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Tino Livramento

Tino Livramento is a professional footballer for England and Southampton football club.

Over the past few years, he has taken a huge step in his career which wasn’t going as planned for him.

His fame has raised beyond what it used to be from a youth player to establishing himself as a regular.

Tino Livramento Biography

Tino Livramento

He was born on 12 November 2002, in Croydon, South London which is located in England.

Tino Livramento will hit 20 years old when it gets to November 2022, it is the day he celebrates his birthday which has been a huge part of his life.

There isn’t much information made public yet about him as he is still a football player trying to establish himself in Europe.

He is not shy of the media as he has on many occasions talked about his life stuff during interviews over the years.

His growing up wasn’t that bad, he has his parents to thank for that as they made it easy for him knowing what talent he has inside of him.

The name of his father is, Francisco Livramento, he is from Portugal and a businessman.

The name of his mother is, Caroline O’Neil, she is from Scotland and a career woman.

Tino Livramento is of mixed ethnicity, he is British, Scottish, and Portuguese, and he currently represents England as his birthplace.

He currently is based in Southampton, which is in the United Kingdom, and currently plays for the football club.

There isn’t much known about his education when he was still under the roof of his parents who raised him.

Although we expect him to have got an education at least age grade and high school.

As for University, it is still a doubt he did have that opportunity as his career was already blooming at a young age.

Tino Siblings

Tino Siblings

Tino Livramento has two siblings, an older brother and a sister whom they all grew up together.

He has a good and close relationship with his siblings who have played a huge part in his life as a younger child.

His parents were not just the only people who supported Tino as a young player trying to establish himself.

His siblings were there mostly his elder brother who most time plays football with him in their garden.

They all made sure he was in one way or the other developing his career at home or wherever he was during his early days.

The names of Tino Livramento’s siblings are, Paloma, who is her elder sister and the name of his brother hasn’t been made public.

His elder sister Paloma Livramento is currently based in London, England, where she lives a life of her own.

She is a successful woman and the same applies to his elder brother who has remained private away from the media.

The two eldest of the family had most of the responsibility to make sure the youngest of the family gets the needed support.

Tino Livramento brother and sister have added more to his career as they were there to attend to him when their parents were busy on a couple of occasions.

Tino Career

Tino Career

Tino Livramento is a professional English footballer who is under a five-year contract with the Southampton football club.

The early days of his career were brilliant as he had the best Academy and training to make him who he is today.

Although it wasn’t just all easy for him during the early days when he had to make so many sacrifices.

One of the sacrifices was leaving his family and friends behind to focus fully on growing his career in football.

It all paid off for him as he established himself and is now a regular player despite his young age.

The journey hasn’t been an easy one coming from the young player who is still trying to grow further in the future.

Tino Livramento joined Chelsea Academy at age 7, he was accompanied by his parents who were present when he was unveiled.

That was how it all started for him growing and raising through the ranks quickly from that young age.

He won the award for Chelsea Academy player of the season once during his time with them.

The award came toward the 2020-2021 season which was a perfect one for him as a young player.

His name was later pushed into the senior team where he could only manage a few minutes and was mostly on the bench.

Things moved on, in 2021, he turned down an opportunity to extend his contract with Chelsea as offers came in all across Europe.

He decided to join Southampton in August 2021, the agreement had a clause that could see him go back to Stamford Bridge for €25 million.

Since then, he has gone on to make his debut against Everton which his side lost that day 3-1.

His first senior goal came On 23 October 2021, in a Premier League game against Burnley which ended 2-2.

Tino Livramento has represented England U21, he is yet to decide on the Nation he will represent with Scotland looking like a more possibility.

Tino Livramento Net Worth

Tino Livramento Net Worth

Tino Livramento’s net worth is estimated at €520,000 over the past two years he spent with Southampton.

He earns €5,000 per week in his contract signed with the club in August 2021 leaving Chelsea.

His earnings per year is amounting to €260, 000 and his total gross is about €1,300,000.

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He is currently tied to a five-year contract with Southampton where he is a regular playing under the team.

A release clause of €25,000,000 for Chelsea to request for him back if willing in a particular period in the future.

He is also earning from sponsorship and brand deals which fetch extra for him and his family.

His market value is at €6,000,000 as of 2022 which could increase when the 2022-23 season commences based on his performance.

Sponsorship and brand deals fetch about €100,000 for the player who is currently tied to multiple companies.

He is still young and his net worth is expected to hit high in the future with him having a long way to go in his career.

Tino Livramento is expected to become one of the best defenders in the world in the future.

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