Fayza Lamari Bio Kylian Mbappe Mother

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Fayza Lamari

Fayza Lamari is a retired France handball player and the mother of football player Kylian Mbappe.

She is also a media person and a big deal in the life of her son, who is arguably the best player in the world today.

She is a prominent sportswoman in France and made a name for herself as a handball player during her active days.

Fayza Lamari Biography

Fayza Lamari

She was born in 1974 in France, and her full date of birth is still missing information.

Fayza Lamari is 48 years old and already clocked a year older as we are in the last month of 2022.

Her full names are Fayza Lamari Mbappe which she changed after her marriage to her husband.

Name Fayza Lamari
Age 48 Years Old
Date Of Birth 1974
HusbandWilfred Mbappe
Children Jires Kembo Ekoko
Kylian Mbappe
Ethan Mbappe

She has been in France all her life, the same place she was born and did all her growing up.

She is a Christian believer and a devoted one alongside all her family who shares the same belief.

Fayza Lamari holds a nationality of France, but she has roots in Algeria, where some of her family members reside.

Her parents’ names are unavailable, and she has never once said anything about her mother and father.

Her parents weren’t high-class citizens as they had few jobs to do, which they used to take care of their family.

There isn’t much also concerning her siblings or any other family members, which is also not public information.

She had a huge family when growing up, and they impacted her so much, which helped along the way.

Fayza Lamari grew up in the right community, where she had a lot of opportunities to follow her dreams and make something for herself.

Kylian Mbappe Mother

Kylian Mbappe Mother

Fayza Lamari is the mother of Paris Saint Germain and France International football player Kylian Mbappe.

She has a close and strong relationship with her son, one of the most successful players on planet earth.

She has been away from the media all these while before coming out after a report about his son.

Fayza Lamari, in May 2022, came out in defense of his son Kylian Mbappe over reports of contract issues with Paris Saint Germain.

She blasts the journalist who published the story of his son signing a contract in which he wasn’t aware of anything going on.

Since her statement, she has become more vocal in defense of his son, who is getting a lot of backlash from the media.

During the summer window, Kylian Mbappe was with a lot, with Real Madrid said to have had an agreement to sign him for free.

At the time of his contract saga with Paris Saint Germain, many reports were made public, and Fayza Lamari had some involvement in denying them.

There was a time Real Madrid invited Kylian Mbappe’s mother to come to watch a game during the 2021-2022 Champions League.

In the end of everything, the move to Real Madrid did not happen as Mbappe decided to stay with Paris Saint Germain for some reason.

Fayza Lamari has always made sure she showers praises on her son Kylian Mbappe who she is proud of for all his achievements over the years.

Fayza Career

Fayza Career

Fayza Lamari started her career back in high school, where she played handball.

She grew from playing with amateur teams to fielding out with the more prominent names in handball.

She is a right-wing player who was prolific and one of the best, which saw her making a name for herself.

During the late 90s, she made her breakthrough playing professional handball when she was much younger.

She played for a team called AS Bondy, where she stayed during the late 90s to early 2000s as a regular player.

Her career carried on for a while before she decided to step away to start up her family had just gotten married.

Her stepping away from handball gave her more opportunities to become a mother and a wife for her family.

She started helping develop her children, who are both into football and thriving today.

Fayza Lamari pushed less in her career, as she enjoyed the little she could before moving on to other things.

Fayza Husband

Fayza Husband

Fayza Lamari is married to her husband, Wilfred Mbappe; they both have a family together.

There is little information concerning their relationship, which didn’t make the media.

Her husband is a professional football coach who played a massive part in her son’s successes today.

Together the husband and wife have three sons who are all accomplishing well in their different lives.

Their first child is one they adopted long ago named Jires Kembo Ekoko, and he is a professional football player.

There is little information on Jires date of birth; later, Fayza Lamari and Wilfred Mbappe had two other children.

Their children are Kylian Mbappe and Ethan Mbappe; they play for Paris Saint Germain senior and youth teams, respectively.

Fayza Lamari Net Worth

Fayza Lamari Net Worth

Fayza Lamari’s net worth is $1,000,000 million, coming from all her dealings.

She is more of a part team of her son Kylian Mbappe’s agent, who works on his contract and deals.

She has other ventures she is into, and they also make a lot of money for her, which adds to her net worth.

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Fayza Lamari is doing well for herself and is also the mother of one of the highest-paid football players in the world.

She makes money from many other things and investments over the years of being active as a handball player.

There is a lot of confidential information concerning Fayza, including some of her sources of income.

Fayza Lamari’s wealth is nothing to her son Kylian Mbappe, one of today’s highest-paid football players.

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