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Emma Rhys Jones

Emma Rhys Jones is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and the wife of Wales footballer Gareth Bale.

She is from a wealthy family who goes a long way in society before meeting her husband who is a well-known celebrity.

She also used to be a hairdresser during her younger age, but it is still not known if she does that anymore as a mother and wife.

Emma Rhys Jones Biography

Emma Rhys Jones

She was born on July, 29th 1991 in Cardiff City which is located in the United Kingdom.

Emma Rhys Jones comes from a home that has everything going well for her parents while growing up.

She will clock 31 years old as of 2022 which is when her birthdays are always celebrated by everyone close to her involving family and friends.

Her younger years were so much peaceful but as always there are times things weren’t as good as it supposed to be.

The names of Emma Rhys Jones’s parents are, Martin Rhys-Jones is her father a well-known individual.

While the name of her mother is Suzanne McMurray, and both parents were there for her growing up.

She isn’t the only child of both parents who have other children in their family which is a big and happy one.

Emma has four siblings who all grew up living together in Cardiff which is in the United Kingdom.

The names of her siblings are Charlotte, John, Katie, and Robert who all were together under the same roof as kids.

They consist of two sisters and twin brothers making them all five children in number given birth by their parents.

Charlotte is the oldest of the family followed by Emma and her younger sister making them three females.

The men of the family are twins born on the same day and they make up the number of children who are all five in number.

They all have equal love from their parents who were successful with their careers respectively.

Emma’s educational life was good as she got the best of education just like her other siblings.

Nothing much has been made public about how she progressed with her education as a young lady.

She did make it through grade which was in Wales before moving on to attend Whitechurch High School.

That was where she met her husband Gareth Bale and their journey started and still going.

Nothing much about the University she made it through but she did bag a degree in a business course.

Emma Instagram

Emma Instagram

Emma Rhys Jones does not have any active Instagram account known as of 2022.

She keeps her life personal away from social media which is rare to see about some celebrity wives.

Her family drama mostly with her father is one of the many reasons she is on social media.

And her decision not to have an active account is mostly to avoid being attacked or cyberbullied.

Although we don’t know if there is anyone out there for which she is using a different name.

We dug deep but could only see some which are not related to her in any way and aren’t that active anymore.

That has not been an issue as several photos of her has made it through the internet on many occasion with her husband.

Many of them have made her a well-known figure and someday she will decide to create an Instagram account.

Emma Children

Emma Children

Emma Rhys Jones is a blessed and amazing mother of four children, two daughters, and a son.

She has a big family which isn’t one many can boost about as a mother married to a public figure.

The names of her children include Nava Valentina Bale, and Alba Violet Bale who are her daughter alongside, Axel Charles Bale, and Xander Frank Bale both sons.

She and her husband Gareth Bale had their first child together on the 12th of October 2012 in Cardiff.

Alba Violet will be 10 years old as of 2022 making her the eldest of the family followed by Nava who was born in March 2016.

Their son Axel Charles was born on 8th May 2018 making him just four years old before they recently welcomed Xander Frank.

The last of their son was born on May 7th, 2021 making him just one year old and still a nursing baby.

The two busy parents are hyper active to make sure all the love and support their need are made available at all time.

Their kids are their number one priority and they have shown that over time with them both being present despite their busy days.

Gareth Bale Wife

Gareth Bale Wife

Emma Rhys Jones is the wife of Wales and Real Madrid football player Gareth Bale.

Their journey into meeting themselves is something that has many gushing over as their love has been a long one.

They started seeing each other during their days at Whitechurch High School which they both attended as a child.

Although things didn’t get that serious at that certain point, they were always seen together back then.

Their relationship was made serious back in Cardiff at which point in 2012 they had a child together.

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Things have been waxing strong for them as in June 2019 they both decided to get married in a big ceremony attended by many people.

Their wedding was held on a private island called Tagomago which is said to be closer to Ibiza a popular place.

It hasn’t always been that good with them as during a certain point in their lives they had to deal with scandals.

One of the biggest was when Emma’s father was arrested for fraud but later was released in June 2018.

He wasn’t allowed to attend his daughter’s wedding who already cut all ties with him over some unknown issues.

Their family has been hit with so much but they have remained strong and supportive of themselves despite it all.

That has led to her keeping a low profile in the public as she has faced so many attacks due to her family issues.

Emma Rhys Jones and Gareth Bale have continued to blossom in their marriage which is going well to date.

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