all borders as one of the biggest who made a career in cricket.

He played in Africa and took his career to India, where he competed in the League.

He spent time playing for the Mumbai India team, where he made his named well-recognized.

9: Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow is an England cricketer who makes it to the best cricket players list.

He is one bunch of talent who has been able to carry on with his career, unlike so many who dropped along the way.

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He had a part in the 2009 cricket world cup with England. He is more involved as a batsman.

He has played with several teams on home soil. He didn’t get to move abroad that often.

At some point in his career, he had a spell with Peshawar Zalmi and many others, including Yorkshire.

8: Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo

He is a big name who makes the list of the top 10 best cricket players in the World who have accomplished so much.

He was once a captain of his side who came from the West Indies as a top professional.

He operates as a batsman and in other positions where he remains one of the best.

He has traveled a lot while playing for many teams, including Melbourne Renegades.

He had time with the Chittagong Vikings and a lot of others, and he was able to make a career for himself.

7: Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson

The New Zealander is one of the best cricket players in the World today and is a top name.

Kane Williamson is a top professional who has remained active and consistent.

He captains the New Zealand national cricket team and has gone on winning a lot together.

His role as a batsman is compared to top names who handled the position with much to offer.

He plays for several teams today, including Northern Districts and more.

6: Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes has made a name abroad by making the list of top best cricket players in the World.

He is an English player who represents India, where he found a place with much respect for him.

He operates in multiple roles, which have helped him sustain relevance and also helped build his career.

His abilities put him above many names, and he has continued performing well in his career.

He represents an Indian cricket team called the Rajasthan Royals. There are a lot of honors he has gathered for himself over the years.

5: Andre Russell

Andre Russell

Another West Indies list of the best cricket players in the World who have been performing well.

He is one of the Legendary figures who remain active and has done much in his career.

He has been playing in the Indian League since 2014 when he moved abroad.

He also is involved with several domestic teams, including Colombo Kings and many other names.

He has won the I.C.C. tournament adding to the number of honors attached to his name.

4: M.S. Dhoni

M.S. Dhoni

M.S. Dhoni is from India, where many of the best cricket players in the World have made their biggest breaks.

He is a top name who has had the opportunity of squashing things out with many popular players in cricket.

He plays as a batsman and wicketkeeper who also can operate in many positions.

He has featured for many local teams in the domestic League and also played with regular names on television.

There is a lot he has gained and won for his side, personally, which ranks him in the list of best cricket players in the World.

3: A.B. De Villiers

A.B De Villiers

A.B. De Villiers has stood a large character and is one of the best cricket players in the World today.

He is from South Africa, where cricket is a big deal, and has enjoyed success.

He is the leader and captain of his country South Africa is doing so well under his leadership.

His achievement has made him a notable figure that his teammates greatly respect.

His ability to organize his team during matches has helped put him aside as a top-class player.

2: David Warner

David Warner

The Australian international made it into the list of best cricket players known in history today.

David Warner plays International cricket with Australia, and he also plays for other teams.

He operates as a batsman and does a lot in ensuring he covers other game positions.

Throughout his career, he has won so much in the I.C.C., both locally and internationally.

1: Virat Kholi

Virat Kholi

The India national team captain Virat Kholi is the biggest of the best cricket players.

He is a top batsman who is exceptional in his game. His style and class are top, and only a few can match him.

Since 2008 till this moment, he has been playing for the Royal Challengers, which is a top team.

Virat has been doing cricket for the longest time, and his success has come from all fronts and corners.

He is one of the biggest achieving cricket players of all time in history, and he is ranked top.

Virat Kholi seals the list of the top 10 best cricket players in the World as he is dominant and occupies number one.

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