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Dinah Mattingly Bio: Larry Bird Wife

Dinah Mattingly is a businessman, entrepreneur, and the wife of the NBA greatest, Larry Bird.

She is married to a man widely regarded as a contemporary basketball executive and one of the sport’s all-time greats.

She achieved so much in her career when she was active and is also a well-known figure.

Dinah Mattingly Biography

Dinah Mattingly

She was born November 16, 1954, in Vigo County, Indiana, United States of America.

Dinah Mattingly will be 68 years old when it gets to November 2022, and her family will be there to mark another milestone on her birthday.

We have no idea what she was like before she became famous, and we know nothing about her private life.

NameDinah Mattingly Bird
Age67 Years Old
Date Of Birth16 November 1954
HusbandLarry Bird
ChildrenMariah & Connor

But she had a great upbringing with loving parents and siblings, and we have yet to find out where she went to high school.

She is a total American by blood, and so is every member of her family who did all join hands raising her when she was young.

Her parents’ names are missing from public records as we do not know their identities.

She lived with both her mother and father until she was a grown-up to move on and live her own life.

There is nothing concerning her siblings today; now, she hardly shares anything that worries her with the public.

Dinah Education

Dinah Education

Dinah Mattingly is a woman who has all her education degrees intact as she passes through every possible grade.

Growing up as a child, her parents always made sure they made the provision for her to get a quality and sound education.

Her parents did well when she was still growing up and could not further her education from her pocket.

She passed through high school and other stages perfectly with good grades that saw her moving forward.

Dinah, it is said, also dabbled in some as-yet-unnamed collegiate sports. She has yet to disclose the sport she excelled at or how well she performed.

She went to the same school that Larry did, Indiana State University, where she bagged her degree.

Her education life is top class, as that has gone a long way in helping her establish herself.

Dinah Mattingly has been coy about her professional background when asked about it. In a similar vein, she gained notoriety as Larry Bird’s wife.

Larry Bird Wife

Larry Bird Wife

Dinah Mattingly is the wife of legendary NBA player, coach, and now executive Larry Bird.

Their relationship has been a smooth seal that started decades ago and is still something they have kept intact.

Larry and Dinah became closer following their early meetings, which were still in the first phase of their lives.

They didn’t start dating since Larry Bird was already seeing Janet Condra, whom he eventually married.

Compared to Larry, Dinah is a full two years older, which might be a further explanation for why they didn’t get along right away.

In any case, they eventually discovered each other to be their soulmates and were together for a very long period.

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird adopted two kids named Mariah and Connor.

In 2013, Connor, their son, was arrested and accused of attempted murder, but the charges lacked sufficient proof; he was eventually let free.

Although she enjoys being in the spotlight, Dinah Mattingly seldom shows out at public gatherings.

Dinah and Larry are both Terre Haute, Indiana, natives who attended “Indiana State University.”

While attending university, Dinah Mattingly crossed paths with Larry Bird during the early years.

Dinah and Larry dated for a long time before becoming engaged in the late 1980s.

After dating for a while, they finally tied the knot a few years later in the presence of their family and friends.

On Halloween night in 1989, Dinah and Larry tied the knot in Indiana in an elaborate wedding ceremony.

Larry and Dinah decided to start a family by adopting a son and daughter, which was the first step together.

There was a two-year gap between the bride and groom, but the media appeared unfazed as they celebrated their nuptials.

She seems diminutive next to Larry, but in reality, she’s a perfectly average-sized lady at around 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

Dinah has been Larry’s better half for a considerable time, and they have grown into each other.

She has significantly been a tremendous source of strength for her husband as he shifted from an NBA player to a coach.

Larry transitioned smoothly from player to coach, a challenge for many former athletes.

Their son Connor Bird made national news on February 13th when he was under arrest at ‘Indiana University.

Connor Bird allegedly tried to run over his former girlfriend with his automobile and faced charges of attempted murder.

His arrest was for criminal mischief, weapon intimidation, and marijuana possession.

Some of the allegations against Connor got dismissed later on, and he was free.

Corrie Bird is the stepdaughter of Dinah Mattingly. Corrie was born on August 14, 1977, to Janet Condra, Larry’s ex-wife from a prior marriage.

When he was still in high school, basketball star Larry Bird got the opportunity given by Indiana University.

In the National Basketball Association, Larry was a leading performer for the Boston Celtics.

Similarly, he had a scholarship and the opportunity to play for their team later on, where he started shaping himself.

His next stop was Terre Haute, Indiana, where he would begin his studies at Indiana State University.

He then became a member of the Sycamores squad, and later, they made their debut in the NCAA Championship.

His big break came in 1978 when the Boston Celtics picked him up and allowed him to play.

Unfortunately, he passed up the chance and spent his last year playing for Indiana State.

He also competed for his college team, the Sycamores, and was a key contributor to their run to the national semifinals. He also had a dispute with Arnold Jacob Red Auerbach over a contract.

He declined the offer because he needed additional cash. A short time later, he put pen to paper on the $3.25 million deal. Due to the agreement, the NBA’s selection committee will look quite different.

Dinah Mattingly Net Worth

Dinah Mattingly Net Worth

Dinah Mattingly’s many endeavors have amassed a net worth of almost $1,000,000 as of 2022.

However, she and her husband’s combined wealth exceeds that amount over and multiple.

Larry Bird’s current net worth is over $75,000,000 from his playing days and as a coach.

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Due to his money, he is now considered among the NBA’s wealthiest individuals and a very wealthy couple with many homes.

Dinah tries to avoid social media on days when most celebs are active on the platform.

This lack of social media presence makes it difficult to determine their location and personal information.

Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird are doing everything to make themselves and their family has a happy life.

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