Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya: A Remarkable Career Unveiled!

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Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya is the son of former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

His father has six children altogether, and Gabriel is one of them, and they all come from different relationships and marriages.

He is a young teenager still growing under his parents and siblings.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya Biography

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya

He was born on December 29, 2005, into the family of Oscar De La Hoya and Millie Corretjer.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya will be 17 years old in December 2022.

He grew up with his parents in America alongside his siblings and half-siblings.

The 16-year-old, still in high school, is already having a good time with his parents and grandparents.

However, Oscar Gabriel is a brilliant kid; he seems to take so many features from his father.

Oscar Gabriel’s mother, Millie Corretjer, relationship with Oscar De La Hoya only lasted for 17 years, and they had three children together.

And they have been the source of joy to Oscar and the reason for their union, and he is a loving kid everyone will want to have as a child.

Oscar Gabriel is so blessed as he has a whole family surrounded by him; he has gained so much love from all angles.

He has two younger sisters who all did their growing up together under their parents, who loved them equally.

His sisters are Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya, and Victoria Lauren Rose De La Hoya.

There is so much about his family love amongst themselves, which helped Gabriel grow with many happy moments.

His family remains a huge part of his life as he works towards a future of his own, which will someday see him start up his family.

He is an aunty named Ceci De La Hoya and an uncle named Joel De La Hoya Jr.; he also has grandparents.

His grandfather’s name is Joel De La Hoya Sr., While his grandmother is Cecilia De La Hoya. Both are his paternal grandparents.

His maternal grandparents are Jesus Corretjer and grandmother Milagros Maldonado.

We hope to be able to gather more information concerning him in the future which will be updated by us as soon as possible.

Oscar Gabriel Father

Oscar Gabriel Father

Oscar De La Hoya is an American ex-boxer who has won many titles and awards, since he made it into the industry.

He is one of the champs that has received so many accolades in his fighting career.

Oscar has been married several times and engaged in certain relationships, but the only one official was with Millie Corretjer.

The relationship was productive and yielded a good result, and we are blessed to have the cute Gabriel, their son, and his other two siblings.

The 45-year-old professional boxer retired from boxing after losing to Manny Pacquiao in 2009, and since then, he has only been active in promotional aspects.

Oscar, as of today, is ranked as the 29th best boxer in boxing, and he is still doing well.

He has also won world titles in six weight classes and helped grow his professional skill exceptional.

Oscar Gabriel Education

Oscar Gabriel Education

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya’s education life was one his parents didn’t joke about as they made sure he took everything with extra interest.

His parents were there when needed to make sure they helped develop him into becoming the young man he is today.

He, too, didn’t slack a bit as he had everything necessary, which Gabriel made good use of by ensuring he always studied a lot to improve his grades.

His parents were always proud as their son always came up with the best results among his peers.

His primary school was one he attended somewhere close to his parent’s home as that enabled them more opportunities of monitoring his growth and movements.

It was a moment in his life when his parents paid more attention because there was so much he couldn’t do alone. They guided him on how to get them done.

He is still studying and could be at the University for now, but we don’t have any information concerning that as it is yet to be a public discussion subject.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya Career

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya Career

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya does not have a known career now, but he loves sports like his father.

He is currently focus on his education and could become more like his father in the future.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya is into martial arts, boxing, and other sporting events which involve him hitting or fighting.

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His father passed Gabriel’s love for sports into his blood, who was a famous boxer during his active days.

His family is doing all they can from their side to make sure their son makes a promising future for himself.

There are so many expectations placed on Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya in which he is also playing his part to make sure he does not fail anyone counting on him.

He is doing well for himself as a student, and he is doing a lot to make sure he makes a legacy of his own when the time comes.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya is already showing signs of following in the footstep of his father to one day become a professional boxer.

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