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Marla Heyman Bio: Paul Heyman Wife

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Marla Heyman

Marla Heyman is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the former wife of wrestling manager Paul Heyman.

She is one woman who is not open to the public despite having a close relationship with a popular figure in entertainment and sport.

She is an individual who has done a lot away from the public, knowing she does not like the attention.

Marla Heyman Biography

Marla Heyman

She was born in 1981 in the United States of America, where she spent all her life from childhood.

Marla Heyman is yet to reveal her actual date of birth which we have been unable to confirm despite several findings.

She is 41 years old today, and we don’t know if she already did her birthday today, but she will or already have turned a year older.

Name Marla Heyman
Date Of Birth 1981
Husband Paul Heyman
Children Azalea Heyman
Jacob Heyman

She is a United States of America citizen, as that’s where she was born and has lived for her entire life.

She also has mixed heritage and ethnicity, which she claims from her parents who gave birth to her.

There is a lot she hasn’t revealed, knowing she is the type who does not appreciate public attention concerning her personal life.

Her father’s name is unknown; the same goes for her mother, and the information about them has been kept secret.

There isn’t anything on Marla Heyman’s siblings; we assume she has some of them with whom they all grew up together.

She is not the typical type who embraces the spotlight, but she has made public appearances with them, mostly on social media.

Marla growing up wasn’t too bad; from what we can tell, she is doing well now as a grown-up woman who has everything working out.

Due to the limited information, we couldn’t gather so much concerning Marla Heyman growing up.

Paul Heyman Wife

Paul Heyman Wife

Marla Heyman is the former wife of Paul Heyman, who works with the WWE Universe.

For now, the relationship between the couple isn’t great as they are no longer married to each other.

Despite the promising early days, Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman had to move out their separate ways, with things failing to work out.

It wasn’t a good one, but they decided to move on and plan their respective lives with someone else as they were more suitable for each other.

During their marriage and dating time, everything about them was secretive, and only a few details made it out.

They started seeing each other a long time ago, maybe in the late 90s, when they got to know each other.

Everything about them was low-key until news made it out that they had a relationship that was going on.

Before Marla and Paul Heyman’s relationship came out, they were already scheduled on getting married.

The couple had already got engaged and had plans to start their lives together, which was something they were eager to do.

Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman got married in 2001, and it was a private and low-key wedding between the couple, who were still very young.

Details concerning the wedding of Marla and Paul are still unknown as they did everything possible to keep it hidden.

Their marriage started so well that it didn’t take an extended period before they had their first baby together.

Marla and Paul have two children growing up fast and are equally cared for by their parents.

Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman soon divorced, and that information is also missing from the public today.

Marla Education

Marla Education

Marla Heyman is a well-educated woman who took her education seriously from childhood until adulthood.

She had her parents doing the most when she was still a little kid who couldn’t decide on her education.

She was enrolled in a nursery school closer to her parents to make sure they had a close watch.

Her parents also spent their free time teaching her a lot to ensure they knew how well she was developing.

She attended all her schools in the United States of America, most of which are private and well-structured.

We don’t have the names of the schools, as Marla never for once opened up on such details to the media or public.

She is an intelligent individual doing well today; as we can deny, despite her divorce from her ex-husband, she is still going well.

She graduated from Princeton University, where she claimed her degree, which helping her in the real world today.

Marla Heyman has never revealed the course she studied at the University, but from what we think, she might have claimed a degree in business.

Marla Heyman Children

Marla Heyman Children

Marla Heyman is a successful mother with two children whom she had during her marriage with her ex-husband.

Their names are Azalea Heyman and Jacob Heyman; they are both the only children of their parents.

Marla and Paul are no longer together as they could keep the promises they made to each other on their wedding day.

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However, the couple maintains a solid relationship with their children, who are equally in their respective lives.

Azalea Heyman is the firstborn and daughter of Marla Heyman and her ex-husband, Paul Heyman.

She was born in 2002 and is 20 years old today, but we can’t confirm her actual date of birth.

Information concerning her personal life is unavailable, but she should still be in school wrapping up a degree.

Jacob Heyman is the second child and son of Marla Heyman, and he was born in 2004, two years younger than Azalea.

He is 18 years old, and there is also nothing much concerning his personal life.

He didn’t enjoy his parents being together for long as they had to separate after his birth.

Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman still coexist in each other lives but only as parents to their two children.

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