Marlene Alvarenga Bio: Nelson Semedo Wife

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Marlene Alvarenga

Marlene Alvarenga is a fashion model, blogger, and the wife of Portuguese football star Nelson Semedo.

She isn’t just a wife who is famous for being married to the defender, but she has made something good for herself as an independent woman.

She is a dedicated woman who has gone on to make things happen for herself before meeting her husband, who added more to all she had going on.

Marlene Alvarenga Biography

Marlene Alvarenga

She was born on May 18, 1996; we cannot confirm the location of her birthplace as that information isn’t known to anyone or the media.

Marlene Alvarenga is 26 years old as of 2022; she has celebrated her birthday early in the year with her family and friend sending her their best wishes.

There isn’t much known about her growing up with her parents, who did so much to ensure she had everything on the table to become a respectable woman.

She isn’t the type who gladly wants to be in the spotlight despite being married to a football player Nelson Semedo.

Her private life has remained in the dark to the public, who have been doing all they can to dig out something which has failed to happen, so matter how much they try.

Talking about her parents, no information about their identity or at least the names which Marlene Alvarenga remains lips-sealed.

We don’t know who his father or mother is for the primary time as we continue to investigate more to bring out some details to the light.

Due to the unavailability of Marlene’s personal information, we can’t bring anything out on her siblings.

We don’t know if she has any brothers or sisters whom they all did their growing up with their parents who are also Unknown.

Nelson Semedo Wife

Nelson Semedo Wife

Marlene Alvarenga is the wife of Portugal and Wolverhampton football player Nelson Semedo.

Their relationship together is something that has been going on for years, right from their childhood.

They are both childhood lovers who have had something for each other since they knew what love means.

The success of their relationship has to do with the fact that they have been together since their teenage years, making them understand each other more as they continue growing together.

There is some information we can’t bring out due to how things started between the couple who made things private, and nothing is known about them back then.

Nelson Semedo was 17 years old in Barcelona when he met Marlene Alvarenga, who was also much younger.

We can’t confirm how their first meeting happened, but it was magical between they fell in love at a very young age.

From the little information we can gather about the couple’s meeting, it was back in 2010 when they first had an encounter with each other.

It wasn’t instant love at first sight between them, but as time passed, they grew connected after several conversations.

It was soon an official relationship between them as photos of them on social media of the couple hanging out during their free time.

We don’t know the exact date everything was made official, but we know they started posting pictures and commenting on each other’s social media accounts.

Everything between them continued to grow as they stayed together for 11 years as a couple dating each other.

She got engaged to Nelson Semedo in 2021 after the football player proposed an expensive diamond ring.

She said yes without thinking; since then, it has been good, with their love growing strong with time.

Marlene Alvarenga and Nelson Semedo are a happy couple blessed over the years with so much they are thankful for it.

Marlene Career

Marlene Career

Marlene Alvarenga is a fashion blogger and model who has done much throughout her career.

At a young age, her interest in modeling was so much that she could barely focus on her education.

Marlene could focus on her education despite her being distracted by her passion for modeling.

We can’t confirm if she studied a fashion course during her University days, but it seems she did earn a degree.

Her passion for modeling saw her enroll in it early while still in school, studying to make something for herself as a younger lady.

She had it easy because she possessed every quality needed to be a model, as brands were all over her for jobs.

Her name in the fashion world is untouchable after teaming up with famous brands and companies rewarded her handsomely.

Her relationship with her husband helped put her out there to the rest of the world, which she fully embraced.

She has achieved so much that many people in her position are trying so hard to get as of today.

Marlene Alvarenga Children

Marlene Alvarenga Children

Marlene is a mother of two children for her husband, Nelson Semedo.

The names of their children together are Luana and Thiago Semedo, both the only kids of the couple till today.

They have both been a significant part of their parent’s affair, which dates back to 2010 when they were still teenagers.

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Both of their children were born in the early days of their relationship despite not being married to each other.

Their first child Luana Semedo was born in May 2016, a day the proud parents will never be quick to forget anytime soon.

They both had so much joy on their face as they quickly took to social media to share the good news, which promptly went viral.

She is currently six years old, while in 2019, they welcomed the couple delivered their second child, a son named Thiago Semedo.

He is the last born of the family and is currently three years old; both parents are still monitoring his growth more than their first child.

Marlene Alvarenga and Nelson Semedo have a fantastic family who has it all with two beautiful children that adore all the efforts their parents are putting into them.

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