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Kieffer Moore

Kieffer Moore is a professional football player for Wales national team and AFC Bournemouth.

He is one player who has traveled a lot, playing for so many teams, all of which are 13 in total, including his Academy team.

His popularity in the lower division of English football is legendary, having played for many teams where he made so much difference.

Kieffer Moore Biography

Kieffer Moore

He was born on the 8th of August 1992 in a small town named Torquay, England.

Kieffer Moore will be 30 years old as of 2022 when it gets to August, a day his family and friends will celebrate his birthday.

There isn’t much known about his growing up and how things were when he was still a younger kid under her parent’s supervision.

The information we have isn’t so much; we could only gather a few details made public by him during interviews.

His full birth name is Kieffer Roberto Francisco Moore born into an English Family with Walsh heritage from his parents.

We can’t confirm which of his parents is from Wales, a country he represents at the International level.

There isn’t any information on who his parents are; he is the type who has made such part of him private away from public eyes.

He is one of the most famous British football players with all eyes on him, but specific information about his life is missing.

Names of his siblings are also absent; we couldn’t make anything out of searching for their identity, which isn’t on any media files on the ground.

We do not know if his growing up was just him alone without any brothers or sisters to call siblings and do stuff together.

Although, from who he is today, we can tell there is a lot about him that shows he came from a happy home when he was growing up.

Despite not finding anything solid about his personal life, we can say his growing up wasn’t that bad.

Kieffer Moore’s information on his personal life is still a mystery waiting to be made public as of 2022.

Kieffer Career

Kieffer Career

Kieffer Moore is a football player who plays for Wales National team and Championship side AFC Bournemouth.

His football career has seen him travel over so many places as he played for numerous teams all over England in 20 years.

There is so much he has achieved already in his career, which has carried on in the same fashion over the years.

Playing for mostly Championship side has been a thing for him over the past few years before settling for Bournemouth.

Although his career didn’t take off as early as he wanted, it is going exactly how it should work for him despite no big move.

He is 29 years as of now; there are still more years left for him to make possible significant changes to his career anytime soon.

There is more to achieve for him despite being a player for lower teams in English football throughout his career.

Kieffer Moore’s progression football career started in 2012 after making a big break and signing with Truro City.

His first team was a small club that helped kick start the career he has going as of today.

Before his big break, he started with Torquay United Academy, a home-based club that took him in to grow his talents.

His journey with Torquay United started from an early age when his parents made the bold put of pushing him into an Academy.

During his time with Truro City, he made 22 appearances, and he was able to score 13 goals which was a good start for him as a youngster.

He moved on to Doncaster Town in 2013; it was a short spell in which he made 13 appearances scoring seven goals, before things ended there.

During the 2013-2014 season, he completed a switch to Yeovil Town, where things didn’t work out for him. Spending two seasons with them, making 50 appearances, and could only manage seven goals.

In the 2015-16 season, he joined Viking, another unfruitful one for him, scoring nothing while he managed just another nine appearances.

Another move was in motion for Kieffer Moore, who joined Forest Green Rovers, where he spent two seasons in between a loan move to Torquay United.

He has played for teams like Ipswich Town, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wigan, Cardiff City, and AFC Bournemouth, where he made four appearances and scored four goals.

Kieffer Moore is amongst the players who booked Wales their first FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022 since 1958.

Kieffer Relationship

Kieffer Relationship

Kieffer Moore is in a committed relationship with Charlotte Rusell, a model.

They have been together for nine years, dating without any children of their own made over those times.

They have been together since 2013; things are good between them as they have shown so much love for each other over time.

We can’t gather information about how they got to meet during the early days before deciding to start dating themselves.

Kieffer has, over time, shared pictures of Charlotte celebrating their anniversary of being together as a couple dating.

Kieffer Moore recently proposed to his girlfriend Charlotte Russell in 2022 after nine incredible years of dating each other.

Kieffer Moore Net Worth

Kieffer Moore Net Worth

Kieffer Moore’s net worth is about €100,000,000 million to €300,000,000 million, which he earns from football.

For now, we can’t conclude football is just the only source of making money as he recently moved to AFC Bournemouth, who will play in the Premier League for the 2022-23 season.

His other earning source is yet to be made public for now, but we can confirm he does make money from sponsorship deals.

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The names of the company he works with aren’t made public alongside the figures they are paying him.

He does live a luxurious life he can afford, with him owning an expensive car and a home.

His football career has flourished since 2012, making him a professional player for 20 years as of 2022.

He is yet to play for a significant team in England, but his current team AFC Bournemouth recently gained promotion to the English Premier League.

Kieffer Moore is one of the well-paid football players in a lower club side in England.

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