Kultida Woods Bio: Tiger Woods Mom

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Kultida Woods

Kultida Woods is a social worker and the mother of legendary golf player Tiger Woods.

She is the woman behind his son’s success, who has made so many records as a black man playing golf.

Without the fame of his son, she is a woman who has done so well to push her career forward.

Kultida Woods Biography

Kultida Woods

She was born in 1944 in a city called Kanchanaburi in a country called Thailand.

Kultida Woods is 78 years old as of 2022, and she already marks another year on earth, making her one of the most aged people still alive today.

As a little girl, her parents divorced when she was still so young, and Kultida Woods was able to stay primarily with her mother, who took care of everything.

Among all her siblings, she is the middle of three of them, and they all did their growing up together.

Information concerning her siblings’ names is not mentioned anywhere as such details are still not for the public.

Kultida Woods, also known as Kultida Punsawad Woods, did much for herself growing up.

She had so much love coming from both of her parents despite them living separate lives, and they had to put their differences aside.

Kultida Woods grew up with so many family relations close to her, and they did help her a lot in becoming the woman she is today.

Tiger Woods Mom

Tiger Woods Mom

Kultida Woods is the mother of golfer Tiger Woods, who is regarded as one of the most successful plays in history.

Tiger Woods’s mom has played a massive part in making sure the golfer is the person he is today, driving history and still going strong.

Kultida Woods and Tiger Woods Tiger Woods are often seen together as their relationship is excellent despite everything in their respective lives.

Aside from Kultida’s relationship with her son, she is married to Earl Woods Dr, a retired U.S. Army officer.

They both decided to tie the knot in 1969 in Brooklyn when Woods’ mom was only 25 years old and still chasing her dreams.

Tiger Woods was born in 1975 and is also known as “Toti,” a name given by his mother and father, who were both proud to have him.

Further, Woods’ father endured a protracted battle with prostate cancer before giving up in 2006, which was a hard time for their family.

Two of Kultida’s grandkids are Sam Alexis Woods and Charlie Axel Woods, who are also doing well for themselves.

Tiger Woods’s mother has kept a far lower profile than Tiger’s father, Earl, who had frequently interviewed.

Kultida is a regular spectator at most of Woods’ golf tournaments throughout his career, and many pictures have been posted online.

She stayed out of the spotlight, focusing intently on her son’s game behind a pair of sunglasses always on.

Tiger Woods’ mother, Tida, was the one who drove him to tournaments and watched his every move when he was a young golfer.

Those who knew Tiger’s mother said she had an immediate and profound impact on his golf game by instilling in him the same mental fortitude and dedication she had.

His course success is reflected in his playing career, with 106 worldwide victories and 15 majors.

Woods is the founder of TGR, an organization created to cater to people in need.

This business conglomerate includes the golf course design firm TGR Design, the charitable foundation The TGR Foundation, the event production company TGR Live, and the posh sports bar and restaurant The Woods Jupiter.

He shares the record for the most PGA TOUR victories with Sam Snead, 82, which is still one of the most significant records.

His list of major championship wins is long: five Masters, four PGA, three U.S., and three British.

After winning the Masters for the second time in 2001, Tiger became the first golfer in history to hold the titles of the four major professional events simultaneously.

By claiming the 2000 British Open at St. Andrews, Woods joined an elite group that included only Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus.

The winning margins at the 2000 U.S. Open and the 2001 Masters were record-setting at 15 strokes.

Tiger won the Masters at 21, 3 months, and 14 days, making him the youngest winner in the tournament’s history.

He has more career PGA TOUR victories than any other active golfer and also has the most PGA TOUR cash earned throughout his career.

Even though he missed most of 2016, Woods, the businessman and philanthropist, still made headlines.

The TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim just celebrated its 10th anniversary in February, and it has since expanded to include satellite locations in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Stuart, FL.

When the Tiger Woods Foundation turned 20 in October, Woods and Nike’s Phil Knight were guests at a gala event held at the New York Public Library to celebrate the occasion.

The Woods Jupiter, whose restaurant opened in August 2015, recently had its first anniversary.

Kultida Education

Kultida Education

Kultida Woods is a well-educated woman who got the best education while growing up as a child until adulthood.

She had her parents to thank for ensuring she got a resounding education, which helped her a lot as an adult.

Kultida did her growing up in Thailand, so there were only just a few schools that gave the best education, and she was lucky enough to attend them.

Tida’s parents enrolled her in the best schools from childhood up to when she had the opportunity to do the rest.

She made it through high school as one of the best students, dedicating most of her time to learning and speaking perfect English.

Kultida Woods is a graduate who studied banking; she was able to work as a banker after graduating from the University.

Kultida Woods Career

Kultida Woods Career

Kultida Woods is a social worker who also had a banking career as a banker back in her younger days.

After graduating from school, she established herself as one of the best students where she used to live back then.

She had also done some little jobs before landing one of the biggest of her career as a banker.

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Kultida has also done much social work in Thailand before moving to the United States of America with her son.

Tiger Woods’ mother worked as a secretary for the American armed forces in Bangkok, Thailand.

She then became a banker, both of which she uses in her humanitarian work through the Tiger Woods Foundation in the United States.

Kultida works as a social worker in Thailand and the United States, donating books and setting up classrooms for underprivileged kids.

Her efforts have been tremendously beneficial to the Thai people, and she is widely regarded as one of the most influential people in the country.

Kultida Woods is also a successful woman, just like her son Tiger Woods who is doing well for himself.

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