Who Is Maria Zulay Salaues? Paul Pogba’s Wife

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Maria Zulay Salaues

Maria Zulay Salaues is a model and the wife of France International football star Paul Pogba.

She is a well-established and accomplished woman with one of the most talked-about football stars.

She has achieved so much over the years being married to the French star, who is one of the most talked-about individuals.

Maria Zulay Salaues Biography

Maria Zulay Salaues

She was born on November 16, 1994, in a town called Robore, in South America, Bolivia.

Maria Zulay Salaues will be 28 years old as of 2022 when it gets to November, which is the date for her birthday celebration on earth.

The public has known so much about the Bolivian model since she started dating a football star.

She is of Bolivia descent which both her parents are actually from, and have been all their lives since giving birth to Maria.

Her father’s name is Ricardo Salaues; he is a businessman in his hometown who so many people around him well respect.

Her mother’s name is Karla Antelo, it isn’t much known about her, but she is known as a homemaker.

Both parents played so much in their daughter’s life, who is doing so well for herself in the real world.

Maria Zulay Salaries isn’t the only child of her parents who have other children to call theirs.

She has two elder sisters whom she did her growing up. With both of them played so many roles in her life.

Her sisters are Gabriela and Carla Salaues; they are well-established and known models doing well for themselves.

They are inspirations to Maria, who grew up wanting to be like them, as they have gone on to achieve a lot in their career.

She had a wonderful growing up and had so much support from her family.

Maria Education

Maria Education

Maria Zulay Salaues completed most of her education in Bolivia, where she did most of her growing up.

Her parents made her focus more on her education when she was still younger and trying to become a better person in the future.

Education is a necessity for her family despite them having so much as a family with wealthy parents.

She wasn’t going to skip the necessary part of life; going to school to get more education.

Thanks to Maria’s dedication, she didn’t have to struggle with schoolwork as everything came to her naturally.

She was one of all the brilliant kids in school, and also when she became much older in high school and University.

We can’t find out the names of the school she started with when she was still under the supervision of her parents.

It was a school closer to her home in Robore, which is in Bolivia; her parents and sometimes sisters took her to school.

For her high school, there isn’t any public information on that, but she did pass through the education process.

She aced through with good grades earning her space in a reputable University, which was always her goal as a young lady.

She studied Business Administration at the University, which she did well before finishing.

Maria Zulay received a degree before graduating from the University of Bolivia when she was much younger.

Paul Pogba Wife

Paul Pogba Wife

Maria Zulay Salaues is the wife of France football player Paul Pogba who plays for Juventus in Italy.

The relationship hasn’t been that bad; their time together has involved so much positive.

They both suit each other perfectly as their lifestyle are almost identical to who they are.

The couple has made so many public appearances as they love all the attention coming to them.

They are always killing it with their excellent fashion sense, which they both strongly agree with as one best thing.

Despite all the talks hitting their relationship, they have remained strong and continue to build on themselves.

Their different views on religion aren’t any problem in their respective lives as their love has continued to grow beyond that.

The relationship between Maria and Paul Pogba is the envy of many who wish they have the same connection they both share.

They had been dating way before making their relationship official together as they needed to ensure everything was perfect before moving.

Their dating was official in 2018 after many reports about Maria in a relationship with Paul Pogba.

The couple moved to publicize their affair starting in 2017, which was then low-key.

Maria Zulay Salaues and Paul Pogba have two children together in all their time together as a couple, which is their joy and achievement.

They are still going strong, but we can’t confirm if they have exchanged vows as no information is available.

Maria Zulay Salaues Children

Maria Zulay Salaues Children

Maria Zulay Salaues and Paul Pogba have had two adorable children since their relationship in 2018.

Both children are a significant blessing in their lives as they have continued to remain grateful for such to happen to them.

They are both private people regarding their family, as they do as much as possible to protect their children’s privacy.

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Their relationship is growing so much with them not just a dating couple but a family doing well.

They are looking forward to welcoming more children into their relationship in which they have all the resources to accommodate more.

The couple welcomed their first baby on the 3rd of January, 2019, which was during the early time of their relationship.

His name is Labile Shakur Pogba; he is three years old as of 2022 and the couple’s first child.

There are reports of another baby coming into the picture, and the couple is private about the whole issue.

The baby was born in 2020, the following year, they gave birth to Shakur, and their age difference is just one.

There might be more to that child’s birth, as many claim it is from another relationship Paul Pogba has outside.

Maria Zulay Salaues haven’t made any public comment on their second child as she is happy with Paul Pogba.

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