Tai Emery Flash Fans After MMA Win (VIDEO)

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Tia Emery is a Bare Knuckle fighter that participates in fighting competitions in Thailand.

Her impressive skills in the ring have made her crawl through fighting in a larger crowd.

She has also made a name following her controversial celebration after an impressive victory to the crowd.

Tai Emery Biography

Tai Emery

She was born in 1987 in Thailand. Tai Emery will be 36 years old in 2023.

She should be a year older in 2023, but her actual month and date of birth are still unknown.

Tai has lived her entire livelihood in Thailand, where both her parents were born and bred.

She originates from a religious family who are all Christians and solid believers in God, which helped her immensely as a child.

Tia Emery is still a new name in the Bare Knuckle Fighting world, having made her breakthrough controversially.

Her father’s name is Mr Emery. He is a businessman in Thailand who is also respected in his community.

Her mother’s name is Mrs Emery. She is a nurse who had much work done when Tia was still a little girl growing up.

Tia’s sibling’s information is not available. She did grow up around family and influential people who influenced her positively.

She did her schooling in Thailand from age grade until her graduation. No confirmation of the complete history of her education.

Tai Emery Flash Fans

Tia Emery Flash Fans

Tai Emery has taken over social media and sports by storm after appearing to flash fans her body after a fight.

When she won her first fight in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Tai wasn’t exactly a name that combat sports fans knew.

She got into a fight immediately and showed the crowd her body after winning and it has caused a stir online ever since.

Emery dazzled her opponent with an uppercut before landing a devastating left hook during her BKFC debut in Thailand against Rung-Arun Khunchai.

Her actions immediately following the victory ensured that the 35-year-old would go viral on Saturday afternoon.

Emery’s stunning finish was likely not enough to make the rounds in the combat sports press.

She climbed onto the ropes and pulled her top up to show her private body part to the Bangkok crowd, which went wild throughout the venue.

Emery has only participated in two amateur mixed martial arts competitions. She is not exactly a household name in the world of bare-knuckle fighting.

She has connections with the Lingerie Fighting Championship and has made successful appearances in the Lingerie Football League.

The Thai-based former electrician has previously mentioned how excited she is and how much she enjoys entertaining large crowds.

She performed well at her most recent show in Bangkok, earning her a lot of attention.

Her name has gone down into the record books as the first female fighter to make sure a bold statement after a fight.

She has also been loaded with negative comments coming from some people for her behavior.

Tia Emery Flash Fans Video


The video of Tia Emery flashing fans has been going viral since the footage made it to the internet.

The beautifully built female fighter was sure to leave a long-lasting memory on the crowd after her display.

She took her time to show off her fantastic body, which made fans go crazy.

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So many people have taken their reaction to the internet by saying shocking words, which others were also not that bad.

Tia is now a name on everyone’s lips despite not being known all this while she flashes fans before her fight on that eventful day.

The video is all over the place and is also getting massive amounts of views.

A commentator said the event had never been seen before as no female fighter has gone that far to flash fans any part of their body.

Tia Emery has set off the phase, which could be something more female fighters will be looking to try.

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