Sissi Tuchel Bio: Thomas Tuchel Wife

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Sissi Tuchel

Sissi Tuchel is a businesswoman and the wife of Chelsea football club manager Thomas Tuchel.

She became popular for being the wife of Thomas Tuchel, a German professional football manager.

Aside from being a wife to one of the most successful football managers, she is also an accomplished woman.

Sissi Tuchel Biography

Sissi Tuchel

She was born in 1975 in Germany, where she did most of her growing up as a young child.

Sissi Tuchel is a 47 years old woman as of 2022, but there is no confirmed birthday for her, making it difficult to know.

Meanwhile, her Zodiac sign birth date and month are also unknown as most of the things concern her.

Sissi Tuchel stands about 5 ft 6 inches tall equivalent to 165cm; her dark hair and brown eye makes her unique.

She has no tattoo on any part of her body which makes her exceptional despite how exposed she is.

She has a unique physical appearance that adds to her height as they both work together to bring out the beauty in her.

Despite giving birth already, it is remarkable that she keeps things going and also takes care of her body.

Sissi has only shared a bit of her personal life with the public, and that is because of her husband’s personality.

She makes sure most things relating to her personal life are kept private as much as possible to keep her life going.

There have been no details confirmed about the her parents’ names who took care of her and her siblings.

She is of German heritage, but many claims she also has American ethnicity inside of her.

That may be true because she lived in the United States of America at a certain point.

There is no doubt about she enjoyed life when she was still a child under the care of her parents, who did everything possible.

She had a wonderful upbringing, just like her other siblings who were given the same opportunity to get the best life.

Her growth today proves how much her parents invested in her during those days growing up.

Despite the limited facts we have, her life today shows so much training given to her that is helping her navigate the real world today.

Sissi Education

Sissi Education

Sissi Tuchel went through every possible process during her education at a younger age.

She passed through her age grade and high school without facing issues, but their names were not made public.

She shares the same nationality as her husband, Thomas Tuchel, who is German, and where she did most of her education.

During her days in school, she was an amazing student and one of the best who always came out with good grades.

After high school, she proceeds into college, where she also excels and graduates with a bachelor’s degree.

She got her degree from a United States of America University, but no year of when she did that.

Her education has been one of the major impacts on her life from growing up until becoming a woman.

Thomas Tuchel Wife

Thomas Tuchel Wife

Sissi Tuchel is the wife of Germany International and Chelsea football club head coach Thomas Tuchel.

Like every love story that is an inspiration to everyone, she and her husband share the same amazing journey.

Sissi and Tuchel have been together for a long time, but the date they started dating is not disclosed.

They didn’t want to let the media get in their business when they started seeing each other.

They had to meet up in places where no cameras or people know them in other to avoid being official after themselves.

They were still getting to knew each other more during their few meeting on a couple of occasions which continued to happen.

Things looked good between them behind closed doors until they made it official and started hanging out together, with Sissi attending events with Thomas.

However, information has it that they both got married in 2009, and of course, it wasn’t an elaborate wedding.

They didn’t want to attract much attention to themselves, which was the reason for making it a small ceremony.

They did have special people in attendance, including family and friends who came to support and bear witness to their union.

Meanwhile, Tuchel and Sissi have two children together, and for the main time, Sissi’s family is under review.

The 47-year-old is not a football freak but she always goes to the stadium to watch while he plays.

Sissi Career

Sissi Career

Aside from being a mother and housewife, Sissi Tuchel also works at a publishing company.

She once works as a journalist in one of the companies in Germany, although the company’s name is not disclosed.

To add to her career life, she also works at one of Germany’s biggest daily newspaper companies named Suddeutsche Zeitung.

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And of course, she is still one of the employees there to date and seems to be enjoying all the benefits and fat salary.

Sissi Tuchel has been one of the best women and a good mother to her husband and children.

She dedicated most of her time to her family irrespective of his job; she considered her family a top priority.

Sissi Tuchel Net Worth

Sissi Tuchel Net Worth

She has a net worth of $2 million. Sissi Tuchel is a successful businesswoman.

She is a businesswoman who makes most of her earnings through business deals over the years.

That has helped sustain her and equally provided for her family, just like her husband, Thomas Tuchel.

However, her husband earns more than she does from his job as a football manager.

He is currently signed to Chelsea, where he earns €100,000 plus weekly wages, and he is worth over $20million.

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