Who Is Cameron Norrie Wife? Louise Jacobi

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Louise Jacobi

Louise Jacobi is an interior designer and the wife of professional British tennis player Cameron Norrie.

She has supported her partner for a long time, and many people have talked about her.

She is also a successful woman who has something going on for herself today and is also a key player in her respective field.

Louise Jacobi Biography

Louise Jacobi

She was born May 13, 1990, in a famous city in the United States of America called New York City.

Louise Jacobi is 32 years old, and she did her birthday in 2022, which took place in the early half of the year and was a fantastic event.

She had her growing up in the United States of America, where all her family has had theirs at a certain point, with most of them still in the country.

Name Louise Jacobi
Age 32 Years Old
Date Of BirthMay 13, 1990
Boyfriend Cameron Norrie
Net Worth $700,000 Thousand

She is a citizen of the United States of America, and she came to this world under the care of her parents, who played a massive part in her life.

She falls into the unique Zodiac sign of Taurus, which tells a lot about the kind of person who had a lot of love growing up in a positive environment.

Her father’s name is not public as of 2022, as she has maintained a private life concerning everything that involves her family identity.

Her mother’s name is Susan Jacobi, and she is the only person the public recognizes as Louise’s parent.

Her family is of Caucasian ethnicity and culture, which is also the same for all her family members.

She grew up with both parents who had involvement in everything that concerns her up till this day as a grown-up woman.

There isn’t anything on her siblings at this point because Louise Jacobi is a private woman who hasn’t shared anything with the public till today.

She had a lot of everything as her growing up wasn’t one with so much stress thanks to her family who can provide whatever is needed.

Louise Jacobi’s background isn’t too open, but as the years go by, she will share more concerning other family members.

Who Is Cameron Norrie Wife

Who Is Cameron Norrie Wife

Cameron Norrie’s wife is Louise Jacobi, and they have been in a romantic relationship for a long time since their meeting.

The relationship between both individuals has been solid, and they are doing a lot to make it slow so they can get to know each other so well.

The relationship started as a low-key and secret affair they had to keep from the public until it was revealed publicly.

Louise Jacobi and Cameron Norrie are not married as of today, 2022, but they are heavily invested in each other as a couple.

They are heading toward tying down each other as husband and wife, which so many people hope to see.

Their relationship was recently made public by the couple after they had been keeping things hidden from the public.

In 2020, Louise Jacobi and Cameron Norrie’s relationship was leaked out to the public, but there wasn’t any confirmation as to what was happening between them.

Their relationship was official following the couple seen together during Norrie’s tennis tournament in 2021, with Louise in attendance.

Since the official coming out, Louise Jacobi and Cameron Norrie have toured together to many European countries for tennis competitions.

The couple has a strong relationship which is only a matter of time before they become Mr and Mrs, which is something they both have been working towards for the future.

Louise Career

Louise Career

Louise Jacobi is a fashion, textile, and graphics designer, which he does for her career.

She accumulated a lot of wisdom from the University of Michigan, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree.

She had majors in textile, product, and graphic design, which helped her follow her career path in the real world.

She started working at an early age when she was still going to school, which is also the same place a lot happened in her career.

Her first job in the real world came as a textile and graphic designer for Chief Street Wear Apparel.

At a certain point in her career, she worked with the famous clothing brand Calvin Klein where she was a designer for one year.

Louise Jacobi started her company alongside her friend Greyson Kirby in 2019, which is still functioning today.

She also, alongside her friend, started a company called Virgo Studio which deals with house and fashion accessories.

They have recorded a lot of success together since they opened the company, which is all about home decor and other stuff.

Louise Jacobi is a successful businesswoman from her end, and things have always been on the right track in all her ventures.

Louise Jacobi Net Worth

Louise Jacobi Net Worth

Louise Jacobi’s net worth is $700,000 as of 2022, an increase from last year.

She is earning a lot from her respective ventures, which are going at a good pace giving her a lot of wealth.

Her co-owned business adds to almost all of her net worth, as most money goes to her income.

She is enjoying a lot of success, making her an independent woman who does not rely much on her partner.

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Cameron Norrie is worth more than his girlfriend, who does not amount to half his current net worth.

His net worth is $3,000,000 million from his tennis career, which is still very active today.

He also has a lot of endorsement deals with some sports brands who pay a lot for him to advertise for them.

Louise and Cameron are both hard-working, and they are also doing all they can also to keep themselves going and fetching a lot of income for themselves.

Louise Jacobi and Cameron Norrie take themselves as equals in their relationship, working well in their respective careers, earning them a lot of money.

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