Olivia Namath Bio: Joe Namath’s Daughter

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Olivia Namath

Olivia Namath is a career woman, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and Joe Namath’s daughter.

She is a famous individual due to her father’s status in America.

She keeps a life of her own, which is taking off well with her household.

Olivia Namath Biography

Olivia Namath

She was born on December 11, 1990. She is 31 years old.

Olivia will add another year to her age in the last month of 2022. She is expected to make her birthday a part of the family.

Her birth name is Olivia Rose Namath. She changed her name after getting involved with another man, her husband.

NameOlivia Namath
Age31 Years Old
Date Of Birth11 December 1990
HusbandEdwin Baker
FatherJoe Namath

Her father’s name is Joe Namath. He is a retired American football player who enjoyed a lot of success.

Her mother’s name is Deborah Lynne Mays. She is a businesswoman with so much success attached to her name.

Their maternal grandma and her middle name are the same. It isn’t much known about her early life.

She is the offspring of a former footballer turned entertainer. She almost certainly enjoyed a wonderful, secure upbringing.

She is her parents’ second child. Joe Namath and Deborah Lynne Mays, Olivia’s parents, were married for a long time before having their second child.

Their wedding day was November 7, 1984. Around a dozen people attended the intimate wedding.

Olivia’s father was a student of voice instructor Aruther Joseph, and during those lessons, he and Olivia’s mother first met. He was taking these studies at the same university that Deborah Mays attended.

Deborah had previously indicated an interest in starting a family with a professional football player, and her introduction to Joe Namath made that goal a realistic possibility.

A year after their wedding, the Namaths welcomed their first daughter, Jessica; seven years later, Olivia was born. The marriage wasn’t perfect, especially since Joe had alcohol problems.

Deborah’s warnings about the potential damage he could do to their relationship led him to give up alcohol finally.

Joe has previously stated that Deborah is responsible for assisting him with this and, in effect, saving his life. After their divorce in 2000, though, he resumed drinking heavily.

Deborah’s departure from their Florida home marked the outset of their separation proceedings.

She moved her residence to California, where she met her future husband, the surgeon Brian Novak.

The divorce was formalized two years later, with the daughters remaining with their father.

Olivia Career

Olivia Career

Olivia Namath is a success story in her career where she has made a path different from her father.

In the past, Olivia Namath has been cagey about putting out details concerning her life.

Yet, she has established her acting credentials thanks to her turn in The Wedding Ringer.

In her career, Olivia has appeared in various film and television productions.

She has yet to share further details regarding her career besides what she has been working on for years.

She has other side jobs, which helped her through school as she wasn’t dependent on her father’s wealth.

Her main plan is to become a big name in the United States of America, where she is focused on her career.

Joe Namath’s Daughter

Joe Namath Daughter

Olivia Namath is the daughter of Joe Namath, a former football player in the NFL.

Her mother, Deborah Lynne Mays, married her longtime boyfriend, Edwin Baker III. They tied the knot in June 2014.

Mays was just 16 when she and her husband had their daughter. They embraced a gorgeous infant girl in August 2017 and named her Natalia Namath.

The man she married is a convicted criminal. Yet, the baby’s father was jailed three times before the birth of his children.

More charges were brought against Edwin, including burglary, narcotics possession, and theft.

Mays’s husband, the Baker, is an established artist whose practice originates in street art and looks to the likes of Picasso and Basquiat for inspiration.

Baker created the collage “I Got Better Looking Every Day” (2018) in May 2018. The event commemorated Art New York Baker’s fourth annual publication.

Because her family didn’t agree with the marriage, the couple had to live in separate places after they got married.

When Olivia was a teen, she caused a stir in the media due to her controversial behavior and her famous father, Joe Namath.

Olivia was pulled over for speeding in West Palm Beach in 2010. She was stopped and found some drugs in her vehicle.

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The police found some substance under the driver’s seat, and their tests returned positive.

After searching the trunk, they found a jar with drugs in it. Olivia denied using it in an unequivocal statement.

Two additional guys were riding along in the car. She was only 19 years old during the car crash and driving a silver, Mercedes.

Olivia Namath’s Net Worth

Olivia Namath Net Worth

She has a net worth of $1 million. Olivia Namath earns most of her fortune from her father.

Her main source of income is her father’s wealth.

Yet, she lives a wealthy lifestyle and has a fleet of vehicles because she is the daughter of a great American football player.

Her dad has a net worth of $25 million, and she contributes significantly.

She has a posh home and a comfortable life in general.

Olivia Namath and Joe Namath have a strong bond regarding a father-with-daughter relationship.

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