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Henrita Ruizendaal

Henrita Ruizendaal is a businesswoman and wife of Arsenal football club legend Dennis Bergkamp.

More of her personal information is not known because she is the type that doesn’t go into the spotlight or make so many appearances.

However, she is famous because of her husband and how famous he has become as a retired football player.

Henrita Ruizendaal Biography

Henrita Ruizendaal

She was born in 1969; we don’t know the actual date of her birth as such information isn’t public anywhere today.

Henrita Ruizendaal is 53 years old as of 2022; we also can’t confirm if she already did her birthday for the year as the information concerning her date of birth isn’t clear.

She was born in the Netherlands and she spent most of her life growing up there.

We don’t have so much concerning her private life, which is something many people and media are dying to know about today.

She has continued to live the kind of life that a regular person lives as she doesn’t embrace the spotlight more often many expect her to.

We don’t know much about her growth, as she didn’t make anything public despite the number of interviews granted.

Her parents’ names are unavailable, and we did everything possible to get the information, but they seem to be unknown and not on anywhere.

Her parents’ occupation isn’t known also, as she remains tight-lipped about them and most of her life details.

The names of her siblings are also missing from the media as she hasn’t revealed anything about them.

Her growing up was something she so much enjoyed as it helped shape her into the perfect woman she is of today.

Her parents did so much to make her a humble and hard-working person who has done so much herself.

She had the support of her parents, who provided so much to ensure her growing up wasn’t inadequate.

Dennis Bergkamp Wife

Dennis Bergkamp Wife

Henrita Ruizendaal is the wife of legendary football player Dennis Bergkamp.

Their marriage is strong and filled with so much love they have shared over the years of being together.

The couple has been together for ages, and they are still going well with each other by their side.

Their relationship started when they were much younger and chased their respective futures.

They have been a solid partner to each other despite how their lives were early, keeping them mostly away from each other.

Henrita Ruizendaal and Dennis Bergkamp have weathered many storms to ensure their marriage is still intact.

The love they are beyond measure as they have so much in common, and their decision to be with each other is paying off so well for them.

They started dating each in their early 20s when they were just young adults just getting their freedom and chasing a career.

Things weren’t easy in the early years as they had to make sure everything wasn’t going too far that could have ended them easily.

Henrita and Bergkamp took things to the next level by deciding to get engaged during the early 90s as they saw how serious they were with each other.

They got married in 1993 in a lavish wedding ceremony with some famous faces in the football world in attendance.

Henrita and Dennis Bergkamp are still happily married with a fantastic family doing well for themselves.

Henrita Education

Henrita Education

Ruizendaal did all her education in the Netherlands, where she was born, and did all her growing up.

Her education was a massive part of her life growing up as a kid to when she did her University before going on to get a degree.

We don’t have all information concerning Henrita’s education due to how things were when she was much younger.

We know she is an educated woman who passed through every level and process of attending school early.

At an early age, she had severe interest and was open to learning and understanding more in school.

Her grades always looked good, encouraging her parents to invest more to give her the best education.

Her primary school was where her parents did well, knowing that is the stepping stone to her shaping herself for the future.

She attended a school closer to her community and home so her parents could have more control and monitor her growth closely.

She progressed through with go grades reaching college as a brilliant person who spent extra of her time reading and getting better.

We don’t know the names of her primary and college schools names as the information isn’t available at the moment.

She graduated with a degree from a prestigious University, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find the name as she didn’t make it public.

Henrita Ruizendaal Children

Henrita Ruizendaal Children

Henrita Ruizendaal and Dennis Bergkamp are both blessed parents of four exceptional children in their years together.

They both give birth to three daughters and one son, making them all four in numbers in their family.

Their first-born daughter is Estelle Bergkamp; born on the 12th of March, 1996.

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She is 26 years old and currently the girlfriend of Manchester United midfielder Donny van de Beek.

Their second-born son is Mitchel Dennis Bergkamp, born in September 1998, and he is 24 years old.

He is into football like his father and is with the Watford U23 team, and he is still working on getting his breakthrough.

Their 3rd born daughter is Yasmin Naomi Bergkamp. She was born in April 2002, and she is 20 years old.

Their last daughter’s name is Saffron Rita Bergkamp; we couldn’t get information concerning her birthday.

Henrita Ruizendaal is doing everything to ensure her children are all successful.

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