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Ingrid Rinck

Ingrid Rinck is a fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and the wife of wrestler and actor Tyrus.

She has been a fitness trainer for over 25 years and holds several certifications, which she has gained over time in her respective field.

She is thriving in her ventures, which has helped her build something over the years till today.

Ingrid Rinck Biography

Ingrid Rinck

She was born on April 24, 1981, in the United States of America; her exact location of birth is unavailable.

Ingrid Rinck is presently 41 years old, and she carried her birthday in the first part of the year, which they always celebrate.

She has lived in the United States until now, where she has a permanent home.

NameIngrid Rinck
Age41 years old
Date Of Birth24th April 1981
HusbandGeorge Murdoch (Tyrus)
ChildrenRhett, Rock, and Georgie Murdoch

Since Ingrid has chosen to keep this part of her life private, we know very little about her upbringing and family.

Her father’s name is Gary Rinck; he used to own restaurants in the United States of America when he was much more active.

Until now, Gary has been an encouraging parent to his daughter in everything going on in her life.

She discussed her dad’s role in opening her restaurant, Sensible Meals, which is doing well today.

Her mother’s name, for now, is a mystery that has not been available to the public despite many questions.

Ingrid completed her primary education in the United States of America in her community as a child.

Ingrid said she completed high school but didn’t continue her education past that point for reasons she has yet to discuss.

Ingrid Career

Ingrid Career

Ingrid Rinck is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and fitness trainer who is successful in her career.

At age 15, Ingrid realized she was fascinated with the fitness business and the idea of working out.

As a result, she joined a fitness class despite being so young and unable to do most required things.

She has continued tutoring additional pupils in the same class a year later.

When she was 27 years old, she first began working as a fitness trainer, which saw her having to deal with many clients.

Ingrid has amassed many awards and certificates (more than 40) and was widely recognized for her success.

She did something remarkable in 2014, which saw her halt her fitness center’s operations and plunge headfirst into the nutrition industry.

After caring for her second sick son, she switched careers elsewhere to pursue something different.

Her son is a patient with A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, which they still have to deal with at this point.

This event occurred during a low period in her life and opened her eyes to the fact that many people, too, needed help coping with health problems caused by poor diet.

Ingrid started the nationwide meal-preparation service Sensible Meals to assist clients in reaching their nutritional goals.

With her father’s help, she started a company called Sensible Meals which provides food.

Sensible Meals is an expanding meal prep business that has aided many people in reaching their health and fitness objectives, including the Rincks’ very own Tyrus and Ingrid.

With the help of the Sensible Meals eating plan, Ingrid has lost around 100 pounds over the years.

Sensible Meals is an American company headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana, with over 1200 people.

Once worth only $50, the company’s current valuation is in the millions with the success it has recorded over the years.

Tyrus Wife

Tyrus Wife

Ingrid Rinck is Tyrus’s wife, an American professional wrestler, actor, and public figure.

Many people keep calling Ingrid Rinck Tyrus’ “long-term girlfriend” because the couple dated for so long before getting married.

They were secretly dating despite their many public appearances together and subsequent cohabitation.

At a point, it was unclear whether or not they were married before moving in together or just in a relationship.

Tyrus tweeted, “Married for years but officially gave her a true proposal,” on April 26, 2020, he revealed the truth about their marriage.

He also went on showering a lot of praise on Ingrid Rinck, who has been the best part of his life.

She has given birth to three offspring with her spouse, Tyrus since they wedded.

Ingrid’s offspring include two sons from an earlier relationship with an unnamed man and a daughter.

Rhett, her eldest son, just graduated from Mandeville High School, and today is doing well.

While Rock, her second son, is a diabetic high school sophomore who is more focused on his studies as a young kid.

She and Tyrus raise their sons alongside her stepsister Georgie Murdoch in Mandeville, Louisiana, where they call their home.

Tyrus is a wrestler, actor, and political announcer born George Murdoch, in Canada.

He was born on February 21, 1973, and consumed his constructive years in the Golden State of California.

Tyrus is the current NWA World Champion, and he still has a contract with the brand.

He is an old WWE and Impact Wrestling wrestler, now known as Brodus Clay in the ring.

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Tyrus has a degree, and although his wife does not, he earned his degree in education from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Tyrus was a sports fan who, if not for a surgery he underwent in 2004, would have followed a career in football.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for sports; he has been wrestling since 2006.

Ingrid Rinck Net Worth

Ingrid Rinck Net Worth

Ingrid Rinck’s net worth is $2,500,000 million, which is joined together by all her ventures.

Earnings from her successful ventures as a fitness trainer and business owner, Sensible Meals, have contributed significantly to her wealth.

Her spouse, Tyrus, has also become relatively wealthy thanks to his professional wrestling career; he is estimated to be worth approximately $3,000,000.

The couple is doing well with their careers, fetching in a lot of money they use to care for their family.

Their difference in wealth is more of a competition which has kept them going, with both equally providing all they need.

Ingrid Rinck and Tyrus are happy with their small family, who have all the financial support needed to make them comfortable.

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