Veronika Shkliaeva Bio: Karen Khachanov Wife

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Veronika Shkliaeva

Veronika Shkliaeva is a renowned businesswoman, influencer, and the wife of Karen Khachanov.

Many things about her are private, as she ensures all her business is not on social media.

She is a successful woman that has been with her husband for a long time since they made things official.

Veronika Shkliaeva Biography

Veronika Shkliaeva

She was born in Moscow, Russia. Her date of birth is unknown.

Veronika Shkliaeva’s age remains an unknown mystery waiting to be officially opened and known by the public.

She had her childhood in her hometown in Russia, where she and her family once had a home together.

Her parents’ names are not public as of today. Their occupation is mainly business, and they use it to care for their family.

There is nothing on her siblings; at least one grew up together at a point in her younger age.

She is a Russian woman born and bred in Moscow before moving out of her parent’s care.

Veronika Shkliaeva is private about everything that has to do with her lifestyle, including her family, who wants to remain hidden.

Her education was another of her childhood journey which she had the opportunity to grab.

Her parents ensured her education was smooth, starting from a tender age.

All her education happened in Russia, which boasts the best quality education.

She graduated from a University in Russia, but we need to know which course she read in school.

She had the proper upbringing from her parents, who always made things available.

Karen Khachanov Wife

Karen Khachanov Wife

Veronika Shkliaeva is the beautiful wife of Karen Khachanov, a professional tennis player.

Their union has been blessed and happy since they started seeing each other at a younger age.

The couple enjoys a lot of time alone as they are close to each other and always moving places.

Veronika Shkliaeva is proud to have Karen Khachanov by her side at home and elsewhere.

They have both hit the road a couple of times, which for them, is a good memory of things around their relationship.

Their love has been consistent despite how sometimes it has been behind the camera on a couple of occasions.

When they were still young, Karen and Veronika had their first encounter.

Their first encounter was when he hit her by accident with his baggage at an airport. She thought poorly of him due to that incident and called him stupid.

However, when they became teenagers, things changed. They began their relationship at the same tennis club, where they both trained.

In April 2016, the couple got married after dating for some time. And they have been enjoying their time together as a family.

Things have always been easy for them to be together from an early age.

It wasn’t always easy, as they faced many obstacles, but they were determined to be together at all costs.

Their relationship was primarily helped by the understanding they had for each other.

They grew up in the same neighborhood, which was another factor that they didn’t have to work in adapting to each other lifestyles.

They have a family of their own, which is their biggest priority aside from their respective career.

Veronika Children

Veronika Children

The couple has just one child, who is still growing up with them. They are yet to welcome more children.

Veronika Shkliaeva and her partner are more focused on making everything available for their only child before thinking of more.

They also have priorities in their career, which helps them enjoy their leisurely lifestyle.

A handsome son has been born to Karen and Veronika since they married and stayed together.

David, their son, was born in 2019. He will be four years old in September 2023.

On his social media accounts, Khachanov calls his son Khachanov Jr.

There is no confirmation of any other name for their child, and he is their only born.

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The couple is doing well as parents who ensure their child has everything they need at every point.

Their son is still young, and they are expected to have more children as time goes on in their marriage.

After their wedding, they had to wait for a while before deciding to have their own children.

It wasn’t a decision made easy, knowing they still had to focus on their career and being able to provide for their child.

The couple is happy despite having just one child up till this moment.

Veronika Shkliaeva Net Worth

Veronika Shkliaeva Net Worth

Her net worth is $500,000. Veronika Shkliaeva is a businesswoman and mostly a home wife.

She is into some little dealings which give her more time for her child, who is still young and needy.

She has managed to make something for herself and not be a celebrity wife who does nothing.

She also gets some money from her wealthy husband and makes a lot of money in his career.

Her husband’s net worth is $5 million. His earnings are from his professional career as a tennis player.

He has a lot of endorsement deals with popular sports brands who pay him hugely as he advertises for them.

Karen Khachanov makes up to $1 million competing at major tournaments.

He hopes to make more as he now has a family to care for after becoming a father.

His ranking is improving over the years, and his value amongst the wealthiest tennis players is still steadily increasing.

Veronika Shkliaeva and Karen Khachanov are both happy parents to their children.

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