Max Holloway Wife: Alessa Quizon

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Alessa Quizon

Alessa Quizon is a professional surfer and the wife of Mix Martial Arts fighter Max Holloway.

She is one of the most famous surfers in the world and also from her hometown, a great surfing culture.

She is doing a lot to ensure she has her own perfect life without being too comfortable being under the spotlight of her partner.

Alessa Quizon Biography

Alessa Quizon

She was born on January 4, 1994, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Alessa Quizon is 28 years old today, and she always has her special birthday early in every year, which is a joyful day that her family and friends make sure they wish her all the best.

She did her growing up in America, and despite being born in Hawaii, she had to spend her life as a child in the United States, where she had a better life.

Her parents had a big hand in ensuring his livelihood from when she was a kid until she was old enough to be on her own.

There aren’t any minor details concerning her parent’s identities that haven’t been open about at any point in time.

Alessa Quizon had an extraordinary life that involved her staying with all her family members.

She grew up with her three siblings; one of them, her elder sister, was a professional surfer before choosing another career path.

Her siblings’ names are Kristen Quizon, his elder sister, and two brothers called John Quizon and Dayton Quizon.

Her sister left surfing to become a police officer, which she is doing today in the real world.

Alessa Quizon grew up in a family which shares a good relationship and connection despite them all growing up today.

Max Holloway Wife

Max Holloway Wife

Alessa Quizon is the wife of professional fighter Max Holloway who is into MMA.

Their relationship has been the major headline for a while since they came out publicly about themselves.

The couple hasn’t had such a long time together, but so far, they have been able to take steps together in their relationship.

Alessa Quizon and Max Holloway are currently married, and things are going smoothly between them.

From their meeting till today, the couple has always seen themselves as the best part of their respective lives.

They have continued to grow in their relationship and are doing everything possible to take things slow.

The couple came out to confirm their relationship on November 17, 2020, which was made public on social media.

The UFC fighter released some pictures showing off their betrothal to the public in an emotional way.

Alessa and Max started dating each other in February 2020 after falling in love with themselves.

They already saw each other before their said date of taking things to the next level.

Alessa Quizon and Max Holloway have maintained a healthy relationship and are both still working on themselves.

They decided to make things official following their engagement which saw them planning a wedding.

Alessa Quizon and Max Holloway exchanged vows and wedding kisses on April 16, 2022.

The ceremony was a gathering of familiar faces from both sides of the couple to share their wishes and celebrate the couple.

Their wedding took place at the Lanikuhonua Cultural institute in Ko Olina, where they decided to make their memorable day a reality.

Before Max married Alessa, he married another woman who didn’t work out for a long time.

He also has a kid from his past affair before deciding on taking his next step with Alessa.

His child’s name is Rush Holloway, and he has been part of the family his father is raising with Alessa.

Alessa Quizon and Max Holloway live happily together, which is something they have both wanted since the first day.

Alessa Career

Alessa Career

Alessa Quizon is a professional water surfer doing exceptionally well in her career as of today.

She is a popular name for surfing, which has seen her establish herself as a top professional.

Since her younger age, she has always loved surfing which she had the opportunity to start at age seven.

Her father was the one who always took her to learn more about surfing when she was still younger.

Three years later, Alessa had the opportunity of competing in her hometown, where she grew up.

She has managed to master her craft over the years before going utterly professional in her career.

Alessa Quizon is competing at the ASP world tour, hoping to claim more success by adding to her name.

She ranks 83 in the world surfing league list, which she will go up in the coming years.

Alessa has won something for herself in surfing over the years, which is part of why she has kept going strong.

She claimed the Maui and Sons Pichilemu Woman’s Pro champion in 2015, a proud moment in her career.

Alessa Quizon Net Worth

Alessa Quizon Net Worth

Alessa Quizon’s net worth is $5000,000 million, from her career as a surfer and other deals.

She makes a lot of money as a surfer and brand ambassador for some organizations.

Her work has been exceptional, which has seen her gain massive fame and exposure to many things in her life.

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She ties with brands like Billabong, fetching her loads of cash that has increased her income.

Despite being a popular figure and social media superstar, she lives a low-key life.

Her lifestyle isn’t too much of an outgoing person as she is more about working towards achieving more success today.

Alessa Quizon is doing enough for herself, and her husband, Max Holloway, is also earning a lot for himself, adding to the couple’s net worth.

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