Bianca Belair Husband: Montez Ford Bio

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Montez Ford

Montez Ford is a professional wrestler for WWE Universe and the husband of female wrestler Bianca Belair.

He is one of the wrestlers who recently got their breakthroughs in the most significant stages, and he is also making sure the limelight does not leave anytime soon.

He has a long way to go in his career achievements, and he is doing that with his partner.

Montez Ford Biography

Montez Ford

He was born May 31, 1990, in a popular place in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States of America.

Montez Ford is 32 years old as of 2022, and he already marks his birthday for the year, which he celebrates with his family and friends.

His birth name is Kenneth Crawford; it was given to him by his parents on the day he was born into this world.

Name Montez Ford (Kenneth Crawford)
Age 32 Years Old
Date Of BirthMay 31, 1990
CareerProfessional Wrestler
Spouse Bianca Belair

He decided to go with the name Montez Ford which is his stage name as a wrestler who is also working at home, as many people prefer that over his real name.

He is of mixed heritage and ethnicity, with him being also part of Dominican, which is from his mother’s family.

During his younger age, he and his family moved from Chicago, Illinois, to North Carolina State, which is where he did his growing up.

He mainly lived with his mother when he was still growing up, and he had to depend a lot on her to provide everything.

His mother’s name is unknown for the primary time as we cannot find anything about her despite a lengthy investigation.

When he was still in school, his mother was in a divorce case which we only touched on briefly, and not much information concerning that part of Montez Ford’s life.

He is the only person in his family that is known, and there is no information on his siblings or if he did not grow up having anyone with him as a child until adulthood.

Bianca Belair Husband

Bianca Belair Husband

Montez Ford is the husband of professional WWE Diva and heavyweight champion Bianca Belair.

Their relationship has them both benefiting mutually from themselves as they are on the same career path.

Things are also going well perfectly for them as they spend a lot of time together both off and on the scene, and they are also partners.

They are both signed into WWE Universe, which we see more often in other wrestlers like Becky Lynch and Seth Rollings.

Other married couples are in the WWE rosters, and some don’t get to stay long together, but Montez Ford and Bianca Belair are one going so strong.

The couple has been able to balance their work life and personal life ideally, which is something most people struggle to control a lot.

Montez and Bianca had been secretly seeing each other in the early days of their relationship, which wasn’t made public.

Things got serious as they carried on, and immediately, it was made official by them to the whole world, and since then, it has been an incredible journey.

He got into the WWE through the help of Bianca Belair, who was already part of their roaster and helped Montez submit his photos.

Luckily he got accepted, and the influence of his wife played a massive part as she made sure the acceptance was possible.

He was able to go for the invite after Bianca submitted his pictures, and he did well enough to make sure he came out as the best and got his contract signed.

Since his move into the WWE roster, Montez has built a solid foundation in his relationship with his better half.

Montez Ford and Bianca Belair married in an adorable wedding ceremony on June 23, 2018.

Montez Education

Montez Education

Montez Ford had a good education from childhood until he completed his last school phase before graduation.

His education is one part of him that his parents did a lot in making sure he got the best education that was needed for him to grow more.

He also did well by making sure all his grades were always perfect, and he also did make sure he continued doing so well by studying more.

When he moved to North Carolina with his mother, he attended Anson High School, where he established himself.

Montez Ford was a standout student due to his athleticism which saw him as one of their track athletes.

He won the recognition of athlete of the year, back in 2007, before leaving the school following his graduation.

He skipped school and entered into Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, where he had other plans for himself.

Montez later moved into the United States of America Marine Corps, which was something that he could easily ignore, and carried on with his education.

His decision to drop out of school was due to the situation his mother was dealing with, which led to him taking another path in his education.

Montez Ford had the opportunity to join the USMC, where he served from September 2008 to 2012, which was a seven years thing.

Montez Ford Career

Montez Ford Career

Montez Ford is a professional wrestler, also a track and field athlete who has achieved so much in his career till today.

During his early days, he always loved watching wrestling on Television, and he sighted the likes of The Rock and others as his favorites.

When it was time to take a career in the wrestling world, he didn’t know where to start or how to go about it until he had the opportunity to meet Bianca Belair, his wife.

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She helped him process it, and he got accepted and signed a contract with the WWE Universe, and made it into Raw rosters.

Following the completion of his training in the WWE, he had the opportunity of making his debut at the NXT in 2015.

The following year Montez Ford formed a duo with Angelo Dawkins called Street Profits.

He has gone on to achieve a lot while at NXT before getting his big break into the WWE fully, and since then, it has been a lot of success.

Montez Ford is partnered with Bianca Belair, as they have both contested together as a team in a mixed match.

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