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Thiago Sterling

Thiago Sterling is a famous kid and the son of England International football player Raheem Sterling.

He is already getting attention from the spotlight created by his father, who has won numerous titles and personal awards.

There is a lot expected of him as he is still young and hopefully following his father’s footsteps to become his successor.

Thiago Sterling Biography

Thiago Sterling

He was born on January 16th, 2017, in Manchester, England, where his parents currently reside till today.

Thiago Sterling is five years old as of 2022; his birthday has already been celebrated by his parents, who ensure that day is always special.

He is the second child of his parents; he also has other siblings who all live together with their father and mother.

Thiago’s family members are as follows: his two aunts’ names are Yakima sterling and Kimberly Sterling.

He has an uncle named Kingston Sterling and his grandparents, Nadine Sterling.

He is of mixed heritage from British and Africa. There are claims that his father was originally from a west African country.

At age three, Thiago and his family moved to England, where he spent more of his years as a toddler.

His father’s name is Raheem Sterling. He is a football player with English Premier League side Manchester City.

His mother’s name is Paige Milian. She is a British model and a real estate agent doing well for herself.

He is still a young child, so there isn’t much out about him as he needs more time to grow up before making himself heard.

For now, his parents are focused on shaping him to be a better person for the future, which is the best they can give him as their son.

The support from both parents has also been seen, with them doing all they can to ensure he isn’t distracted by his father’s fame.

Thiago still has a long way to go in choosing a path to follow, just like his siblings, who will all have the opportunity to do so.

Thiago Education

Thiago Education

Thiago Sterling is currently not attending school yet; he is still very young to start as of 2022.

Both parents are home tutoring him for now, with plans of him being sent to school when he gets older.

He is expected to be placed in a school when he is at least eight years or more as he would be able to mix in with other children.

There isn’t much that has been opened up by both parents on what their son is up to for now.

Although, any plan of parents for their younger children is to ensure they give them a quality education.

Thiago Sterling won’t be different; when the time comes, he will have that to focus, on enabling him to know how to handle the real world.

His elder sister Melody is already going to school as she is ten years old, but most of the time, she is under her mother’s supervision.

Thiago Sterling could also be thrown into a football Academy just like his father; when he was just eight years, he joined Liverpool.

Raheem Sterling Son

Raheem Sterling Son

Thiago Sterling is the son of Manchester City football club forward Raheem Sterling.

The duo has a good bond of father and son, which has been fine with the dad ensuring he is grooming his successor.

Although there isn’t much to be said for now concerning him being his father’s successor, who has made a name for himself in football.

Raheem Sterling is doing the same as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and other names of football stars who are grooming their sons to be their successors.

Thiago Silva is still just five years old and it remains unknown if he follow his father’s path to play football.

For now, he is focused on growing up and facing his education with both parents fully in control with plans of what they want him to be in the future.

Often we have seen them grow up and decide to go against the plans made by their parents, as we have witnessed a few of them dropping along the way.

On various occasions, Thiago Sterling has been introduced to the world by his father whenever he is on holiday.

His son has also sometimes been brought to watch games when his father plays for Manchester City.

Thiago was with his family during their recent Premier League title celebration when Manchester City was handed the trophy.

Pundits could someday put him in a debate about him taking on from his father, Raheem Sterling.

Raheem Sterling Children

Thiago Sterling Siblings

Thiago Sterling has two siblings named Melody Rose Sterling and Thai-Cruz Sterling.

He is the second born of his father, who had a relationship elsewhere, leading to Melody being born.

All children currently live with their father, Raheem Sterling, and mother, Paige Milian; they love all their kids equally.

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They have a happy family that is equally treated as others by their mother regardless of how everything might look.

Melody Rose Sterling is the family’s first child from a different mother who was her father’s first wife.

She was born in 2012 to Melissa Clarke, who is no longer with her father after they split from their relationship.

She is ten years old as of 2022, while Thiago is the second born of the family, with him being five years old.

There is a long margin in age between both of them, the oldest of their father, followed by Thai-Cruz Sterling.

He was born in May 2019. He is currently three years old and the last of all children by his successful father.

They all live happily with both parents making sure all their needs are met with so much being put in to ensure they have a good future.

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