Danielle Collins Boyfriend: Tom Couch Bio

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Tom Couch

Tom Couch is a professional tennis trainer, a former football player, and Danielle Collins’s boyfriend.

He only had a successful career when he was much younger, trying to become a professional football player.

His popularity is tied to his relationship with his successful tennis partner.

Tom Couch Biography

Tom Couch

He was born June 17, 1988, in a popular place called Victoria, that is in Australia.

Tom Couch is 34 years old as of 2022, and he added one more year in the first half of the year, which was a memorable one with so many people sending their best wishes.

There is still so much missing out from Tom Couch’s biography due to his being a secretive person.

Name Tom Couch
Age 34 Years Old
Date Of BirthJune 17, 1988
Career Professional Tennis Trainer
Girlfriend Danielle Collins

He grew up having all his family members who all added so much to everything that makes him the man he is today.

His father’s name is Paul Couch, and he is a retired football player still alive today.

There isn’t any mention of his mother as of today, and there isn’t any reason made known as to why Paul’s mother’s information needs to be included.

He grew up having to look up to his father, who had an amazing football career with Australia before calling it an end.

He is a full Australian National who has depleted all his life habitation in the country where he gives birth to and also made a career.

As a child, he loved football and did play the game alongside his father, who helped build him up as a youth football player.

He comes from a wealthy family, as his father had a career in football which was a lucrative career path for him when he was active.

Tom Couch enjoyed his childhood which helped shape him into who he is today, a responsible man doing so well.

Danielle Collins Boyfriend

Danielle Collins Boyfriend

Tom Couch is the boyfriend of professional women’s tennis player Danielle Collins.

Their relationship is solid as they aren’t just partners in love but also mix business and work together.

The chemistry between the couple is good, and it all started with them working together before they fell in love.

Tom Couch and Danielle Collins have been going strong since they made their relationship public, having been together for a long time.

The couple is also keeping their relationship on a low profile as they are doing everything possible to avoid media speculations.

Tom and Danielle confirmed they were in a serious relationship in 2019, and many had different opinions on their personal life.

Tom is the personal trainer to Danielle, who made it easy for them to seal things during the early stages of getting to know each other.

Despite the couple making things public in 2019, there is also news that they had been together for a long time before coming out.

Their relationship was also a public thing during the time they both worked together with each other on the court.

Now, the couple is still dating and working on sorting things out before deciding on the next step in their respective lives.

They don’t have any children together today as they still want to give things more time before making any moves.

The couple is not engaged; for now, they are yet to make plans for that part of their lives as they still want to take things slow despite so many years of dating.

Tom Couch and Danielle Collins’s relationship is perfect as they share a great romance and are also professional when it is time for them to be serious.

Tom Career

Tom Career

Tom Couch is a former football player and now a professional tennis trainer who works with his partner.

He didn’t have a pleasant football career and wanted to make a legacy bigger than his father, who was also a player.

He started in 2012 when Melbourne recruited him in the rookie draft for that year.

Tom is a midfielder, but he didn’t get to enjoy his career, which many had expected him to carry on when his father stopped playing.

He had his debut game in 2012 during Melbourne’s match against Fremantle, played at Docklands Stadium.

He played a lot with the Melbourne reserve team called Casey Scorpions during 2012.

Tom claimed the best and fairest award for his team, and he was given the Gardiner Clark Medal.

He came second with the same team in the 2012 Liston Trophy, which they narrowly had to finish behind on that wonderful day.

Tom Couch was soon delisted from Melbourne, which wasn’t good for him in his career.

He soon had to move on and start training and playing for North Launceston in 2014 when he wanted to remain active.

He didn’t stay long playing, as he got appointed as a coach with North Launceston around 2017.

Tom Couch has since left football and is a full-time professional tennis trainer who trains Danielle Collins, his girlfriend.

Tom Couch Net Worth

Tom Couch Net Worth

Tom Couch’s net worth is $1,500,000 million, which comes from his profession.

He didn’t enjoy his career in football, as he only made three appearances playing for Melbourne before he was delisted.

He is making money right now from his career as a tennis player, which is something he enjoys doing.

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He also made some earnings as a coach and got appointed as a playing coach with North Launceston.

Tom Couch isn’t the person who lives an extravagant lifestyle like so many others who are making a lot for themselves.

He also has some other ventures he is into to add to his wealth and net worth.

His partner is making more earnings, but that isn’t an issue as it makes no difference in their relationship or how they see each other.

Tom Couch and Danielle Collins have a stable income source, increasing their net worth each year.

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