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Amir Tyson Bio Mike Tyson Son (2023 Update)

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Amir Tyson

Amir Tyson is an entrepreneur, actor, businessman, and the son of Mike Tyson.

Aside from being the son of the professional boxer Mike Tyson, he is a fitness coach, and he owns a unisex clothing brand.

Amir is a child Mike had in their second marriage with Monica Turner; he is already a public figure who has made enough for himself.

Amir Tyson Biography

Amir Tyson

He was born on August 5, 1997, in Maryland, Washington, D.C., United States of America.

He is currently 25 years old, having already celebrated his birthday in 2022.

Amir Tyson is the son of a legendary American boxer, who is currently not active anymore in the ring, but he is still presently alive.

His growing up wasn’t that difficult as of then. His parents were comfortable ensuring they provided everything for him and his siblings.

The 25-year-old has four other siblings named Mikey Lorna Tyson, Exodus, Rayna, and Miguel Leon Tyson.

The young businessman who his mother raised, and among the four siblings, Rayna is his only biological, more youthful sister.

According to information, Mike Tyson has been married three times, and Amir’s mother was the second, but the marriage ended in 2003.

His mother’s name is Monica Turner; she is a homemaker and pediatrician who, so much about her, is yet to be available to the public.

Her relationship with Amir’s father was one which many didn’t pay attention to as she was just another wife of the legendary boxer who had many of them.

He and his family have a good relationship, and despite their differences in mother, They all still find time to be with each other.

Amir Tyson was one child, which his parents did so much as a child knowing how much he needed as he couldn’t do much for himself.

He did grow up alongside his other half-siblings as most of the time; his family always had them all together despite them being from different mothers.

Tyson’s children were equally loved and cared for by their father, who made sure none of them had to grow up lacking anything as he made sure everything was available.

Amir Education

Amir Education

Amir Tyson’s education life was good as he did get the opportunity of attending one of the best schools in the United States of America.

His parents made sure his education was a crucial part of his childhood which is now paying so well for him in the real world today.

Aside from having the best education, his parents also made sure that they monitored his growth and did make sure he was developing in the right direction.

Both his parents were equally interested in Amir’s education and decided to send him to a school nearby when he was still a child.

One of the schools he attended when he was much younger was Saint Andrews Episcopal School.

He attended the best high school in Maryland and later proceeded to American University to obtain his bachelor’s degree.

Amir Tyson seems to follow his father’s steps regarding his educational information. Mike was also a graduate of an American university.

His education was a big part of him as his parents saw how serious he was and had to ensure he was sent to the right places to get the best.

We don’t know the exact course he did study at the University that he attended, but from what we can see, Amir might have done a business course due to the line of work he is into as of today.

But we have some information that isn’t concrete, claiming he did studies journalism and also took history during his minor.

He performed well in school education throughout his childhood, and college days.

Mike Tyson Son

Mike Tyson Son

Amir Tyson is the son of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

His father is one of the legendary figures in the boxing world and has made a name for himself during his prime as a professional boxer.

The relationship between him and his father is perfect despite their differences; they have remained connected as a family who shares a great bond.

Amir is not the only child of his father and also, and his mother is not just the only woman to get married to his father, but she is one amongst his wives who are more than one.

Mike Tyson married Amir’s mother in 1997 after a long time of hanging out while things got serious between them.

Unfortunately, just like Mike Tyson’s wives, Monica could only last six years until she had a divorce from him due to some issues unknown to the public.

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His father is known as the kind who doesn’t stay long with a woman due to his status. He could get any lady he desired.

His father is also the boxer known as Iron Mike Tyson and the kid Dynamite, and his boxing career saw him winning every belt possible.

Mike Tyson and his son, Amir, have a great connection and despite him not following the same path as his father, he is also doing well for himself.

Amir Tyson Career

Amir Tyson Career

Amir Tyson is a professional actor and a fitness trainer who is doing so well for himself in his career.

There is much about the actor part of his life, which isn’t so much in the open but just a few pieces of information concerning that part of him.

So far in his acting career, he has featured in two films he did well, and they went on to make records in the theater.

His first movie was a documentary about his father, Mike Tyson, in which he was one of the lead cast in 2008.

His second movie was Draugr and he also played a pivotal role as one of the cast for the movie released some years ago.

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