Marlene Wilkerson Bio: Kyrie Irving Wife

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Marlene Wilkerson

Marlene Wilkerson is an American model, fashion queen, and YouTube content creator.

She is interested in both fashion and lifestyle.

Her name is famous among people in the sports sector because it is common knowledge that she has had romantic relationships with other players, such as the soccer player Layvin Kurzawa and the basketball player Dexter Strickland, among others.

However, her relationship with Kyrie Irving has been the most serious one she has had.

The couple became engaged in 2019 and now have a child together.

While they were both in attendance at Irving’s Invitational in 2018, they made their first public appearance as a couple for the first time.

Since quite some time ago, rumors regarding their current relationship status have spread like wildfire.

Many people believe that the couple is no longer together, contributing to the spread of these rumors.

After some fans discovered that the two celebrities were no longer following one other on social media, these beliefs began to spread.

They also post less on social media than they used to, and Wilkerson has even stopped wearing the ring she got from him.

However, neither Kyrie Irving or Marlene has commented publicly, either affirming nor denying the veracity of these reports.

Kyrie Irving and his ex-fiancée Marlene Wilkerson welcomed their first child together.

Nevertheless, he is also a father to a second child, the product of a previous relationship with Andrea Wilson.

In 2015, the couple welcomed the arrival of their daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving. Many people were happy to hear the news of her delivery.

Marlene Wilkerson Biography

Marlene Wilkerson

She was born in the state of California on August 18, 1993. Marlene Wilkerson currently resides in Los Angeles.

Now 28 years old, this African-American woman, now , rose to fame on YouTube and Instagram after being raised by her single mother, Alaine Lee, when she was a child.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from California State University in 2011, and before that, she worked at Victoria’s Secret.

Following completing her education, she worked for a short time as a server for the Hillstone Restaurant Group.

Subsequently, in 2015, she began working for the marketing firm Crystal Clean LA, where she was responsible for various tasks across the organization.

Aside from being a well-known beauty and fashion vlogger, and a sensational model with a massive following on Instagram, she launched her brand, The Find Guru, in 2015.

Marlene has been playing soccer for the past twelve years, although it is unknown when she first met the dashing Kyrie Irving.

She is now engaged to a well-known basketball player.

Marlene Wilkerson’s Career

Marlene Wilkerson Career

Marlene Wilkerson started her professional career as a YouTuber or vlogger.

On September 6, 2015, she launched a YouTube channel under the name “The Find Guru,” which currently has 783 thousand subscribers.

Similarly, Marlene began her channel on YouTube with a video that demonstrated how to curl hair.

Since she had always loved wavy and curly hair, she eventually decided to make a career out of the specialty.

“How to | Wrap Hair” was the title of her first video. In later years, she began to wear her hair in a curly manner and offered advice on maintaining the curls properly.

In addition, Wilkerson does not always conclude her videos on YouTube with advice on how to get curly hair.

She also releases videos about skincare routines and fitness advice, including diets to lose or gain weight, physical body workouts, meal preparation, and other fitness challenges.

Kyrie Irving Wife

Kyrie Irving Wife

Marlene Wilkerson is the wife of NBA player Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie Irving has reportedly proposed to his girlfriend, Marlene Wilkerson.

2018 marked the beginning of the couple’s journey together, during which time they not only met but also fell in love and began dating.

In September 2019, the couple dating for a year announced their engagement. Their love is so unadulterated that it leads them to commit to one another for all of the eternity finally.

In June 2021, Kyrie and Marlene became the proud parents of their first child.

Kyrie Irving, a player for the Brooklyn Nets, is known for keeping to himself.

He made his basketball debut in 2011.

He demonstrated the “clutch gene” by making the decisive shot in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, which ultimately led to the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the championship.

Since the announcement that Marlene was pregnant was made public, the celebrity couple has maintained a relatively low profile about the details of their private lives.

He attended Montclair Kimberley Academy and Saint Patrick in Elizabeth, New Jersey, for his education.

He is best known for his time spent with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In a video, Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend, Marlene Wilkerson, announced that the couple had their first kid through a natural birth in the sea.

As time went on, it seemed as though things were getting serious between them, and in September of 2019, they got engaged.

In 2011, the Cleveland Cavaliers used the first selection in the draft to select Kyrie Irving, which marked the beginning of his career as a professional basketball player.

Marlene Wilkerson Social Media

Marlene Wilkerson Socials

In addition to being the owner of her own business, Marlene is working hard to launch a successful modeling career on Instagram.

She established herself as an internet celebrity through her excellent career, contributing to her widespread fame.

Additionally, Marlene is a vlogger on YouTube. Both Marlene Wilkerson’s active and passive revenue from paid promotions on YouTube for cosmetics and clothing.

She also earns profits from her own business, which has helped her grow.

As of June 2021, her channel boasted an impressive 772,000 subscribers.

Most of her content is related to fashion, including gym tutorials, hair, and makeup.

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