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Sasha Attwood

Sasha Attwood is an American woman, model, and girlfriend of football player Jack Grealish.

The two have been familiar with one another since they were very young. Sasha and Jack attended the same school while they were young.

There is some debate about whether it was love at first sight. But they have always enjoyed spending time in one other’s company during their relationship.


They give the impression of being a contented pair.

Sasha Attwood is well on her way to establishing a fruitful career in the fashion modeling world.

She has already been allowed to work with well-known businesses in a collaborative capacity.

On the other hand, she is very careful to conceal her romantic relationships from prying eyes.

Jack has established himself as one of the top forwards in the Premier League thanks to his hard work and dedication.

How he has performed for Aston Villa over the past several seasons has made many people notice.

The dominant performance persuaded Manchester City to spend £100 million from the summer before to acquire his signature on a contract.

Although he has not yet reached the pinnacle of success with Citizens, his notoriety on a global scale has grown significantly in recent years.

Many followers worldwide follow the forward regularly; yet, only a small percentage of those people know that he is now dating Sasha.

Sasha Attwood Biography

Sasha Attwood


She was born on February 17, 1996, to an English mother and father. Sasha Attwood does not share much information about her family.

Her parents’ names haven’t been revealed either.

In Solihull, Sasha discovered a passion at St Peter’s Roman Catholic Secondary School.

However, we were left wondering whether she continued her education at a four-year university or went directly into modeling.

Sasha Attwood began her career as a model at a young age.

Sasha rose to prominence as a teenage model and caught the attention of some of the major and biggest modeling agencies.

However, it appears that she is not exclusively interested in modeling.

Sasha also has a strong online following, as evidenced by her 43.5K subscribers YouTube channel.

She uploads recordings of her everyday routine to YouTube, and she also occasionally posts vlogs.

Jack Grealish Girlfriend

Jack Grealish Girlfriend


Sasha Attwood is the girlfriend of Manchester City player Jack Grealish.

Sasha and Jack met at 16 years old, and they started dating.

As previously stated, Sasha and the Manchester city man attended the same high school, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Secondary School.

They soon formed a bond and began to meet in public.

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They’ve also had their share of bumps in the road, though.

As of 2020, Sasha and Jack have chosen to call it quits on their romance. For months, they were apart.

Although the cause of the breakup is unknown, we can be certain that the pair were devastated.

They could not avoid each other for much longer, and were reunited and haven’t been apart since.

Her ex-boyfriend is a football player who makes a living in the professional league.

They met in school and became sweethearts. They both received their degrees from the same college or university.

Sasha and Grealish started dating when they were both still in their teens and attending the same school.

They spent a significant amount of time together in a committed relationship.

But after some time had passed, they found that their relationship was no longer the same and no longer as strong.

Therefore, they decided to compromise.

The primary reason for their split has not been discussed publicly up to this point.

In 2019, the pair decided to end their relationship with one.

They continue to be friends as of this moment. Jack Grealish is a Nike endorsee and has a shoe deal with the company.

As part of that agreement, he is not only one of the most recognizable faces of the company but also receives a sizeable payment for promoting the shoes.

In addition to promoting the brand, he wears the most recent models of Nike boots in public, exposing the brand’s newest designs and endorsing those designs.

His social media platforms and channels are utilized to promote endorsements and the work of his sponsors.

Sasha Attwood Social Media

Sasha Attwood Social

Sasha posts a lot of selfies on Instagram. In her line of work, it is only natural to be eager to show off her lovely face in front of the world.

However, she has kept a tight lid on their relationship on the internet. Regarding her relationship status, she hasn’t posted any images or updates on social media.

Several videos on her YouTube channel give a glimpse into her interesting, everyday life. At least she hasn’t revealed anything about her personal life there, either.

She’s already well-known in the entertainment industry, but she’d prefer not to draw attention to her private life by talking about it publicly.

Sasha has a net worth of $200,000. Her modeling business provides the bulk of her income. Regarding social media, she has garnered a sizable number of fans.

Sasha Attwood also makes money working as an influencer.

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