Evelina Kamph Bio: Juan Mata Girlfriend

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Evelina Kamph

Evelina Kamph is an Osteopath and the girlfriend of Spanish International football player Juan Mata.

She has been in her partner’s life for a long time, and they both have achieved a lot since meeting each other.

She is different than the type who embraces the spotlight, knowing the negative impact that could also bring to her personal life.

Evelina Kamph Biography

Evelina Kamph

She was born on February 23, 1990, in Höllviken, a popular location in Sweden.

Evelina Kamph is 32 years old today, and she always celebrates her birthday in February and gets a lot of prayers from family and friends.

From what we’ve gathered about her life and personality traits, we know she isn’t the type to freely share intimate details with the world.

NameEvelina Kamph
Age32 Years Old
Date Of BirthFebruary 23, 1990
BoyfriendJuan Mata

She is a full citizen of Sweden, where she was born and bred, and has also spent all her livelihood staying.

She has stood somewhat tight-lipped about her early existence and upbringing, making it hard to confirm anything.

Her parents’ names are unavailable for now as no information or details have been shared about them respectively.

It’s also unclear to us if she has any other relatives or the ones they grew up with and still share a good relationship.

Evelina Kamph graduated from an elementary school in Sweden when she was a much younger girl.

She dreamed high and had lofty professional aspirations, which she always hoped to achieve.

She completed high school and then continued her education in London, which she called her new home.

She attended the British School of Osteopathy, where she could study and earn a degree.

Evelina Career

Evelina Career

Evelina began her working life at a tender age which enabled her to shape herself for her future career.

She worked outside even though she was a full-time student whose studies necessitated lengthy hours of intense focus.

She took a job in a London nightclub to enable her to support herself through education which was important.

We only know a little about her early employment history, but we’re confident everything turned out well for her.

While working, she eventually met her partner, and they are both in a relationship today.

Evelina is currently practicing as an osteopath, and she hopes to practice professionally in the future.

She is a member of the staff at Rich Therapies, where she works and makes a living.

Her primary goals as an osteopath with her patients are to enhance their biomechanics and mobility while decreasing their levels of dysfunction.

She continues to be highly active in her current position while doing other things for herself.

Evelina Kamph has learned to balance her business with her family life.

Juan Mata Girlfriend

Juan Mata Girlfriend

Evelina Kamph is the girlfriend of Juan Mata who is a professional football player for the Turkish club.

The couple’s first date was at a club where they both met each other on a sudden occasion.

The Swedish student needed to earn money to pay for her tuition, which is why she worked in a nightclub.

At the time, Juan Mata was a Chelsea player and a regular at the club, and he was also single and available.

It’s unclear if love at first sight, occurred between the couple In 2012; however, the pair began an intense dating relationship soon after.

Since then, they haven’t spent a single night apart from each other except for the times they are working.

The couple is going well, and it is only a matter of time before we hear the good news that they have finally been engaged very soon.

The pair has been mum on the topic of having kids as they are still in the dating process and not ready to move on to the next step.

Juan Mata attended the prestigious Real Madrid Castilla youth program growing up.

He could never break into Los Blancos’ first team despite promising early results, leading to his leaving.

Having spent only a short time with Valencia, he transferred to Chelsea in 2011 and remained there for the better four years.

Although he spent some time with the Blues, his time there fell short of expectations.

In 2014, Juan Mata departed for Manchester United, a rival club where he quickly established himself despite his age.

Seven years have passed since his time with the red devils, and he has already ended things with the Premier League side.

He’s been crucial to the team’s success and has contributed to their Europa League, and other titles won during his time.

Nonetheless, a slew of new faces has stepped in to fill his shoes at Old Trafford, where a new manager is in charge.

Evelina Kamph Net Worth

Evelina Kamph Net Worth

Evelina Kamph’s net worth is $100,000 thousand, which is from the present jobs that she is in now.

She has yet to share any information regarding her earnings on the media, which makes it hard to confirm the total estimate.

We estimate that she runs a considerable number of errands and that her net worth is a respectable sum, given her elevated professional status and track record.

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While her wealth is substantial, her husband, Juan Mata, has an even more considerable fortune.

After playing for United for a long time, he has won rich contracts that cover all the family’s expenses.

Evelina leads a very active lifestyle which is always and primarily devoted to working for herself and not relying on her partner.

She has earned a solid reputation in her field and is known for her dedication to doing so much on her own.

Evelina enjoys spending time with loved ones after work which often consumes most of her earnings.

More than that, she is not your standard WAG who basks in the limelight and attention.

She’s a social recluse with an Instagram account but rarely uses it to show off everything concerning her life.

Evelina Kamph is doing well for herself, which gives her partner Juan Mata a lot of joy in not having someone who depends on him.

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