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Elisabetta Muscarell Bio: Antonio Conte Wife

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Elisabetta Muscarell

Elisabetta Muscarell is a businesswoman and the wife of Antonio Conte.

She is a woman who has made many impacts in her husband’s life, with whom they have shared a lot.

She is not the fame-friendly kind of wife. She avoids the limelight to make sure her private life is kept closed.

Elisabetta Muscarell Biography

Elisabetta Muscarell

She was born December 3, 1975, in Turin, Italy. Elisabetta Muscarell is 47 years old today.

She will clock 48 years when it is December. Her family will come together to mark her birthday in 2023.

Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. It reflects her character as a joyful person who always makes everyone happy.

Name Elisabetta Muscarello
Age47 Years Old
Date Of BirthDecember 3 1975
Spouse Antonio Conte
Children Vittoria Conte

Growing up in a typical Italian family, she had a humble tradition that impacted so much of her life.

Her nationality is Italy. Her parents are full citizens of Italy, where they have been all their lives.

Her father’s name is Gianni Muscarell. He is a well-known individual in the community where he does his work.

Her mother’s name is off the record for now. We don’t understand if she was concerned about her daughter’s life while maturing.

Growing up for her wasn’t as easy as others who had everything they wanted as a child or teenager.

She had to be strong for herself and also her younger siblings, who all lived together at an early age.

There is no available information revealing the identities or names of Elisabetta Muscarell’s siblings at this point.

She spent all her childhood living in Turin, Italy, where she also did have her education at an early age.

Her community did also help her through a lot, which is why she is the successful woman she is today.

Antonio Conte Wife

Antonio Conte Wife

Elisabetta Muscarell is the wife of Tottenham Football Club manager Antonio Conte.

The pair had come to a long path from being long-time spouses when they were much younger.

They have spent many years in their relationship, which looks more like a situation that can never end.

Elisabetta Muscarell and Antonio Conte have been married for a very long time. They have continually renewed their vows for years.

The couple was both neighbors before things stirred up into a relationship situation between the both of them.

It was all about being close friends at first who typically see each other daily.

Conte’s football career kicked off when they began to feel something for each other. It was easy as they were far from each other.

The couple officially started dating in 1998, when Conte played with Juventus in Italy.

Elisabetta Muscarell and Antonio Conte started making plans for the future, but at the same time, they were already staying together.

It was a challenging ride for the couple, who spent most of their time away from each other due to the constant traveling.

They remained strong and supported each other in their respective pursuit of careers which was the most significant thing on their mind.

They dated each other for 15 years before deciding to get married. The duo stepped down the aisle of man and wife in June 2013.

Their wedding was elaborate, with so many people and faces coming to pay their respect.

The wedding took place in Italy. It was more of a traditional Italian party which was blissful on that day.

Elisabetta Muscarell and Antonio Conte have been married for ten years with 15 years of dating. They both have been jointly for 25 years.

Elisabetta Children

Elisabetta Children

She is a mother of just one child, whom she has with her husband Antonio Conte up till this day.

Her child came a long time before she agreed to tie the knot with her husband.

Elisabetta Muscarell and Antonio Conte’s child’s name is Vittoria Conte. She is their only-born daughter despite how long they have been together.

She was born in 2007. She is 16 years old as of 2023 and already starting to reach the age of adulthood.

She was just ten years old when her parents married after many years in a relationship.

Vittoria Conte is very much private, like her mother. She barely makes anything about her life public.

Her social media accounts are private. Although the little we can get is that she is more fluent in English than her father.

She is still a student today, but there needs to be more information on which level of school she attends today.

She has been seen on several periods in the Stadium supporting her father and mother.

Vittoria Conte remains the only child of her parents to this day, as they both decided not to have any other a long time ago.

Elisabetta Muscarell Net Worth

Elisabetta Muscarell Net Worth

Elisabetta Muscarell’s net worth is $1 million. Her line of work is unknown, but she is making a lot.

We need to confirm what she does for a living, which means most of her wealth is tied to her husband, Antonio Conte.

She plays a huge part in decisions concerning her husband’s move in his football career.

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Her role in many decisions has been made public in some interviews. She and her spouse have a reciprocal understanding of everything.

Along the way, she has furthermore picked up a lot of understanding about the football business.

Elisabetta’s net worth is nothing compared to her husband, who had a playing career and is now one of the most prominent managers in Europe.

Antonio Conte’s worth is £25 million. His football career is still earning him a lot to remain active.

He is the current coach of Premier League side Tottenham which is ranked amongst the top side in England.

He will stay with them for a much longer deal, which started last season in 2022.

Aside from his career, Antonio Conte earns more money from deals with sports brands which also gives him more than his wife, Elisabetta Muscarell.

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