Catherine Mooty Bio: Troy Aikman Wife

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Catherine Mooty

Catherine Mooty is a businesswoman, fashion brand owner, and the wife of former NFL player Troy Aikman.

She is a renowned businesswoman who is successful in every of her venture and it has made her who she is today.

There is a lot about her that stands out from every other successful woman who is in one way associated with sportsmen.

Catherine Mooty Biography

Catherine Mooty

She was born on October 13, 1970, in the city called Dallas, Texas which is in the United States of America.

Catherine Mooty is 52 years old as of 2022, with her birthday just two days away from today making this content about her.

She is of White heritage and ethnicity by blood and everything which is also the same as both her parents who are full American.

NameCatherine Mooty
Age52 Years Old
Date Of Birth October 13, 1970
Husband Troy Aikman
Children Luke Mooty
Val Mooty

Her childhood was not bad based on how she had everything including the love of her parents who were both heavily involved in her life.

There isn’t so much known about how her relationship with her parents looks as of today being a grown-up woman with a family of her own.

For now, nothing is revealing about the information about her parents who did so much to make sure her growth was very good.

She is yet to shade more light on the life of her parents who for now we don’t have enough information to identify in any way.

Her growing up wasn’t alone as the only child, she did grow up with her sibling who they all share a good relationship up until today.

In some of her posts on social media, she often shares photos of herself and family members but she hasn’t officially come out to mention their names or anything.

Her birth name is Catherine Cecile which was given to her by her parents when she was born but she changed it to Catherine Mooty.

Troy Aikman Wife

Troy Aikman Wife

Catherine Mooty is the wife of former NFL player and now FOX Sports analyst Troy Aikman.

Their relationship is going steady and strong with them already achieving so much together in their marriage all these years.

Catherine Mooty and Troy Aikman also have an amazing family of their own which is the best to ever happen in their relationship.

Catherine’s marriage to Troy isn’t the first one she has been involved in her life as she previously was in another one that didn’t last.

She was previously married to Jerry Mooty whose last name is still attached to her name to this day.

During her first marriage, she enjoyed a lot of good memories which led to her getting married to her high school sweetheart.

Everything worked out the way they expected it to happen in the early days of their relationship which made them go into marriage.

After some years of being married, Catherine Mooty and Jerry Mooty had some misunderstanding which left to them end things in 2013.

They gave birth to two children in their time together and they both remain in their lives despite their divorce.

She has moved on with her life after meeting Troy Aikman since then they have been building a family together and it has been all good.

They got engaged in 2017 which was back in June during one of their holidays which saw Troy proposing in a romantic gesture.

They both decided together in getting married after a few years of dating which both of them already made public at which point.

Before their wedding, they didn’t give it so much time as they were so in love and eager to make things official which they finally made it happen three months later.

Catherine Mooty and Troy Aikman got married on September 4, 2017, in an event that saw few people attending as the couple never wanted to make it a big wedding.

Catherine Career

Catherine Career

Catherine Mooty is a successful career woman as a businessperson, fashionista, and entrepreneur.

She has achieved so much as a woman single-handedly without needing a man to place her where she is today.

She spreads her tentacles all over many businesses and ventures which are all making success and earning so much for her which she uses to provide for her family.

Following her graduation from school, she started making some moves in her career which saw her working for so many companies and organizations.

She established herself quickly and decided on making her path which led to her being co-founder of the Luxeliner fashion brand.

They operate mainly in Dallas, Texas, and also across other places in the United States of America.

The company was founded alongside Catherine and five other friends who both worked from scratch to erect the brand which deals with a lot in accessories and fashion.

Her biggest success is from Luxeliner fashion which today is one of the leading fashion companies in the United States of America.

Catherine Mooty Children

Catherine Mooty Children

Catherine Mooty has two children who are both boys from her first marriage with ex-husband Jerry Mooty.

She is now married to Troy Aikman who is now the stepfather of her two children and they all live together sometimes.

The names of Catherine’s children are Luke Mooty and Val Mooty, they are both growing up fast under the guidance of their mother.

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We can’t confirm the date of birth of both children Catherine did have with her former husband as that information is not available.

Although from what we can guess, Luke Mooty is the first child who should be a teenager or in his early 20s in 2022.

His parent’s divorce happened in 2013 when he was already born alongside Val Mooty who should be a teenager.

They spend more time with their mother who still maintains a healthy relationship with their father despite them not being together.

Troy Aikman is doing so well to make sure he can share his love for Catherine with her children they do live together on some occasions.

Catherine Mooty and Troy Aikman are both happy with their family and they all share the same and equal love among themselves and their children.

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