Derek Carr Wife: Heather Neel Bio

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Heather Neel

Heather Neel is a media personality, Instagram star, businesswoman, and Derek Carr’s wife.

Her name became relevant after the relationship with her partner became a public affair.

She is also a dedicated woman who has also worked so hard to ensure she creates a pathway for herself.

Heather Neel Biography

Heather Neel

She was born January 3, 1990, in northern California. Heather Neel is a 33 years old mother and wife.

Her birthday for 2023 was celebrated early last month, January, which had a lot of people coming together to wish her well.

Her birth name is Heater Ashley Neel, but she now goes by just her first and last name, which so many people refer to her.

She was raised in a traditional white American family who always spent much time together.

Her parents were doing well in their business. They also were able to make provisions for everything concerning their whole family.

Her father’s name is Bryan Neel. He is an American businessman with great success in all his dealings.

Her mother’s name is Vikki Neel. She is a media personality who has been involved in the business at a point in time.

Her family is religious people who strongly believe in God and did much in their community, so many respected them.

Heather Neel is the only child known in her family. There are no details concerning other siblings or children in Neel’s family.

She did her schooling in her hometown Fresno. She attended a Christian school for her high level after coming off from an age grades education.

She graduated from Fresno University, gaining a degree in a course she must mention.

She resides in Las Vegas with her husband and children in their family home, filled with happiness.

Derek Carr Wife

Derek Carr Wife

Heather Neel is married to an American football player named Derek Carr, who is signed to a team in the NFL.

Derek and Heather met in a restaurant while they were both students at Fresno State University.

Heather was working a shift when the quarterback walked in at BJ’s Brewhouse, a popular campus bar.

Heather laughed at it, and they soon started dating. In 2012, they got married quickly. It’s no coincidence they married during Derek Carr’s two best Bulldog seasons.

The couple has been blessed with wonderful children since they got married to each other.

Their daughter’s name is Brooklyn Mae. She is 23 months old. The other three children of the couple are boys.

Their son’s name is Dallas Mason. He is nine years old. Deakon Derek is a 3-year-old, and Deker Luke is just six.

When Dallas was born in August 2013, the couple experienced joy and difficulty due to some challenges.

Their son was born eight days early due to intestinal malrotation, a rare abnormality in which the baby’s intestines become entangled.

The digestion tracts were fixed following three pressing medical procedures. Dallas was discharged from Children’s Hospital Central California after spending 23 days there.

The couple is happy and doing well with all their children, who remain healthy.

Heather Neel is a wonderful mom to all her children; the same can be said about her husband, Derek Carr.

Heather Career

Heather Career

Heather Neel is a former cheerleader, a businesswoman, an Instagram star, and a media personality.

She has had quite an amazing career from an early age until now when she is mostly a mother.

She is not public about her career path, but a few things have been said on social media and in interviews.

She is a dedicated woman who has had to do some little jobs during her time in school to enable her to take care of herself.

When she was still a single young lady, she worked in a Brewhouse, which was where her husband met her on their first day.

Aside from her job as a former waitress, she hasn’t revealed anything else as she is mostly a home mother today.

Aside from Heather Neel’s career, her husband is a successful American football player who plays regularly.

Derek Carr is a quarterback, which is mostly one of the key positions of any team as they get to dictate the game more often.

He is an exceptional member of his team. He currently plays for Oakland Raiders, who are in the NFL.

Derek has not played for many teams in his career and has been with the Oakland Raiders since 2014.

Heather Neel’s Net Worth

Heather Neel Net Worth

Heather Neel’s Net Worth is $300k. She is making part of her money from social media and others from her husband’s wealth.

She owns properties signed by her and her husband, Derek Carr. She works with some brands she advertises on her social media on several occasions.

Despite not revealing much, many see her as a successful woman doing well in life and with others.

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Her husband’s net worth is $20 million. His earnings and wealth come from his active playing career.

Derek Carr is one of the highest-earning players on his team who is doing well enough in the NFL.

He has achieved a lot in his career, which puts him in her current position.

He is at the peak of his career and taking every advantage to make a lot possible before retirement.

Heather Neel and Derek Carr have rubbed off each other success over the years since they decided to stay together as a couple.

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