Allyson Felix husband: Kenneth Ferguson

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Kenneth Ferguson


Kenneth Ferguson is an athlete specializing in track events and the husband of sprinter Allyson Felix.

He is a legendary name for tracking events; he was a sprinter and took part in hurdles.

His name is well known all over the United States of America as one of the best athletes to ever come out from that part of the world.

Kenneth Ferguson Biography

Kenneth Ferguson

He was born March 22, 1984, in a city in Michigan called Detroit in the United States of America.

Kenneth Ferguson is 38 years old today; he and his family and friends already enjoyed his one-year-old celebration early in 2022.

He is a Detriot born and bred, making him an entire United States of America citizen.

Name Kenneth Ferguson
Age 38 Years Old
Date Of Birth March 22, 1984
Career Sprinter
Wife Allyson Felix

His whole life has been in the United States, where he grew up and still resides.

He has part African roots, which has yet to be fully public as to which part of that world his roots originated.

Today, Kenneth resides in Hollywood, California, with his entire family, who is doing well.

His father’s name is Kenneth Ferguson, and he is a well-respected citizen with a little venture of his own.

His mother’s name is Jeaynell Ferguson, and she is a wonderful woman who did everything possible for the success of her family.

There isn’t anything tangible concerning his siblings, as we can’t confirm if he did have anyone like brothers or sisters.

Kenneth Ferguson’s childhood as a black kid in his community wasn’t that bad, knowing where he grew up was a place full of people of his color.

His parents were super active during his childhood, ensuring he was always on the right path.

He had every opportunity like other kids in his community who grew up in the same class.

Kenneth Ferguson is now doing well for himself, and that shows how much his parents impacted him growing up.

Allyson Felix Husband

Allyson Felix Husband

Kenneth Ferguson is the husband of fellow athlete Allyson Felix who also specializes in track events.

Their relationship is fantastic, and it wasn’t that much of an issue knowing how much familiarity they both have with each other.

Their personality matches together on and off the scene, which was another reason they could connect flawlessly.

No relationship experiences a smooth ride all through, as sometimes something comes up to cause hold-ups.

Allyson Felix and Kenneth Ferguson dealt with the downside moment in their relationship, and they were able to come out victorious.

The couple had been close since their late teenage years when they were still in high school, and many relationships are easy to build.

They started seeing each other about 12 years back in 2002, and in that period, it was just them hitting their final stage as a teenager.

Their relationship was official back in 2004, and at their point, they were already making waves on the track.

They continued growing in love while they also figured out their career path, which was also blooming for them.

A few years later, Allyson Felix and Kenneth Ferguson were already working on a long-term goal, and they knew they wanted to be together for a long time.

They kept things slow and lowkey until they got engaged before deciding on taking that most crucial step in their relationship.

Allyson Felix and Kenneth Ferguson got married in 2018, which was a memorable day that had their family and friends attending a small wedding celebration.

They also have a child in their marriage who is now in their fourth year, and their daughter is also the same four years old.

It has been a good one for the family who had to face a shaky time when Allyson was having he daughter, which was a complicated childbirth.

Allyson Felix and Kenneth Ferguson named their daughter Camryn, who is growing up very fast.

Kenneth Career

Kenneth Career

Kenneth Ferguson is an American athlete who is a Sprinter, Hurdler, and specializes in other track events.

He is one successful athlete representing the United States, where he was born and also lived all his life.

He made a wave of part of the USA Olympic teams in California: the four-by-four.

His first competition as a runner came in the Knoxville SEC Championship, where he finished as the winner in 400 meters hurdle.

He recorded a time of 48.79 seconds, he also featured in another competition called Carson US Championship, which took place in 2005, and he finished 48.65 seconds.

Another success for Kenneth Ferguson was in the Carson Adidas Track Classic in California back in 2007, when he finished again in 48.15 seconds.

He also dominated the NACAC U23 Championships and continued making a name for himself with a lot of success.

His best performance was at the Baie Mahault in France in 2007, when he finished the lap in 45.91 seconds.

Kenneth Ferguson has achieved a lot in his career, which also saw him clinching three gold medals at the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in 2003.

Kenneth Ferguson Net Worth

Kenneth Ferguson Net Worth

Kenneth Ferguson’s net worth from his career as a runner is $1,500,000 million, which is decent enough.

He has enjoyed success in track events attached to fame and fortune.

During 2017, Kenneth was already worth $700,000 in his career, which was still blooming.

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His performance has helped him achieve a lot in making money and building his brand.

There are a couple of brands and endorsement deals in which many athletes have fetched some side income.

He has a lucrative endorsement deal with Adidas, which specializes in making sportswear and other stuff.

He also amassed income from other ventures he had invested in at a certain point which his manager advised.

Kenneth Ferguson lives a responsible life with his wife, Allyson Felix; they earn a lot of money, adding to their net worth.

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