Sonya Curry Bio: Stephen Curry Mom

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Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry is a former athlete, an American educator, and the mother of NBA player Stephen Curry.

Her success is seen all over her children, who are both playing basketball in the NBA and are also successful in their careers.

She is also a popular woman in her community based on her job as an educator in the United States of America.

Sonya Curry Biography

Sonya Curry

She was born May 30, 1966, in Radford, Virginia, a neighborhood in the United States of America.

Sonya Curry is 56 years old, her birthday happened during the first half of the year, and her family and friends all sent their best wishes.

Her growing up wasn’t good as she and her family didn’t have much to survive on as they had to scrap through every day.

NameSonya Alicia Adams Curry
Age56 Years Old
Date Of BirthMay 30, 1966
Ex-HusbandDell Curry 
ChildrenThree (Stephen, Seth, Sydel)

Sonya Curry was born into abject poverty in the United States, and her parents couldn’t afford so much in terms of providing.

As a result of her childhood, she had to do some hard work and dedicate herself to many things to help her family.

She now has the honor of being the mother of Stephen Curry, one of the decent shooters in the record of the NBA.

She overcame racism in America’s harsh environment to achieve her goals of marrying a great man and raising three talented athletes.

How pleased she is to share in their joy and sorrow, success and disappointment, is reflected in her words.

She was an all-star sportsperson in high school, contending in Volleyball, basketball, including track and field events.

She proceeded with her schooling at Virginia Tech, receiving a degree in education that she is using today.

In her youth, Sonya endured a great deal of racism in her area, mainly due to the advent of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

They tried everything they could think of to frighten away the black residents from the area as when she was growing up.

However, she did not let this discourage her from continuing her study because she believed she was just as capable as her white classmates.

Instead of letting her anger and frustration consume her, she used it to fuel her goal of attending college, the first in her family to do so.

Sonya’s strong religious beliefs and unwavering confidence have served her well throughout her life.

She told her children openly about the struggles she had to overcome to provide for them comfortably.

She frequently took them to her homeland to infuse an understanding of gratitude for what they had.

Dell Curry is a former NBA player and Sonya’s ex-spouse which makes Stephen, Seth, and Sydel are her offspring.

Sonya Career

Sonya Career

Sonya Curry is a former high school athlete and an American educator who owns an institution.

She established the Christian Montessori School in 1995 which is of the Lake Norman in Huntersville, in North Carolina, United States.

Curry always knew he wanted to spend his life in the classroom with many kids while teaching them.

She even started a study group in her room where kids from the neighborhood could come and get some extra help with their homework.

As a parent and the head of a Christian Montessori school in Lake Norman, she felt a responsibility to help her children grow up to be godly people.

Her school is where all her children attended at a younger age, giving her more opportunities to bond with them while growing up.

She also did have spells and was an athlete during her younger days when she played Volleyball, Basketball, and other sports.

She didn’t continue playing sports for long for some reasons that were not public at any point in time.

Sonya Curry has enjoyed a lot of success in her career, which she ventured into before settling to become an educator.

Stephen Curry Mom

Stephen Curry Mom

Sonya Curry is the mother of basketball player Stephen Curry who plays in the NBA.

She has a good relationship with her son Stephen who is doing so well for himself in the NBA.

Sonya is not just the mother of Stephen Curry, but she also gave birth to Seth Curry and Sydel Curry.

All her children are into sports; her elder two sons play in the NBA, while her daughter plays Volleyball.

She was married to Dell Curry, a retired NBA player who had an amazing career before retirement.

Sonya and Dell’s divorce was completed on August 23, 2021, after 33 years of relationship.

NBA lovers were taken aback by the news because the two prevailed repeatedly sighted jointly at their children’s tournaments.

Many people questioned their decision to end their marriage because of their high profile as a “power couple” in the media.

The separation was originally proposed as a reciprocal option, but stuff shortly turned out as accusations of infidelity were exchanged.

Both parties blamed the infidelity on the other, with Sonya taking the more significant blame.

Dell withheld her alimony expenditures because of her unfaithful involvement with retired New England Patriots player Steven Johnson.

However, Sonya strongly refuted the charges and elucidated that she funded herself financially following the detachment.

Sonya was heavily criticized by fans who voiced their dissatisfaction with her character, which led to the divorce.

However, she repeatedly stressed that she didn’t commence courting Johnson until after she and Dell relationship disconnect.

Despite her marriage taking a blow, she has continued being a great mother and grandmother to all her children.

Sonya Curry and Stephen Curry are very close to this moment, and there is a lot of love and admiration from all her children.

Sonya Curry Net Worth

Sonya Curry Net Worth

Sonya Curry’s net worth is $500,000 thousand which is all from her job as an educator.

Sonya Curry has ascertained herself financially as the President of the Christian Montessori School.

Simply put, she lives comfortably on her annual salary of roughly $100,000, which isn’t too bad.

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She is an independent woman who didn’t rely so much upon her despite once having a husband who is an NBA player.

She isn’t the kind who has a lifestyle of any sort which involves her splashing so much on herself.

Her good character is what her children emulate; despite them being rich, they live a low-key lifestyle.

Sonya Curry isn’t as wealthy as his son Stephen Curry who is amongst the highest-paid athletes in the World.

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