Patricia A Maris: Roger Maris Wife

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Patricia A Maris

Patricia A Maris is an actress, model businesswoman, and the wife of Roger Maris.

She is her husband’s adorable wife, and they have spent an elongated time together in their marriage.

She was a star in her time who was popularly known alongside her husband, who share so much.

Patricia A Maris Biography

Patricia A Maris

She was born in Gainesville, Florida, United States. Her date of birth is not available at this time.

Patricia A Maris is a very older woman who could be in her late 80s today, as her appearance reveal a lot.

She grew up in her hometown Gainesville which she and her family members called their home.

Her parents’ names are unknown. There is no mention of them or anything concerning their identities.

She is an American native whose early family had stayed in the country all their lives.

As a young lady, she attended Shanley High School in Fargo from an early age.

Patricia A Maris is a mother of six children performing extremely well for themselves today in their respective careers.

She is still healthy and alive, as many reports have claimed a lot of stories about her condition.

Roger Maris Wife

Roger Maris Wife

Patricia A Maris is the wife of the legendary late Baseball player Roger Maris.

She married Roger in 1956. She was a loving wife and mother. Patricia and Roger Maris met in high school.

She and Roger Maris first joined in tenth grade at a high school basketball game. Before getting married, the two met in high school and fell in love.

The couple married in St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Fargo. In 1983, Roger Maris was notified that he had non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

He put together the annual Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament to raise money as he didn’t much time left.

Roger passed away in Maryland. At 51, he passed away on December 14, 1985, at Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas. In Fargo, North Dakota, he was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Patricia was with her husband when he took his last breath. Everyone praised Roger’s wife for being a tough and strong woman, even on International Women’s Day.

Patricia demonstrated courage and tenacity in the face of the most difficult circumstances as she successfully fulfilled the roles of grandmother, wife, and mother.

Patricia Children

Patricia Children

Patricia A Maris has six children with her late husband, Roger Maris, during their time as a couple.

Their children are; Richard, Susan, Randy, Kevin, Sandra, and Roger E. Maris Jr.

Roger Maris Jr., their eldest son, owns 61 Outfitters. HomeRun Baseball amongst others are all available from the business.

Kevin Maris, 61, the second-oldest son, played one season of Class A baseball before switching to lower-level professional golf.

He worked as a coach at Oak Hall High school. While attending Yankee Stadium in September 2022, Roger Maris’ children witnessed Aaron Judge breaking their father’s record.

One of his sons, Kevin, observed that it’s nice that his father is still in the spotlight due to his baseball accomplishments.

Additionally, Maris’ son expressed pride in his father’s performance in the game, which he dominated when he was alive.

Additionally, he stated that while he was pleased to learn that a Yankee was attempting to surpass his father’s record, he wished for his father to maintain it.

Her children are proud to have her as their mother in their lives.

Patricia A Maris’s Net Worth

Patricia A Maris Net Worth

She has a net worth of $2 million. Patricia’s wealth is part of her husband’s fortune, passed down.

She isn’t the only survivor of her husband but also has children and grandchildren doing well.

She also had the opportunity of making something for herself when she was much more active and younger.

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Patricia made a lot playing on the television screen in her acting career, which was how she met her husband.

She had a lot of success during her active days, and many women today see her as their idol and inspiration.

She has ensured she paved the way for so many people to be successful, strong women in their careers.

Patricia A Maris and Roger Maris had a lot together, ending in 1985 due to death still separating them both.

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