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Pamela Moyes

Pamela Moyes is a businesswoman and the wife of West Ham United manager David Moyes.

She is an accomplished individual who has achieved so much for herself before meeting her husband, who is a well-known name.

Her life with her husband is blessed, knowing she is there to assist in some decision-making concerning his career.

Pamela Moyes Biography

Pamela Moyes

She was born in 1964 in Glasgow, a famous city in the European Nation of Scotland.

Pamela Moyes is 58 years old as of 2022, but we don’t know if she has already celebrated her birthday for the year or looking forward to the celebration.

We don’t have complete information on Pamela’s exact birth date, but we could only confirm the year she came to earth through her mother.

She spent all her childhood and most of her adulthood living in her hometown Glasgow, Scotland.

Her parents did so much to ensure her growing up wasn’t stressful or filled with any issues that could have pushed her to the wrong places.

Her growing up had so much influence from mostly her mother.

The name of her parents is missing as they are unknown for now despite all efforts to try to fish out information.

We also couldn’t find anything on her parent’s occupation, which is also anonymous information to the public today.

She isn’t the type to put all her private business in public, knowing she is someone who has the spotlight all over everything concerning her life.

For now, We couldn’t gather anything concerning Pamela’s siblings as such information isn’t available, just like her parents.

We don’t know if she is the only child given birth by her parents or if there are others she has decided to keep in private, just like her parents.

David Moyes Wife

David Moyes Wife

Pamela Moyes is the wife of West Ham United football club manager David Moyes.

Their marriage has much for them to be grateful for as they have achieved.

So much has come their way in their time, and it is due to their understanding as a couple.

They have been together for a very long time, which started from an early age while meeting in Scotland.

Their relationship is a bundle of happiness and accomplishments they have worked together to get in their years of being husband and wife.

There is some information we couldn’t get our hands on concerning how their marriage has been going over the past few years.

Pamela Moyes and David Moyes’s marriage date is unknown, with such information not public until today.

The couple hadn’t made the information concerning the date of their marriage available as it happened years back when they were still young.

They met each other when David Moyes was still playing for a Celtic football club in Scotland, which was a long time ago.

Their meeting occured at the Winnock Hotel, located in Drymen, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Things got severed from that moment onward as they exchanged contacts while getting in touch.

Their relationship took a while before it became a public affair as they announced they saw each other.

Things got serious to the next level that they got engaged and decided on walking down the aisle.

Their wedding was a private ceremony that happened without the public having any idea of such going on until pictures were made public.

She and David Moyes are happily married with children in their lives with whom they all share a happy home.

Pamela Education

Pamela Education

Pamela Moyes did all her education in Scotland, where she was born and lived most of her life.

The information concerning her education isn’t concrete as she didn’t have much to say during the interviews.

Although we believe she did pass through all necessary processes from childhood education to fulfilling her role in the real world.

The names of schools she attended from an early age aren’t available also as she has never for once made such information public.

We believe from an early age; she attended schools close to her home so her parents could have the opportunity of monitoring how she was doing.

Her primary school days weren’t bad as her parents quickly enrolled her in a school nearby.

She is a brilliant person who already did show signs of being a successful woman when she was still a child under her parents.

Her grades were always coming out good as her parents did their part of supporting and praising her every move she made.

She moved on to college, where she began to decide on a path for herself.

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Her University days were also another time for her to explore the world, learn, and choose what she needed to follow as a career.

We don’t know the course she studied at the University, but we know she graduated with a degree working well for her today.

Pamela Moyes Children

Pamela Moyes Children

Pamela Moyes is a mother of two children who she gave birth to them with her husband, David Moyes.

The names of their children are David Moyes Junior and Lauren Moyes, who are both grown-ups.

David Moyes Junior was born in 1992, soon after her parents officially married.

He is 30 years old as of 2022, being the firstborn and son of the couple who are so proud to have him.

Lauren Moyes was born in 1995; she is 27 years old as of 2022 and the only daughter of her parents.

Both children of their parents are doing so well for themselves in their respective lives, but we have no information on their occupations.

Pamela Moyes and David Moyes are both proud parents who will do anything to ensure their children become the best versions of themselves.

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