Alexandra Ívarsdóttir Bio: Gylfi Sigurdsson Wife

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Alexandra Ivarsdottir

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir is an Icelandic Model and the wife of Iceland International football star Gylfi Sigurdsson.

She excelled so much in her life before being tied to her husband, a famous footballer.

A lot is going well for her, unlike most celebrities’ wife who struggles to make something of their own happen before and after getting the spotlight.

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir Biography

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir

She was born on August 10, 1989, in Reykjavik, in a place located in Iceland.

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir will be 33 years old as of 2022 when it gets to August, the special day she celebrates another year on earth.

There are not so many details dished out online about most about her and concerning her growing up, which we needed to know.

Although we have some information goof enough to give up a full rundown of who she is and her background.

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir grew up in Iceland, where she has lived almost all her livelihood till today being married.

Her father’s name is Guomundur Ívarsdóttir, a reputable individual in Iceland who has done well for his community.

Her mother’s name is Isabella Ivarsdottir; she is seen as a homemaker, who mostly did a lot for her family and children.

Both parents were equally involved in making their daughter who she is today; their impact had a lot of good qualities she possessed.

Alexandra isn’t the only child of her parents; she once had a brother who died in an accident during their younger age.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience at that time for her and her family, who mourned the shocking death of a member.

She had a perfect growing up aside from the tragic events she faced as a young lady with her family.

Alexandra Brother Death

Alexandra Brother Death

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir lost her stepbrother Maximilian Ívarsdóttir through a gun accident when she was younger.

The tragic event hit her family so hard at that particular point that they had to face the fact that a sloppy play led to a death in their home.

They will be looking to forget as soon as possible with the memory not exactly one to keep in mind for an extended period.

Although they had to deal with the process and made sure as a family they healed from such pain that they had no way to escape.

It happened on a faithful day when Maximilian Ívarsdóttir got access to a loaded gun without any idea of what he was doing.

Unfortunately, the trigger was pulled, resulting in him going down from the shot aimed at himself.

Many media reports claimed it was suicide, while others said it was an accident in which he had no idea of the gun being loaded or real before pulling the trigger.

For the family, it was a terrible thing they had to experience from someone who could have been something big today if that incident didn’t happen.

Gylfi Sigurdsson Wife

Gylfi Sigurdsson Wife

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir is the wife of Iceland International and Everton football player Gylfi Sigurdsson.

The couple has been an item for a long time, coming from the same neighborhood in Iceland.

Their close location didn’t play any part in bringing them together at an early age, as they both met when they were already older.

Their relationship started back in 2010 when they met each other for the first time in their hometown in Reykjavik, Iceland.

They decided to follow up on each other, which led to them being friends initially with things hitting up so fast between them after going out together on casual dates.

They both decided to make it official, and they dated until 2018, when Gylfi Sigurdsson got engaged to her in the city of Bahamas during one of their holidays trip.

The following year 2019, they both did a lavish wedding which saw them exchange vows and marry each other with the blessings of their families.

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir and Gylfi Sigurdsson have just one child together since they started their relationship in 2010.

Alexandra Husband Scandal

Alexandra Husband Scandal

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir got faced with a lousy scandal brought when her husband got accused of child violation.

It hasn’t been easy for the couple who went through a lot from the media and cases involving her husband Gylfi Sigurdsson getting arrested.

The football player got arrested in October 2021 over a case of child sexual allegations, which was a big problem for the couple.

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The case had him thrown out of his club side Everton who had to put him under suspension after the reports got to them by the police.

He was said to have committed sexual offenses against a child, and investigations resulted in him staying in police custody for some days.

That case also saw the police raid his house to search for more damning evidence for them to investigate the situation thoroughly.

He got released on bail following several investigations that couldn’t pin him down for committing the crime.

According to reports, he got exposed to underage texting girls in a way that he shouldn’t have been involved in, knowing how young they were.

We have seen a lot of cases in which public figures get involved with ladies who aren’t up to age.

His case might have been the same with him not knowing before going deep into any of them.

The police later wrapped off the case with nothing else coming out of it till today if he did commit the said crimes or not.

Until today, the situation has significantly damaged his football career as his name has since gone off the radar after establishing himself.

Alexandra Ívarsdóttir has been a solid partner to Gylfi Sigurdsson despite everything that happened between them over the years.

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