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Julia Nagler Bio: Timo Werner Girlfriend

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Julia Nagler

Julia Nagler is an entrepreneur and the girlfriend of Germany International football striker Timo Werner.

She has been in a committed relationship with her football player boyfriend who has made everything possible to stay together.

She is also the kind of person who has shied away from the spotlight keeping most of her personal life private from the media.

Julia Nagler Biography

Julia Nagler

She was born On April 28, 1997, in Stuttgart, located in Germany where she lived most of her life.

Julia Nagler is 25 years old as of 2022 having already celebrated her birthday back in April which was with his boyfriend and friends.

She currently lives in London, England where in a rented apartment since that is where Timo Werner is currently based.

She is of German heritage, there is no connection with London, as she only lives there for the main time.

Despite being shy of the spotlight there is still more information known about her by the media.

Her name of her father is Marco Nagler, he is a wealthy and well-known individual in Germany.

The name of her mother is Rose Nagler, she is a businesswoman who deals with various kinds of stuff.

They all have a happy family and Julia isn’t the only child of both parents who also have others.

The name of her siblings are Chris and Wayne Nagler, they are both his brothers making them three children.

There isn’t much known about their birthdays and who is older between the three of them.

They all shared memories of growing up together during their younger age under their parents who supported them.

Coming from a wealthy family was enough to give them all the perfect life and everything they needed to excel.

There isn’t much that was put out about how she grew up with her siblings and parents always there for support.

Julia Education

Julia Education

Julia Nagler had an amazing education during her growing up with her parents who made sure of it.

The wealth of her parents helped so much in her getting a quality and top-notch education in Germany.

All of her education was done in Stuttgart where she grew up establishing herself for the future.

She made it through from the International School of Stuttgart in Germany which is one of the best schools.

During high school, she did perform well in her studies coming out with good grades while following footsteps of her parents.

She moved on to GISMA Business School where she furthered her education more in a higher level.

Her passion for the business course was good enough to help her get a degree before graduating.

She aced it all which earned her a good result at the end of everything in the University.

After that, she didn’t do more or go for her master’s degree in business as she decided to settle down with her boyfriend.

They have been moving together while she takes on little jobs to keep her active and sustain her needs.

Timo Werner Girlfriend

Timo Werner Girlfriend

Julia Nagler is the girlfriend of Germany International and Chelsea football club striker Timo Werner.

They were both childhood friends who grew up close to each other in Stuttgart, Germany.

Their long-run knowing each other has been the major key in their relationship which has been very good.

First of all, it started with them being close friends with each other and having to support themselves.

Soon it developed from there when they became much older with them let their feelings out.

Things started with them both dating on a low key which continued for a while before publicly making it official.

They made it known in 2017 and at that point, she was already staying with Timo Werner most of the time.

Since that moment they have been spotted together on many occasions attending places together and holding hands.

Their relationship was blooming at which the same point her boyfriend’s career took a major exposure when he joined RB Leipzig.

There he established himself as a goal-scoring machine in the German Bundesliga which led to Chelsea making their move.

Julia Nagler has been living in London since his boyfriend joined the English Premier League side.

They have an apartment in London where she lives with her boyfriend who sometimes might be busy with club duties.

His career hasn’t been a problem in their relationship as she has already made the sacrifice of moving to London for him.

Julia Nagler and Timo Werner are committed to each other, they are expected to tie the knot at any moment as their relationship is very strong.

Julia Career

Julia Career

Julia Nagler did study business and it is expected that she did practice a career as a businessman.

There isn’t much information known about her career at this point as she is a private person.

Although she might have a plan of going big into business sooner or later in her career.

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For now, she is just into small deals which she does to make sure she supports herself and does d not depend on her boyfriend.

Although she can easily get anything she wants due to the status of her family where wealthy.

That might also be the reason she is still able to take care of herself so well without a known source working.

She might have also been involved in some sort of modeling job knowing how physically blessed she looks.

Julia Nagler Net Worth

Julia Nagler Net Worth

Julia Nagler net worth is unknown for now as her source of income can’t be traced despite several attempts.

For now, she does not have a professional job she does for a living despite being a business degree holder.

She is still weighing her options as she continues to support her partner who currently moves around Europe.

Her boyfriend, Timo Werner’s net worth is estimated at €30 Million which he earns from football and sponsorship deals.

He is signed to Chelsea football club which pays him £170,000 weekly wages amounting to £8,840,000 annually.

Julia Nagler and Timo Werner share the same net worth as of now until she working on making a professional career for herself.

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