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Lauren Tannehill Bio: Ryan Tannehill Wife

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Lauren Tannehill

Lauren Tannehill is a professional model, television personality, and the wife of Ryan Tannehill.

She is a famous individual in the United States of America, where she has caved a name for herself over the years.

She has already hit the spotlight before meeting her partner, a huge name in the National Football League.

Lauren Tannehill Biography

Lauren Tannehill

She was born July 28, 1988, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Lauren Tannehill is 34 years old.

She held her birthday early in 2022, and everybody in her family was there to wish her a happy birthday.

She is from the United States of America, where she has lived all her life. Lauren also travels for holidays on a couple of occasions.

Name Lauren Tannehill
Age 34 Years Old
Date Of Birth July 28, 1988
Career Model
Spouse Ryan Tannehill

Like her family members, She is from the white part of the American race and ethnicity.

Her father’s name is John Ufer. He is a famous individual in the United States of America, where he has established himself around his community.

Her father is also a medical practitioner and owns a medical firm.

Her mother’s name is Nancy Ufer. She is a homemaker and responsible woman, ensuring her family is well okay.

She is also a woman in business and real estate and works as an agent in her community.

Lauren Tannehill didn’t grow up as the only child of her family; she had two other siblings which she had to mentor at a given time.

She is older than her two siblings, Dillion Ufer and Jordan Ufer, who all enjoy living their lives together from a younger age until adulthood.

She has her family to thank for building her into the confident and booming woman she is today.

Ryan Tannehill Wife

Ryan Tannehill Wife

Lauren Tannehill is the wife of National Football League quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

They have been solid together for so many years in their relationship, which started as close friends between themselves.

They carried on managing to keep things going at the early point when they were still chasing their respective careers and trying to make something of themselves.

It wasn’t all good and smooth at the beginning, as they also had to figure out a lot before even coming out to make their relationship a public affair.

Lauren Tannehill and Ryan Tannehill knew each other from their church which they both attend together at College Stations, which was how things started going between the couple.

They continued seeing each other first close friends for some time before they grew into each other and decided to make things serious.

The couple continued strong until they finally got engaged to each other after some years of dating and also knowing each other very well.

They got married in January 2012 in an elaborate wedding ceremony with family and friends present to make everything happen.

Together in their marriage, they already have two children who have both been a blessing to them and everything that concerns their entire family, which is doing so well today.

She has built a solid foundation with her husband, Ryan Tannehill, and they live happily.

Lauren Career

Lauren Career

Lauren has ventured into many career paths that have worked well for her.

She was already building something for herself from college, where she worked as a cardiologist assistant.

She also went through training as a Nurse during her time working at the hospital establishment when she was much younger.

Lauren later switched careers and started working as a model, which was the perfect job she could ever wish to get at that point in her life.

While working as a model, she signed under the Page 713 Model and Talent Agency, where she stayed for some years.

Her modelling career blossomed as she continued under her agency which saw her getting top jobs.

Lauren Tannehill worked with top fashion brands in the United States of America; she also had the opportunity to cover magazines.

She also ventured into television which saw her appearing in HBO Hard Knocks in 2012.

Her venture into so many things has led her to places.

She has made good of herself and her career, which is still going well today.

Lauren Tannehill’s Net Worth

Lauren Tannehill Net Worth

She has a net worth of $1,000,000. Lauren earns from her lucrative jobs.

Aside from her husband’s enormous wealth, She is doing well for herself.

Lauren is doing well enough not to depend on her husband to provide for her as she also have a busy career.

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She still has some endorsement deals tied to her and still fetching income thanks to her fantastic structure.

Ryan Tannehill is worth $50,000,000, mostly earned from his career in the NFL.

He is an active key player valued so much by the team.

Lauren has managed to keep a low profile concerning her lifestyle, primarily because she is a mother.

Her most significant responsibility when off from her job is ensuring her children is well kept and looked after.

Lauren Tannehill and her husband, Ryan Tannehill, are doing much to take care of their small family.

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