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Ewa Piszczek

Ewa Piszczek is the wife of Borussia Dortmund football player Lukasz Piszczek.

She is a very ambitious woman who has supported her husband over the years.

Her role in her family is as essential as every other aspect of her life, and she has been able to put everything in place.

Ewa Piszczek Biography

Ewa Piszczek

She was born on April 6, 1985, in Poland, where she spent most of her life as a child to a grown-up.

Ewa Piszczek is 37 years old as of 2022 as she has already celebrated her birthday for the year, turning a year older with her family and friends.

There is a lot about her that we are yet to know and understand fully, as she is the type who hardly makes appearances.

She is from Poland, where both of her parents are also since they were born and till today.

There isn’t so much made available to the public concerning Ewa’s personal life as a child.

The information about her, for now, isn’t concrete enough to hold onto, but we did more digging to try and fish out so many things.

We don’t have any information concerning the identities of Ewa’s parents at the moment despite all efforts to get those details.

Her parents’ names are unknown as the information hasn’t been made public at any point in time.

She has never once talked so much about revealing anything concerning her family and how she grew up.

No information is also out concerning the names of her siblings, who are all kept private by their sister.

Ewa is a private person, but we know her growing up wasn’t that bad as she lived in Poland with her parents.

Lukasz Piszczek Wife

Lukasz Piszczek Wife

Ewa Piszczek is the wife of Polish International and Borussia Dortmund football player Lukasz Piszczek.

Their relationship has seen them being together for so many years and still counting till today.

They have accomplished so much as a couple who started at a very young age.

They built the foundation of their relationship from scratch from day one when they were just teenagers in school.

The love they share is beyond measures as they have in, over time, come out to address how much they both mean to each other.

Ewa Piszczek and Lukasz Piszczek started things when they were teenagers in the same neighborhood growing up in their early days.

They started dating at 14 years old, but they took things not too seriously as they were still kids who didn’t know much about a relationship.

As they grew, they started establishing and knowing what they wanted from each other.

Their relationship became something they cherished so much as it was more of a severe affair.

They dated for so many years before making things official back in 2009.

Ewa Piszczek and Lukasz Piszczek decide to walk down the aisle where they exchange vows and get married in a lavish ceremony.

They had so many faces making appearances on that day which was eventful for the couple who got to make their childhood dream a reality.

She and Lukasz Piszczek are happily married with children who are blessings to both and have a strong love for each other.

Ewa Education

Ewa Education

Ewa Piszczek did all of her education in Poland, where she spent most of her livelihood.

Her parents made all the available resources ready when she was a child to ensure she didn’t turn out to be a wayward person.

As a child, she always listened to her parents and did so much to improve herself in her studies.

She had a sound support system which helped her so much in her education when she was starting up.

Her primary education was the most important, with her parents enrolling her in a school close to their community.

Ewa was monitored closely by her parents, who always ensured she followed up with her studies.

Her grades were always good, with her moving up in classes until reaching a stage that moved into College.

The information concerning the names of schools she attended isn’t available for now as such details remain a private matter.

She also did pass through a university expected to be one from Poland, where she stayed until a certain age.

Her time in school was something important she had to do for her future sake, and it is currently working out so well for her.

She is a graduate who earned a degree before leaving the University she did attend some years ago.

Ewa Piszczek Children

Ewa Piszczek Children

Ewa Piszczek is a proud mother of 3 children who were all given birth to by football player Lukasz Piszczek.

The couple has had so many things to be happy about since they started dating at a younger age.

They have to build a family with so much happiness amongst them all, and they always spend time together.

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Their children’s names are Sara, Nel, and Patryk, making them all three in number.

Sara Piszczek was born in 2012; she is the first child and daughter of her parents, who took three years after their marriage to welcome her.

She is ten years old as of 2022, making her the eldest child and daughter of her parents.

Nel Piszczek was born in 2016, making her four years younger than her elder sister, which makes her six years old as of 2022.

While the family’s last child, Patryk Piszczek, was born in 2018 as the only son of her parents.

He is just four years old, and his parents love him so much in the same way his elder sisters are loved.

Ewa Piszczek has a big happy family to care for every day.

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