Kristina Dzyuba Bio: Artem Dzyuba Wife

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Kristina Dzyuba

Kristina Dzyuba is a businesswoman and the wife of Russia International football player Artem Dzyuba.

So much about her that hasn’t been made public over a couple of years.

She has done well for herself as a wife to one of the most famous people in Russia.

Kristina Dzyuba Biography

Kristina Dzyuba

She was born in 1989; we couldn’t figure out her actual date of birth except for just the year her parents welcomed her.

Kristina Dzyuba is 33 years old as of 2022, she could have marked her birthday already, but we can’t confirm whether it has happened or is yet to happen.

There is limited information about her online as she has managed to keep off the spotlight.

She was born in a town called Nizhny Novgorod, a place in Russia where she grew up as a kid.

We can’t find any information concerning the names of her parents, as such details aren’t on any media platform now.

We can’t confirm the names of her father and mother, who are currently unknown to anyone in public as of 2022.

Concerning her siblings, there is also no information on them, Kristina could be the only child of her parents, or they could be others we don’t know about somewhere.

The little information we can gather made it difficult to dish out more concerning her personal life and what her growing up was.

Her parents did a lot for her, and she has grown up to become great in the present world.

Kristina Education

Kristina Education

Kristina Dzyuba had a good education life from growing up until her age at the University, where she bags a degree.

Kristina did all her education in Russia, where she has lived until today as a grown-up.

As a kid, all her education was a big deal, with her parents ensuring she got the best they could afford.

It went a long way in paying off as Kristina is an educated woman who has also done so much for herself in every aspect of her life.

Her parents played a huge part in making her who she is today, and her parents deserve so much credit.

During Kristina Dzyuba’s early age, she attended a local primary school that wasn’t far from her home.

Attending a close primary school to her home helped her parents to be able to keep a close eye on her as they monitored her growth.

She did well enough to continue making her parents proud with her grades and dedication to studying more.

She moved on to her high school days which was also fantastic for her with everything working well as she was one of the best students.

For her University, we can’t confirm the name or what course she did a study, but we can tell you she graduated with a degree.

Artem Dzyuba Wife

Artem Dzyuba Wife

Kristina Dzyuba is the wife of professional Russian football player Artem Dzyuba.

Their relationship has been one journey, and the couple has enjoyed it.

They have built a solid foundation since they started seeing each other before making it official.

Their life together hasn’t been perfect, but they continue to work on every part of it, ensuring they can remain together.

The love they share for each other and their kids are beyond measures we have seen in a couple of pictures uploaded by them.

Kristina Dzyuba and her husband Artem Dzyuba started seeing each other around 2010-11, all done on a low key.

During the early days of their relationship, they were trying to understand each other more and know where they stood.

They met each other at an event by someone who connected with Kristina Dzyuba and Artem, who was still playing for Spartak Moscow.

At the time of their talking, she didn’t know Artem was a football player because he approached her and their conversation.

Only after some time dating did she find out her boyfriend was a professional football player, which her father was able to recognize.

Things got more severe as they decided to make their relationship public in 2012, and many fans congratulated them.

Their relationship continued to grow from strength to strength until 2013, when they decided to get married despite them just dated for one year.

At a certain point in their relationship, things weren’t working out between them as Artem went on cheating on her with a Tv presenter named Maria Orzel.

The situation escalated when she learned about her husband’s relationship with the other woman, which made things between them bad.

She forgave his husband Artem Dzyuba after he begged and realized he had done something terrible to her.

Kristina Dzyuba Children

Kristina Dzyuba Children

Kristina Dzyuba has two children with her husband, Artem Dzyuba, who is the father of both of them.

Their kids have been a blessing to them in their years of being married together.

It hasn’t been easy, but the couple is proud and happy to know their relationship is going the way it should.

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Their first child together was born in 2013, which was the same year they got married, and he is named Nikita Dzyuba.

He is currently nine years old as of 2022, his parents celebrated his birthday some time ago, and it was a happy moment for him.

The couple also has another child named Maxim, born in 2016 as their second kid.

The child should be six years old as of 2022, making him the second and last of the family today.

Both children get enough support from their parents, who have enough wealth to care for their needs.

It is a journey so far that they give thanks for reaching this far in their relationship.

Kristina Dzyuba and Artem Dzyuba have raised a fantastic family and brilliant children who have the best parents they could ever want.

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